Vancouver in 1920, Photo Collection

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The Twenties are back and as we head into a new decade, I thought I’d take a look back at Vancouver in 1920 with this collection of photos from the City of Vancouver Archives (many of which were taken by Stuart Thomson):

1920 Granville looking north from Smithe.
1920 Granville looking north from Smithe. Photographer Stuart Thomson. City of Vancouver Archives # CVA 99-1287.1

Vancouver in 1920, Photo Collection

Japanese Canadian War Memorial Stanley Park
1920 – Japanese Canadian War Memorial Stanley Park. Photographer Stuart Thomson. Vancouver Archives # CVA 99-2418.

April 1920: The Japanese-Canadian War Memorial, designed by Vancouver architect James Benzie, was installed at Stanley Park. It commemorates Japanese-Canadians who fought in World War I. A Japanese-Canadian entrepreneur, Koichiro Sanmiya, sold war bonds to raise the money for the memorial. You can visit it today, surrounded by cherry blossoms in the spring.

Reo Six Car at Lumberman's Arch
Vancouver Archives # CVA 99 – 3320

May 1920: The Reo Motor Car Agency Ltd. and Maple Leaf Cord Tires sponsor a road trip with this vehicle, starting out in Vancouver and heading to New Brunswick. Also in the photo, Lumberman’s Arch.

Baseball in Vancouver 1920 - Arnold & Quigley [Base]ball Team
Arnold & Quigley Baseball Team. Vancouver Archives # CVA 99 – 3241

1920: It was a big year for baseball, on January 5th the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. In Vancouver, teams played at the Athletic Park on Hemlock & West 6th. Babe Ruth would play at Vancouver’s Athletic Park in 1934 with his team of “American League All-Stars”.

Vancouver Archives # Str P52

1920: Ever a busy intersection, above is a view of the 2400 Block of Main Street at Broadway.

Vancouver Tour Bus 1920
Vancouver Archives # CVA 99 – 3248

July 1920: A tour bus filled with convention-goers (10th annual Convention N.W. Photo Engravers) outside a hotel in Downtown Vancouver.

English Bay Beach 1920
English Bay Beach 1920. Vancouver Archives # CVA 677-96

1920: English Bay Beach, hopping with swimmers, paddlers and beachgoers. The English Bay Pier was still around in 1920 as were additional bathhouse structures. You might have even found Joe Fortes in the water there, Vancouver’s “Citizen of the Century”.

1920 Georgia and Burrard, Christchurch Cathedral.
1920 Georgia and Burrard, Christchurch Cathedral. Vancouver Archives # CVA 99-1438

1920: A photo of Christchurch Cathedral on Burrard and Georgia. When it was dedicated in 1895, it was the tallest building in Vancouver.

1920 - Snow day in Strathcona.
1920 – Snow day in Strathcona. Vancouver Archives # CVA 1376-239

1920: A snow day scene in Strathcona.

1920 – Connaught (Cambie) Bridge horses and streetcars. Vancouver Archives # CVA 92-1

1920: There have been three Cambie Bridges, this is a scene from the second one called the Connaught Bridge, which was built in 1911.

1920 - Vancouver Rowing Club, Stanley Park Bridge.
1920 – Vancouver Rowing Club, Stanley Park Bridge. Vancouver Archives # CVA 99-73

The Seawall wasn’t completed until 1980 but work began in 1917. This part of the Seawall, where Coal Harbour meets Lost Lagoon, was sealed off in 1923 and the causeway was complete in 1926. The photo above shows the bridge to Stanley Park in 1920, from the perspective of the Rowing Club.

Columbia Theatre
1920 – Vancouver Archives # CVA 99 – 3293

Vancouver’s Theatre Row on Hastings and Granville were popular stops for traveling Vaudeville acts and other talents. Here’s what was playing at the Columbia Theatre at 64 W Hastings in 1920.

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