Archive Photos: Cambie Bridge Construction

Monday, November 11th, 2013 — 10:09am PST
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The Cambie Bridge as we know it is the third iteration of a crossing in that particular area connecting south east False Creek with the downtown peninsula. The first Cambie Bridge, named after Cambie Street’s namesake Henry John Cambie, was built in 1891. In 1911 it was replaced by the Connaught Bridge, named in honour of the Duke of Connaught’s visit to Vancouver where he dedicated the new structure. The Connaught Bridge was still referred to as the Cambie Bridge by locals and in 1984-1985 it was replaced for Expo86 and officially called the Cambie Bridge once more.

I recently came across a batch of scanned images of the Cambie Bridge’s construction in the Vancouver Archives. These photos are all attributed to Al Ingram.

1983: Looking south from the Connaught Bridge. Archives# CVA 800-2573.

1983: Archives# CVA 800-2437 & CVA 800-2439.

1983: Archives# CVA 800-2567.

1983: Archives# CVA 800-2568 & CVA 800-2545.

1983: Archives# CVA 800-2563 & CVA 800-2483.

1983: Archives # CVA 800-2469.

These photos and more can be found at the City of Vancouver Archives, in person and online.

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  1. MarkHay Rep says:

    Hey, that’s a nice “vintage” collection (even though it is of the 3rd-refurbished version). This bridge grew in size with time and technology – 2 lane, 4 lane and then 6 lane. I wonder why didnt they created new ones instead of renovating the same one again and again. Or is it due to some emotional factors involved?

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