Blogathon 2010 has been postponed until October 2010. Both the Vancouver and Fraser Valley organizers feel as though more attention can be given to the campaign once summer is over. We’ll have another update with the exact time and location in a few weeks. We do hope that the fall date will be a better fit for everyone and we hope you’ll consider joining us — blogging for a cause.

How it works
Bloggers sign up to blog for 24 hours straight, publishing an original post every 30 minutes (think walk-a-thon or spell-a-thon etc.) They do this marathon blogging in order to raise funds for the charity of their choice. Bloggers sign up on to accept pledges or with the Blogathon Vancouver system to accept donations. All donations go directly to the charities of choice automatically. Bloggers do not collect donations on their own. It’s rather taxing but it’s absolutely worth the time to support a cause in which you truly believe. Use social media for social good.

If you are interested in participating in Blogathon we will be providing online donation systems and registration should you wish to attend the in-person event in Vancouver. For more information check back here over the next few weeks or follow the tag #blogathonYVR on Twitter for updates.