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London has done quite an admirable job with the Summer Olympics so far and it’s been heartwarming to hear all the cheers for Canada echoing from the venues. Back at home, friends, family, and spectators are gathering at homes, pubs, and restaurants to support Team Canada from afar. There’s just one week left at the Games of the 33rd Olympiad and Canadians have made quite a splash already.

Visa is currently sponsoring a handful of Canadian Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls (and some who have become champions already) as they have done for the last 26 years. One of their athletes is Mission, BC’s own Brent Hayden won bronze in the 100m freestyle last week. Shortly after Brent‘s triumphant swim, VISA issued the following congratulatory video billboard for their team member:

Back and shoulder issues continued to limit Hayden this year, but he was in great form on Wednesday, although he felt some tenderness in his back during the morning. “My back was not doing good today either,” said Hayden. “[I had] three spinal adjustments trying to get it to settle down.”

At the turn, he was second heading toward the finish. He admitted to feeling pain in the last final 25 metres although he didn’t show it. Hayden maintained his composure to edge two-time London gold medallist Yannick Agnel of France by 0.04th of a second to fulfill his Olympic dream.
[CBC News]

Shaved bald, tattooed with the superman symbol on his chest and the Olympic rings below the maple leaf on his back, this giant of a man from Mission, B.C. took the last shot at swimming glory he will ever have and made the most of it, fighting every stroke for a bronze medal in the race that crowns the fastest man in the water.
[Vancouver Sun]

You can continue to cheer on your Canadian athletes through Team VISA on Facebook and by using the tag #GoWorld on Twitter.

VISA Canada has also offered up a $250 pre-paid gift card to one lucky Miss604 reader to celebrate Canadians cheering for Canadians. Here’s how how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment naming your favourite London 2012 moment so far OR what you’re most looking forward to this week (1 entry)
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Update Gain another contest entry through the 2nd Team VISA post about Emilie Heymans.

Update The winner is Shannon Mac!

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  1. SophiaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:24am PDT

    Bolt’s gold medal run yesterday was pretty amazing!

  2. coralMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:24am PDT

    My favourite moment was watching the Canadian Womens Synchronized swimming team today! Pure joy!

  3. Randy WelchMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:25am PDT

    My favorite moment so far, is Canada’s gold medal win on the trampoline. A very close second goes to Brent Hayden.

  4. JeannieMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:27am PDT

    Ryan Cochrane winning the silver medal!

  5. BonnieMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:34am PDT

    My favourite moment in London so far was seeing Brent Hayden win the bronze medal. He has worked so long and hard to win an Olympic medal.

  6. AudreyMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:34am PDT

    Usain Bolt’s gold medal win yesterday!

  7. Ray MaddlyMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:37am PDT

    Glad to see Brent’s bronze, and excited to watch the Canadian women take on the Americans in the soccer semi. Go, Canada!!!

  8. Leanne mMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:42am PDT

    Canada winning Gold on the Trampoline was awesome

  9. Leanne mMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:43am PDT


  10. MasumiMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:44am PDT

    Our first gold of the games and hearing our anthem play!

  11. GigiMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:49am PDT

    Always exciting to watch Canada compete, but mostly when we win!

  12. KatieMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:55am PDT

    Hmm so many moments. I think watching the synchronized divers win bronze was pretty great! I just love the atmosphere. Everyone is putting their hearts out there!!

  13. SamMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:03am PDT

    The men’s 100m was awesome! Usain Bolt is still the fastest man.

  14. JasMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:07am PDT

    Brent Haydon winning bronze!

  15. Stewart RogersMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:08am PDT

    Easy! Gold in trampoline.

  16. NeasaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:14am PDT

    Can’t wait to see our Soccer team today in the semi-final against USA!

  17. StephanieMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:27am PDT

    Interestingly enough my favourite Olympic moment so far was watching Brent Hayden win bronze. I found myself holding my breath the entire race and felt such pride on being Canadian after he fulfilled his Olympic dream!

  18. LindaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:43am PDT

    Favourite moments so far have been the opening ceremonies – the music was spetacular – and seeing the women’s soccer team do so well.

  19. GeorgeMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:55am PDT

    So many great moments….
    Michael Phelps in his final solo race.

  20. Kelly B.Monday, August 6th, 2012 — 12:02pm PDT

    I’m really looking forward to the closing ceremonies with all the famous Brit musicians!

  21. KristaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 12:33pm PDT

    I’m looking forward to the men’s triathlon! Go Simon!

  22. CathleenMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 12:46pm PDT

    Looking forward to Canada vs US in the women’s soccer semi

  23. SamanthaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 12:54pm PDT

    I love the opening ceremonies – all the pride and anticipation could make one burst

  24. Donna LMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 12:58pm PDT

    I love the opening and closing ceremonies. So much excitement and national pride!

  25. CliffMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 1:00pm PDT

    Closing ceremonies!

  26. BrendaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 1:01pm PDT

    Diving and closing ceremonies!

  27. MaryMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 1:34pm PDT

    Bolt winning the 100. all smiles here

  28. BrittanyMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 2:13pm PDT

    I love love watching the diving! All the swimming events are pretty awesome with the guys in the speedos!

  29. DanaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 3:07pm PDT

    The opening ceremony, and looking forward to the closing ceremony. Also seeing the shots of London swept up in Olympic fever. Reminds me of 2 years ago.

  30. JustineMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 3:12pm PDT

    Mens’ gymnastics. It’s amazing how much power those guys have.

  31. JaneMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 3:25pm PDT

    Canada vs United States in women’s soccer and the heartbreaking loss. Christine Sinclair is without a doubt the world’s best female soccer player!

  32. VivMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 3:26pm PDT

    Murray’s win over Federer. And the little boy in the stands who reached out to give him a hug.

  33. JoanneMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 3:27pm PDT

    The queen’s doppelganger jumping out of the helicopter in the opening ceremonies, for sure.

  34. TinaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 3:32pm PDT

    I’m looking forward to see Canada win more medals this week!

  35. Siobhan S.Monday, August 6th, 2012 — 3:40pm PDT

    I loved the opening ceremonies! The closing ceremonies will be just as impressive, I am sure!

  36. NatalieMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 3:45pm PDT

    Loved watching the diving finals yesterday and today!

  37. FeliciaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:03pm PDT

    I loved watching Gabrielle Douglas win the All-Around. Usain Bolt & the entire 100M event was so dramatic.

  38. Vanessa WMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:04pm PDT

    Watching my cousin Tobias compete of course!

  39. Pat BMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:07pm PDT

    I’m looking forward to some more wins for Canada, and hopefully fair officiating!

  40. LorMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:13pm PDT

    winning our first gold in trampoline!

  41. LauraMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:16pm PDT

    Watching Rosie MacLennan sit through 3 competitors, with the gold medal on the line – and her face when it was over!

  42. UrsulaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:17pm PDT

    Closing ceremonies!

  43. SherylMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:19pm PDT

    I loved seeing the Queen take part with James Bond in the Opening Ceremonies sketch! Very very cool of her!

  44. BrandonMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:21pm PDT

    Seeing Micheal Phelps set the record for most medals by an olympic athlete was memorable

  45. DarcyMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:31pm PDT

    Watching Christine Sinclair score those goals!

  46. Stefanie GladdenMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:35pm PDT

    I’m very excited for the closing ceremony!

  47. Stefanie GladdenMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:36pm PDT

    tweeted 8/6 – https://twitter.com/luvx143/status/232621019423178752

  48. TroyMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:56pm PDT

    Seeing Paula Findlay fight to the finish the race in the triathlon.

  49. Lori-Vancouver AirbnbMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 4:59pm PDT

    One of the highlights was watching Clara Hughes and seeing her optimism…so inspiring! I’ve really enjoyed watching the stories on The Difference Makers with Rick Hansen.

  50. KCMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 5:29pm PDT

    Fav moment so far was watching our Canadian women’s soccer team bump Team GB on their own turf. Go Canada!

  51. NicoleMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 5:34pm PDT

    Watching the Canadian Women’s Soccer team battle against the US was amazing! They should be very proud!

  52. EileenMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 5:47pm PDT

    Bolt posing after his winning run

  53. GaryMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 5:58pm PDT

    Christine Sinclair’s performance with the Canadian Women’s Soccer team

  54. LewisMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 6:09pm PDT

    My favourite moment was Rosie Maclennan’s reaction when her score came up. She was close to swearing but stopped herself.

  55. HeatherMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 6:27pm PDT

    Gold in trampoline. So great!

  56. JennyMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 7:09pm PDT

    Canada’s first gold medal win! Gotta love it 🙂

  57. Steve VanderwoerdMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 7:24pm PDT

    The men’s rowing!

  58. Don MMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 7:40pm PDT

    Looking forward to mens diving with Alexandre Despatie

  59. Karla SceviourMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 7:58pm PDT

    I am most looking forward to watching the closing ceremonies..love it,thanks!

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  60. Erica SonMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 8:06pm PDT

    There are many great Canadian moments during this year’s summer olympics.
    It is difficult to choose one moment out of so many great Canadian moments;
    but if I have to choose then I will say today/yesterday’s olympic football game between Canadian women’s team and USA women’s team. When Canada’s Christine Sinclair continued to score to put Canadian women’s soccer team in winning position, I was so proud of our Canadian team and Christine Sinclair. However, as they lose at the end due to unfair rulings from umpire, it was frustrating and upsetting for both players and audience. Nonetheless, I want to say, Canadian women’s football team did a great job and we are all proud of their performance 🙂

  61. TracyMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 8:13pm PDT

    Usain Bolt’s gold medal win!

  62. LauraMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:02pm PDT

    My favourite Olympics moment has to be the men’s and women’s 8 person rowing. Both races were well earned silvers and so close to gold!

  63. PatriciaMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:14pm PDT

    Although they did not win the game, the Canadian women’s soccer game. WOW, what a game. So proud of our team!

  64. IainMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:26pm PDT

    Watching double amputee Oscar Pistorius run alongside the fastest 400m runners in the world.

  65. AnneMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 10:57pm PDT

    I love Swimmer Michael Phelps’ gold medal races! Inspiring me to work hard to be the best! Dream, Plan, Reach is his motto. Love it!

  66. christineMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:03pm PDT

    So looking forward to the closing ceremony!

  67. JeffMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:18pm PDT

    Andy Murray winning tennis gold over Roger Federer!

  68. lizMonday, August 6th, 2012 — 11:39pm PDT

    The hat trick Christine Sinclair pulled out for womens soccer was amazing!Absolutely stellar!

  69. SundoroTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 12:55am PDT

    My favourite moment so far was the Opening Ceremony, especially the James Bond scene.

  70. Randy CarterTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 2:02am PDT

    My favorite moment so far was the ENTIRE Women’s Soccer Semi-Final game between the USA and Canada. Wow! That’s the type of competition that the Olympics are all about. Controversy or not. Those athletes laid it all on the pitch for 120+ minutes!

  71. NinaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 2:40am PDT

    my favorite moment was watching Canada vs USA women’s semis soccer

  72. VC NguyenTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 2:43am PDT

    Brent Hayden getting the bronze in the 100m freestyle has been my favourite moment so far.

  73. Brenda PentonTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 5:43am PDT

    Loved watching the trampoline. So proud of Rosie MacLennan!!

  74. GideonTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:14am PDT

    Lots of great moments so far but I’ve been very happy watching Tara Whitten in the Omnium!

  75. Alan hawkerTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:34am PDT

    It was seeing mr bean in the opening ceremony.

  76. Sunshine GTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:36am PDT

    I’m looking forward to running away with my husband this weekend!

  77. NancyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:36am PDT

    Any moment starring Canadian hero Christine Sinclair!! What a fabulous role model she is for girls… and everyone!!

  78. Ted KooperTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:39am PDT

    I’m looking forward to go fishing

  79. TamaraTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:40am PDT

    Watching us win on the Trampoline!

  80. Ted KooperTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:40am PDT


  81. JenTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:41am PDT

    Our women’s soccer team playing the US. We were so competive and it was such a close game.

  82. NancyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:41am PDT

    Too many to pick just one! Oscar (Blade Runner) was such a gentleman – truly a class act! All the Canadian Athletes are amazing and we are so proud of them!

  83. LindsayTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:41am PDT

    Anything diving! It is amazing how much they do in such a short amount of time!

  84. Jennifer WTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:52am PDT

    There have been so many great Olympic moments so far. My favourite moment altogether would be when Phelps and the US men’s swim team won the gold for the 4×100 medley relay. It was exhilarating to see Phelps, such an amazing athlete, end his career on such a high note – not to mention that all of those men on the team are a treat for the eyes. =)
    My favourite Canadian Olympic moment so far was when the Canadian rowing team won the silver. The look on their faces after they finished so strongly was fantastic!

  85. IrisTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:01am PDT

    The women’s soccer game Canada VS USA yesterday was incredible to watch with my daughter. They played with such heart and made me so proud!

  86. steffani cameronTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:02am PDT

    I actually really loved Andy Murray’s victory over Federer, and also Usain Bolt’s moment. For Canada, Rosie MacLennan was a great moment, and the men’s 8 stunning turn-around to win the Silver in rowing.

    Heck, there’s a great moment every day! 🙂

    That’s why we watch ’em.

  87. Lelainia LloydTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:02am PDT

    When James and Pistorious exchanged race bibs. That was such a beautiful moment, one of mutual respect and admiration. I will NEVER forget that moment. Pistorious is absolutely courageous!

  88. RubyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:05am PDT

    Brent’s bronze medal

  89. Michelle WTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:07am PDT

    When we won our Gold in Trampoline! 😀

  90. VeronicaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:09am PDT

    Brent Hayden winning his medal!

  91. zaeliaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:10am PDT

    Hard to pick one. I think all the athletes, medal or no, are amazing and it’s been a joy to watch. Watching Ryan Cochrane win silver in the men’s 1500-metre freestyle was up there for sure.

  92. Peter HTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:24am PDT

    That clean and jerk was wonderful

  93. Denise MorrisTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:24am PDT

    Rosie MacLennan!

  94. RobertaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:36am PDT

    I loved watching Canada USA in women’s soccer despite the bad call from the ref. great effort for Team Canada!

  95. JeannelleTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:38am PDT

    My favourite moment was the end of the women’s marathon

  96. TylerIngramTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:41am PDT

    Is it bad that I haven’t seen anything Olympic related? Just really haven’t had time. lol

  97. GigiTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:52am PDT

    I am looking forward to see Adam van Koeverden race!

  98. MarkTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:53am PDT

    Canadian Womens Soccer…what a game!

  99. janice montroyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:10am PDT

    I loved the Canadian and USA womens Soccer

  100. RyanTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:13am PDT

    Winning that gold medal in trampoline was pretty awesome!

  101. DeidreTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:14am PDT

    The opening ceremonies were amazing – wish I had been there. Oh, and the women’s marathon.

  102. JuliaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:16am PDT

    Women’s soccer – go team!

  103. Chrysta ArcherTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:18am PDT

    Two words: Christine Sinclair!!

  104. VinceTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:20am PDT

    The women’s soccer game – Canada and USA was exciting!

  105. RichardTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:25am PDT

    I have to say, lots of good moments so far…but I have a sentimental spot for the Mr. Bean moment!

  106. Shannon MacTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:27am PDT

    The track cycling was awesome, and even though we aren’t huge in gymnastics thats the event i remember most that the family would watch during summer olympics.

  107. AnnaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:27am PDT

    Christine Sinclair – she is the best!

  108. JadeTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:27am PDT

    Usain Bolt winning the men’s 100m sprint. Love his personality!

  109. Chris CTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:28am PDT

    Favourite olympic moments so far are the medal wins by Canada and watching the swimming events.

  110. StotesTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:29am PDT

    The opening ceremonies were fantastic!

  111. ShaunaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:34am PDT

    The Opening Ceremonies with the Queen’s fun arrival! Who would have thought she’d go for such a cool prank!

  112. RoTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:34am PDT

    Usain Bolt winning the men’s 100m!

  113. debbie fTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:35am PDT

    Seeing Brent Hayden win the bronze medal.

  114. GregTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:41am PDT

    I am looking forward to Canada vs US in the women’s soccer semi

  115. HardevTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:47am PDT

    My favourite moment was bitter sweet.
    Christine Sinclair scoring 3 goals against Team USA (they only had 2 goals against during these games coming up to the game) – In my opinion I think that was the Gold/Bronze medal game as the winner would win the gold and the loser the bronze.
    Sadly Team Canada lost due to bad officiating and not being able keep control and possession of the ball!

  116. Lynn MontesTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:54am PDT

    Christine Sinclair’s hat trick during the match with the US was amazing! As was the trampoline gold, Brett’s bronze and oh oh oh oh soooooooo many others!!! AWESOME!!

  117. JuliaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:55am PDT

    The Queen getting escorted by none other than 007 James Bond (Daniel Craig… yum) in the Opening Ceremonies!

  118. Cindy SmithTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:56am PDT

    Michael Phelps breaking the Olympic record for the most medals!

  119. michelle chanTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:59am PDT

    All of the monents where you can see the emotion on the athletes faces when they realize they have won a metal are my favourite moments.

  120. ashaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:01am PDT

    I loved the opening ceremonies

  121. taniaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:02am PDT

    My favorite moment was watching Canada vs USA women’s soccer.

  122. Kris JohnstonTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:02am PDT

    Christine Sinclair’s performance during the Cda vs USA match.

  123. rinoTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:03am PDT

    Anything diving!

  124. kahhleeTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:11am PDT

    The trampoline was my favourite!

  125. MeganTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:11am PDT

    Even though there were some bogus reffing calls, I really enjoyed watching the Canada VS US Women’s Soccer match yesterday

  126. DawnTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:16am PDT

    Looking forward to Canada’s Women’s Soccer going for Bronze!

  127. lindseyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:16am PDT

    usain bolts win in the 100m

  128. Art B.Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:45am PDT

    Watching the Canadian women’s soccer team come so close and deserving to win against the USA team. I’m so proud of their effort and performance.

  129. SamTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:48am PDT

    Watching Canada’s mens and women’s 8 win silver

  130. Andi MortensonTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 10:49am PDT

    Sinclair’s two header goals! That game should’ve been theirs!

  131. Christina MynenTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 11:03am PDT

    Love seeing the Canadian Women soccer team kick butt yesterday!

  132. SandraTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 11:23am PDT

    Love seeing the opening ceremonies. Absolutely thrilling!

  133. Elizabeth BTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 11:54am PDT

    Canada’s gold in trampoline!

  134. Michael KwanTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 11:55am PDT

    Seeing South Africa’s “Blade Runner” was neat, but I think Usain Bolt in the 100m was still the biggest moment so far… that or Sinclair’s hat trick.

  135. BelindaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 11:55am PDT

    Monday’s Women Soccer between Canada and the US. I was up on my feet whenever the Canadian goalie caught the ball as US was about to kick the ball in.

  136. SanazTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 11:56am PDT

    Usain Bolt’s 100m race

  137. TeresaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 12:05pm PDT

    Usain Bolt…reminds me of a cheetah.

  138. MichaelTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 12:18pm PDT

    the gutsy performance of the women’s soccer team especially Sinclair

  139. Kathy E.Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 12:36pm PDT

    Watching Oscar Pistorius compete in the 400-metre semi-final ~ truly inspiring!

  140. NancyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 12:41pm PDT

    Christine Sinclair’s hat trick….incredible!

  141. bcTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 12:43pm PDT

    Even though he didn’t win the match, Raonic vs Tsonga epic third set

  142. Michelle W.Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 12:49pm PDT

    Most looking forward to the women’s soccer team WINNING bronze!

  143. JudyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 1:27pm PDT

    I look forward to the women’s wrestling winning.

  144. ChristineTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 1:30pm PDT

    Our rowing wins!

  145. RebbyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 1:43pm PDT

    I loved watching Bolt, bolt across the rack for the win!!

  146. AMotherhoodblogTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 1:46pm PDT

    So many greats! The gold win for trampoline was fab!

  147. colleen hunterTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 1:55pm PDT

    christine sinclair’s hat trick in the womens soccer semis

  148. DilaraTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 2:16pm PDT

    Andy Murray’s win over Federer was one of my favorite Olympic moments – the look of sheer relief and joy on his face was epic.

  149. GeraldTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 2:29pm PDT

    Rosie MacLennan winning gold in trampoline. Amazing!

  150. Vanessa BergeronTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 2:38pm PDT

    Usain Bolt’s gold medal win yesterday!

  151. JanTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 3:18pm PDT

    men’s surprise high jump bronze

  152. ricky pellyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 3:23pm PDT

    watching Christine Sinclair score the third goal for canada on august 6th

  153. JennyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 3:29pm PDT

    Rosie MacLennan winning Gold on the trampoline!

  154. anneTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 3:30pm PDT

    opening ceremonies and looking forward to the closing ceremonies!

  155. BreeTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 3:34pm PDT

    Gold Medal on the trampoline!

  156. Cathy GTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 4:29pm PDT

    My favourite London 2012 moment so far has been Spandy Andy representing Vancouver in front of London’s biggest monuments! Definitely good for a laugh.

  157. CelesteTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 4:35pm PDT

    Of course Canada’ first Gold metal!!!

  158. gordTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 4:55pm PDT

    Our first gold on trampoline was awesome! 🙂

  159. ShelleyTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 5:02pm PDT

    Can’t wait to see if Adam Van Koeverden will win Gold Wednesday

  160. AndrewTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 5:33pm PDT

    The first gold medal win for Canada and the opening ceremony.

  161. BonnieTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 7:52pm PDT

    My favourite London moment so far was seeing Brent Hayden win a bronze medal.

  162. BonnieTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:01pm PDT

    Oops, I posted twice on this post by mistake. Sorry.

  163. laurel k.Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 8:48pm PDT

    I enjoyed The first gold on the Trampoline event

  164. bevTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:17pm PDT

    Rosie’s gold medal performance in the trampoline! Canada’s first gold at London 2012!

  165. AndreaTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:34pm PDT

    My favourite moment so far was Rosie’s gold medal performance on the trampoline (but also watching Emilie and Jennifer win our first medal of the games!).

  166. CurtisTuesday, August 7th, 2012 — 9:51pm PDT

    I really enjoyed watching Michael Phelps win all of those medals!

  167. KellyWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 1:10am PDT

    When Sun Yang won gold for men’s 1500m Freestyle in Swimming

  168. ErinWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 8:11am PDT

    The Canada v. USA soccer game!

  169. Matthew MWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 10:06am PDT

    Looking forward to bmx finals.

  170. Mike GismondiWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 4:46pm PDT

    Looking forward to women’s soccer tomorrow.

  171. Angela griffinWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 4:48pm PDT

    Fave moment so far was watching usain bolt!

  172. KatieWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 7:19pm PDT

    My favourite moment of the Olympics so far has been Christine Sinclair’s hat trick in the women’s soccer semi against the States. She is such an amazing player.

  173. StaceyWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 7:27pm PDT

    Christine Sinclair in the soccer semis. She is AMAZING!

  174. YasmineWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 7:31pm PDT

    Canada’s first gold medal of the games!! Wow — so exciting & moving!! GO CANADA GO!!

  175. ShannonWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 7:33pm PDT

    The Canadian women soccer semifinal game! Looking forward to their bronze medal match tomorrow!!

  176. BelindaWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 7:34pm PDT

    I loved the 007 meets the queen piece!

  177. MariekeWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 7:43pm PDT

    Definitely the opening ceremonies were a highlight!

  178. SheilaWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 7:46pm PDT

    Looking forward to the Canada/France women’s football game tomorrow. Go Canada Go!

  179. KerriWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 8:04pm PDT

    women’s synchronized diving

  180. CandiceWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 8:06pm PDT

    Hayden winning bronze. I was yelling at my tv!

  181. Carol AnneWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 8:30pm PDT

    There have been so many. Clara Hughes competing with a broken back and just her positive attitude. The Women’s soccer game was also another highlight.

  182. RennWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 8:34pm PDT

    Women’s soccer game and all the swimming finals!

  183. KelvinWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 8:44pm PDT

    Brent Hayden’s first medal was amazing for British Columbia and Canada.

  184. KatWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 8:51pm PDT

    Jon Montgomery

  185. paulWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 9:08pm PDT

    The mens 100 was pretty cool, all really, including the opening

  186. anaWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 9:20pm PDT

    Men’s rowing 8s gutting it out and winning silver!

  187. LindaWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 9:45pm PDT

    For me, the best moment was, and always is, the opening when the athletes come out with the flags.

  188. GlorfWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 11:28pm PDT

    Canada’s first gold medal!

  189. Sylvia YWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 11:52pm PDT


  190. SueWednesday, August 8th, 2012 — 11:55pm PDT

    I’m most looking forward to spending time with family this week

  191. MaeThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 12:51am PDT

    I was most looking forward to seeing if Usain Bolt could repeat as 100m champion. Now that he has, I’m eagerly anticipating the 200m race and the 4x100m relay.

  192. A.J.Thursday, August 9th, 2012 — 12:56am PDT

    I like watching the women’s 10 meter diving earlier today. We had three Canadians in the top 18! It’s amazing what they can do while falling into the drink!

  193. Jenn SThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 3:19am PDT

    Womens Soccer

  194. KateThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 10:25am PDT

    Hearing our anthem!

  195. JanetThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 10:47am PDT

    My favorite moment so far was Usain Bolt’s 100m sprint.

  196. Adina H.Thursday, August 9th, 2012 — 11:51am PDT

    My favourite moment so far was when the Canadian women’s eight won silver in rowing.

  197. KayThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 11:52am PDT

    The James bond part of opening ceremonies

  198. KayThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 11:52am PDT

    The James bond part of opening ceremonies.

  199. roy whitneyThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 1:22pm PDT

    bronze medal womens soccer

  200. JagThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 8:06pm PDT

    Bolt winning Gold in 100 and 200

  201. Gary TThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 8:10pm PDT

    Women’s soccer

  202. CyndiThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 8:11pm PDT

    Clara Hughes – great athlete, great role model

  203. BalThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 8:16pm PDT

    Our Bronze medal women’s soccer team!

  204. BettyThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 9:48pm PDT

    Adam van Koeverden winning a silver medal!

  205. MICHELLEThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 9:51pm PDT

    Womens soccer! #12

  206. JeanneThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 10:27pm PDT

    Bolts winning the gold

  207. Cole BaikerThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 11:27pm PDT

    Haydens Win of course!

  208. HarvThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 11:52pm PDT

    Bolt winning gold in 100 m and 200 m

  209. RubyThursday, August 9th, 2012 — 11:54pm PDT

    Cdn women’s soccer winning bronze

  210. JackieFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 12:01am PDT

    Favorite moment so far has been Malaysia winning their first medal ever in diving.

  211. HisayoFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 9:04am PDT

    Opening ceremonies

  212. AndreFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 11:44am PDT

    Not having to listen to that CTV olympic music again

  213. Cheryl (@loucheryl)Friday, August 10th, 2012 — 12:56pm PDT

    LOVED when the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team won the Bronze!

  214. TamaraFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 2:39pm PDT

    The opening ceremonies!

  215. ShawnFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 2:42pm PDT

    All our Canadian athletes are winners!! Rock on!

  216. lindawwwwFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 2:45pm PDT

    I’m looking forward to the gymnastics.

  217. RebeccaFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 3:09pm PDT

    bronze for Canada’s womens soccer team!

  218. KarenSFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 3:12pm PDT

    There have been many great, and emotional, moments at London 2012, too many to list out here. But I’m looking forward to the Closing Ceremony- for a number of reasons. 1. I can’t wait to see what Brazil have planned for the handover…it will be a teaser for Rio 2016. and 2. All the brilliant, amazing, inspiring athletes who have spent the last 2 weeks putting on one of the greatest shows on earth, FINALLY get a well deserved break! Good for them!

  219. MarkFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 3:39pm PDT

    Women’s soccer doing so well against the US, then taking Bronze!

  220. AmyFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 3:54pm PDT

    Brent Hayden!

  221. Maureen MFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 3:56pm PDT

    Looking forward to seeing who will be chosen to carry the closing ceremony flag for Team Canada.

  222. stacey dempseyFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 5:02pm PDT

    I loved watching Gabrielle Douglas win the All-Around , very exciting, all of the events have been exciting

  223. CarlieFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 5:13pm PDT

    Women’s soccer bronze!

  224. Lou (@davids_deardad)Friday, August 10th, 2012 — 6:04pm PDT

    Canadian Women’s Soccer Team winning the Bronze.

  225. NancyFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 6:41pm PDT

    Watching Usain Bolt take gold in 100m and 200m track. It looks so easy for him!

  226. lindaFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 8:26pm PDT

    The gold medal tennis match between Federer and Murray – though not the outcome we hoped for – it kept us on the edge.

  227. BonsFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 9:04pm PDT

    Canada winning gold on the trampoline! Looking forward to the closing ceremony.

  228. BillFriday, August 10th, 2012 — 9:59pm PDT

    Bolt’s performances … can’t wait to watch the 4 x 100

  229. TonySaturday, August 11th, 2012 — 1:54pm PDT

    Liked watching the track and wrestling and can’t wait to watch the rest of the other competitions

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