The Crazy Canucks Podcast Episode #40

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The puck has dropped! Welcome to the pre-season and welcome back to The Crazy Canucks podcast. We tried to stay alive over the summer and are ramping up within the coming weeks so watch out!

Hockey is back! Well, we’re almost there, but the puck is dropping in pre-season action all around the NHL, and September 17, 2007 is when it started for the Canucks.

This episode ended up being a mix of content, mostly due to technical difficulties in the recording process. Everyone gathers online to discuss more of the jersey debate, but this is probably the last we’ll really hammer this topic. Then Dave and John hang out for a brief chit chat before the first game against Anaheim, and Rebecca ends this episode with a report on going to the game. [The Crazy Canucks – Episode #40]

Head over to the website to listen, for all the details about the podcast, show notes for this episode and to subscribe as this season is sure to be a good’er.

In case you forgot over the summer or are new to The Crazy Canucks here’s a bit of background information:

The Crazy Canucks is a roundtable podcast that focuses on our favorite NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks. We are a group of bloggers, podcasters and hockey enthusiasts from all over British Columbia, who, through the magic of Skype, come together once a week to cheer and rag on our beloved team.

Like you, we are Canucks fans first and foremost. We speak as Canucks fans; we feel as Canucks fans; we bleed Canucks blue like Canucks fans. Our passion goes beyond what other media outlets do. Our passion comes from being Canucks fans and this podcast is a product of that. [About – The Crazy Canucks]

The Crazy Canucks podcasters are Alanah (from Canucks and Beyond), JJ (from the Canucks Hockey Blog), Dave (from the Canucks Outsider Podcast), John (from the RadioZoom podcast), and yours truly of Miss604.

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