Search and Rescue: North Shore Season 2

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Acclaimed docu-series Search and Rescue: North Shore is returning to Knowledge Network for a second season, premiering May 28th showcasing local volunteer heroes in action.

North Shore Rescue Series - Photo credit Grant Baldwin Silvapark Films
North Shore Rescue Series – Photo credit Grant Baldwin Silvapark Films

Search and Rescue: North Shore Season 2

  • Premieres Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 8:00pm
  • Five episodes in the series, airing on Tuesdays until June 25th
  • Stream for free across Canada online here, and on the Knowledge Network app

Directed and produced by Silvapark Films’ Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer (This Mountain Life, Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story, Search and Rescue: North Shore Season 1), the series gives viewers unprecedented access to the North Shore Rescue (NSR) team as they respond to distress calls they receive (approximately 130 calls each year) from Vancouverites and tourists alike. 

“Following the tremendous popularity of season 1, we’re excited to be partnering again with Silvapark Films to bring audiences another compelling season,” said Michelle van Beusekom, CEO of Knowledge Network. “This kind of on-the-fly storytelling in life and death situations requires extraordinary skill and agility, and the access is based on a deep relationship of trust and respect for all involved.”

Returning to the screen is NSR Team Lead, Mike Danks, along with many other active team members. Season 2’s storyline expands further to Squamish showcasing the courageous efforts of the search and rescue team there. No two rescue situations are alike for the highly trained volunteer search and rescue teams as they must swiftly jump into action when a call is received. Thinking on their feet, the teams works alongside other first responders to assess the situation and make an action plan to find those in trouble and return them to safety.  

Modern day innovative technology, equipment and teamwork with other first responder organizations are helping both NSR and Squamish SAR save lives. Grant Baldwin, Director of Search and Rescue: North Shore says that the complicated retrievals the teams are performing are incredible to see. “We wanted to document more of the process for how these are done – ultimately giving the audience a real sense of what is involved with the rescues they see on the news.”

The first season premiered on Knowledge Network in November 2020 and it won five Leo Awards in 2021 including Best Documentary Series, Best Direction in a Documentary Series, Best Musical Score in a Documentary Series, Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Series, and Best Cinematography in a Documentary Series.

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