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I went back to Baldy Mountain Resort for the second time this winter, and while I explored more downhill terrain, toured upcoming real estate, and sipped hot apple cider in the lodge, I probably had the most fun on the Frisbee golf course — while on snowshoes!

Baldy Mountain Resort

I wrote about my experience for SnowSeekers:

Zipping around in a cart, looking at prime real estate lots for sale, followed by 18 holes and a delicious lunch. No, I wasn’t at a South Okanagan golf resort, I was bundled up for the powder and sunshine at Baldy Mountain Resort checking out their latest offerings.

After a glorious morning on the slopes, which I had to myself along with my guide Kevin Rand, I got a tour of some of Baldy’s up-and-coming attractions, including its complete Frisbee golf course that can be accessed on snowshoes.

Kevin has been living here year-round for nearly two decades and he still gets excited about Baldy.

“Eighteen years later I still go, ‘wow!’” Kevin told me when we took our last chairlift ride of the afternoon. He’s a senior ski patroller at Baldy and a paramedic down in the town of Oliver. I was in good hands that day.

Kevin and his wife have lived at Baldy for the past three years. He’s originally from Ontario and had skied most of B. C., but this is where he decided to buy his home. I asked what made him settle here, and he simply replied: “It’s Baldy! “All you have to do is just look around and you’ll fall in love with the place. It’s awesome.” Continue Reading »

The Frisbee golf course is a full 18 holes, nestled in a forested area between two downhill outlets. You can rent snowshoes on site and take advantage of the beautiful scenery, then warm up around the fire or in the lodge with friends and family. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have a full group of downhill enthusiasts, or it’s just a great way to end the day as the setting Okanagan sun peeks through the trees.

Baldy Mountain Resort

Baldy Mountain Resort

Baldy Mountain Resort

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Baldy Mountain Resort

Baldy Mountain Resort

When we returned to the lodge, Angie and I strapped on snowshoes and checked out the Frisbee golf course nestled in a wooded area beside the Fairweather run, off the Sugar Lump chair.

Angie can often be found leading a group of Baldy Babes on Mondays between December and April. The group meets once a week, starting the day with coffee and treats in the lodge, then they explore the mountain, and return to the lodge for lunch, dessert, and a glass of wine. Continue Reading »

Baldy is just 60 minutes from wine country so it’s definitely worth checking out some of the Ski Baldy, Stay Osoyoos offerings in the South Okanagan this winter.

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