Stanley Park From Above

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Stanley Park is our favourite place to go for a walk, explore trail networks, and unwind. John and I have been fortunate enough to not only experience Stanley Park from the ground level, but to also get a glimpse at the forest, lake, gardens, and attractions from the air when we fly in on a floatplane from one of our adventures.

Vancouver & Stanley Park
Photo credit: cakeordeath on Flickr

During those few moments when we pass over Ferguson Point, Malkin Bowl, Beaver Lake, and Brockton Point, we get discover a whole new appreciation for this gem. As such, I have found some historic aerial photos, thanks to the City of Vancouver Archives, featuring our beloved Stanley Park.

Stanley Park From Above

1926: Archives# Van Sc P66. Royal Canadian Air Force official photograph.

1942-1945: Archives# VLP 186.1. Royal Canadian Air Force official photograph.

1953: Archives# CVA 392-34.2.

1930s: Archives# Air P104. Royal Canadian Air Force official photograph.

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  1. mark EthierSunday, August 31st, 2014 — 7:00pm PDT

    I’ve lived here for around 40 years and haven’t seen most of the insides of Stanley Park, only the seawall, zoo, aquarium and a few of the many awesome trails and of course the beaches. So I can say with some authority that I do not know Stanley Park like the back of my hand.
    One one occasion when I was a teenager some friends and I went there after dark and the inkiness of the darkness was absolute, as we didn’t have flashlights or any form to show a path of any kind, it ended when we decided that to go anywhere would be crazy, even trying to go back to the street was difficult!

    Some of these pictures show quite a bit of smoke around the city due to all the sawmills burning the residue of cutting boards in beehive burners.

  2. Geoff BatesonSunday, December 14th, 2014 — 11:05am PST

    Fascinating archive shots. I live in the UK but love to get to Vancouver whenever the opportunity comes along – always including a stay at the Listel and a walk round Stanley Park. (The website has some bits of writing done on various stays…)

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