Lunar Eclipse Vancouver: Another Chance in October 2014

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Last night, through partly clouded skies, a total lunar eclipse was visible in Vancouver. The HR MacMillan Space Centre hosted an event and photographers took to the streets to capture the event:

Red Moon, Red Planet - Lunar Eclipse
Photo credit: Claude Schneider on Flickr

Lunar Eclipse Vancouver

As the CBC reports this morning, “if you missed last night’s total lunar eclipse, here’s some good news – there will be another one in October. Fortunately, Monday night’s eclipse is the first in a tetrad — a series of four total lunar eclipses separated by roughly six months each. The next one takes place on October 8th, peaking at 3:54 am PT. You’ll only be able to see the whole eclipse if you live west of Regina and Saskatoon, as the moon will set before it is complete in the rest of Canada. However, the peak of the eclipse should be visible almost right across the country.

The last two eclipses of the tetrad will take place on April 4th and September 28th, 2015. Tetrads, groupings of four total lunar eclipses, are expected a total of eight times during the 21st century, NASA Science News reports. However, that makes this century unusual — there were no such tetrads between 1500 and 1900.”

Lunar Eclipse
Photo credit: Claude Schneider on Flickr

Follow the HR MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver on Twitter and Facebook for more information about special viewing and learning events.

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  1. Tyler IngramTuesday, April 15th, 2014 — 8:47am PDT

    I set my alarm so I could get out and phootgraphy the eclipse. Too bad I woke up to an overcast sky. Nice to see that some people in the lower mainland area were able to get some photos though.

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