Ice Skating on a Farm in Surrey

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Ice skating at Fry’s Corner in Surrey was something we looked forward to as kids as soon as it turned cold. Decades later, those who run God’s Little Acre farm in Surrey have taken it upon themselves to rekindle those magical memories on their own piece of land, flooding their field for a cause.

Photo from God’s Little Acre Farm in Surrey via Facebook

Ice Skating on a Farm in Surrey

Where: God’s Little Acre – 16582 40th Ave Surrey
When: December 7, 2013 to December 31, 2013 from 10:00am to 8:00pm
More info: (604) 375-1172

The outdoor rink was created by Jas Singh, the farmer behind God’s Little Acre, a hay field-turned-vegetable farm in Surrey that has provided fresh food to local food banks and soup kitchens since 2011 [Source: The Province]

From Desi Events: The farm, which also runs a produce bank, grows vegetables for local soup kitchens and pre-registered hamper groups from Vancouver to Chiliwack. Proceeds from the skating rink this weekend will go toward the purchase of seeds for the upcoming season. Organizers have set a goal of $7,000, which would allow the farm to buy enough seeds to grow approximately 500,000 pounds of produce. Staff have been working over the course of two days to perfect the ice, with the help of local firefighters. Skate rentals are being donated by Sports Replay, and there will be hot chocolate and music.

God’s Little Acre Farm has been working tirelessly to put this amazing attraction together and it all paid off on Friday and Saturday. Here’s what they had to say on Facebook:

Long story short…I spent two days getting this rink together….13 years waiting for the perfect storm since the last time I did it….made many people go insane like Superman…Kriss…Traya and especially Penni to help me do this so I’m not alone….I told them all my homies will show up LOL. We have washrooms, lots of parking….open at ten….going to go to pawn off my bass guitar and amp right after this post to see if I can rent those big lights to light the place up….have music….dance lights…and fun. Surrey Fire Fighters coming back at 1:30 today to smooth over my mess like they did last night. Skates are coming in from Sports replay (Langley Bypass) who just called me and will offer used skates for free….that’s a corporate hero…buy your skates from them used because they are good and cheap. Rick and Sue diamond bringing barbecue wagon..bring your own chairs if you are watching….we will have wagons to sit on. If anyone has a generator…night lights…a pa system….a dj they know…..any kind of heating so people can get warm please text me because my phone is already going nuts….remember that in August???1200 phone calls…lol….if you cant afford to make a donation do not hesitate to come and please bring your children. Anyone really wanting to help out with the seed in any other way…please come and see me….much appreciated….texting is the way to go and I will call you back accordingly….feel free to ask questions on here as well. Will look at the fb page later today. If you have any of the above items to help….we are setting up tonight if we get the gen. and the lights otherwise we will only be open from 10-dark.

Please send this and share this to anyone and everyone you can. This is a family event and no alcohol permitted. Please tweet media….they can meet me and the fire department at 130 today to take a peak.16582-40th ave surrey bc….my number is 604-375-1172…please come and help as you have done before…dont know skate sizes call sport replay in Langley!….Thanks again!

So far they have raised over $2,200 and I’m sure much more will come flooding in as word spreads. Skating is open again today and parking is available along with skate rentals and refreshments. Please bring a cash donation to help this incredible cause. Follow God’s Little Acre Farm on Facebook for more information.

Update Monday, December 9, 2013 — They are just shy of their goal, as Jas posted on Facebook.

This weekend average joe family and single people came and took over and said “We’ve got your back Jas” and donated what they could because they believe in good. Yesterday we raised almost $4,000 for the seed we need to buy to give away 500,000 lbs. of product. This means we have raised $6,100.00 less expenses for the event which I estimate to be $600 so far. This includes the $300.00 we spent getting more food for the barbecue yesterday. We are short $1500 dollars for seed and then we will tackle the operating costs / repair costs and get that seed in the ground come march. Anyone interested in looking at our budget numbers to see if they can help will be great…just email me at [email protected].

There’s still plenty of time to head to the farm and skate this week and next. Be sure to stop by and play some pond hockey, skate around with the kids, and enjoy some hot chocolate to help the farm’s produce bank.

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