Theatre Thursday: Boca del Lupo

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I am proud to once again be the Social Media Sponsor of the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards (the Jessies) and as such, I will be featuring a local theatre company every Thursday.

Jessie Awards 2012

The Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards are an annual awards ceremony and party produced by the Jessie Richardson Theatre Award Society to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of the Vancouver Professional Theatre Community. The Awards have been presented since 1982, originally by the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance, taken over in 1997 by the newly formed Society. Over 35 statues are awarded each year to outstanding theatre companies and artists.

The profiles will contain basic information about each company, as supplied by their team, and a list of their upcoming productions that you can check out in the coming season. Today’s feature company is: Boca del Lupo who is known for unique outdoor and indoor performances.

Photo credit: Karri North.

Boca del Lupo

Date Established: 1996
First Play Produced: Drained
Total number of plays/events produced: 41
Founders: Sherry Yoon & Jay Dodge
Artistic Director: Sherry Yoon
Artistic Producer : Jay Dodge

Mission Statement

Boca del Lupo’s mission is to create and present extraordinary experiences in unconventional spaces for intergenerational audiences.

On Now

Presented by Boca del Lupo as part of the Micro Performance Series
May 1st to May 4th, 2013
Tickets on sale now

The Performance Art Traps offer metaphors for the trappings of life. The traps are giant custom-built cardboard boxes, propped up with a stick like a rudimentary rabbit trap. The ‘bait’ is a performer inside, with an empty chair for the ‘catch’ to sit in. With the victim seated, a nearby security guard pulls the stick and “whump!” the trap is released!

Coming Soon

ASK A TEENAGER by Mammalian Diving Reflex
Presented by Boca del Lupo as part of the Micro Performance Series
May 30th to June 2nd, 2013

Teenagers are famously complex and emotionally unstable. Their limbic systems are on overdrive, their hormones are running amok, they’re prone to staying up late, sleeping well past noon and taking crazy risks. It’s no accident. Scientists believe that teen brains are particularly alive, active and sensitive. Their behaviour is an evolutionary feature: it’s how they define and distinguish themselves; it’s how they get shit done. Teen brains are fast, risk-taking blobs that make creative and sometimes bizarre leaps and associations, giving them an adaptive edge. This is a scientific fact.

Boca del Lupo and Mammalian Diving Reflex invite you to submit your problems to info[at] and we’ll pass them on to our panel of teens. They’ll work on your problem with their highly adaptable brains and get back to you with their advice through our facebook page, on twitter and during live performances.


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