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The Canadian Red Cross is urging everyone to be safe in and around water this summer as we take to ocean beaches, lakes, and pools. Only 46% of children in Canada know how to swim but a great way to learn the basics is by getting involved in a Red Cross Swim program at a local pool.

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For the last 60 years the Canadian Red Cross has developed a learn-to-swim program and the Vancouver Park Board has announced that they will be offering Red Cross Parent and Tot, and Preschool Swim Programs at community pools.

The Parent and Tot program is for children 4 to 36 months old and includes an introductory lessons for babies such as holding their heads up and orientation — experiencing buoyancy, water play, songs, and more. Toddler programs help build confidence in the water through games and water play and eventually teach swimming, glides, safe water entry, and floating.

The Preschool program is for children 3 to 5 years old and it picks up where toddlers left off, learning glides, floating and more. Instructors will help children learn strokes and skills, floats in deep water, and good judgement on and around the water. Older children will learn dolphin kicks, endurance, front and back swims. The final program in this age group will also include learning about throwing assists to help another person in the water.

The Vancouver Park Board also offers swim programs for ages 5 to 12, and adult swim levels. These programs are offered at various community pools around the city and listings, registration information, and class times can all be found online.

Second Beach Pool New Brighton Park and Pool Autumn at Kits Pool
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Indoor Pools
Aquatic Centre at Hillcrest Park, Britannia Pool, Kensington Pool, Kerrisdale Pool, Killarney Pool, Lord Byng Pool, Renfrew Pool, Templeton Pool, Vancouver Aquatic Centre.

Outdoor Pools
Kitsilano Pool, Maple Grove Pool, New Brighton Pool, Second Beach Pool.

Follow @RedCrossCanada on Twitter for more information about water safety this season and @ParkBoard for local park and pool updates.

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  1. Amber @ Vancouver MomThursday, June 7th, 2012 — 4:42pm PDT

    My kids love their swimming lessons – and there’s something about swimming lessons and summer that just goes together, even at an indoor pool.

  2. AThursday, June 7th, 2012 — 4:53pm PDT

    Thanks for posting this! Being a lifeguard, I know how crazy the summer months are when it comes to water safety. A message to parents/guardians: PLEASE stay within arms reach of your child (if under the age of 8) when swimming with them in pools and the ocean. Even if you think your 4 year old is the next Michael Phelps, chances are he’s not and he doesn’t have the endurance to save himself…turning your back for just a moment can lead to some dire consequences, so be proactive and watch your child. We’re not being lazy lifeguards and we will always keep our eyes on your kids, but if every parent isn’t paying attention then how can we save them all?! Thanks! 🙂

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