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City and Slope Vancouver 2012

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 — 10:28am PDT
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This winter the City and Slope festival will tie in adventures on our local mountains with interactive events downtown. From February 9 to 12, 2012, you can enjoy live concerts, attractions, and snow-filled action on the hills.


Illuminate Yaletown: Light displays, music, and more in this heritage district.

City and Slope Vancouver 2012Science World Light Show: Nightly on the dome.

Museum of Vancouver: Check out the Neon Vancouver / Ugly Vancouver exhibit.


Mount Seymour: Enjoy “80s Day” on Sunday, February 12th. Dress up and enter to win some great prizes.

Grouse Mountain: Enjoy 24 hours of winter at Grouse as it stays open February 11th straight through to February 12th. Sunset and sunrise snowshoe tours, live DJ’s, nighttime ziplining, and hitting the slopes at 3:00am, if you like.

Cypress Mountain: It was 2 years ago that Cypress welcomed the world and was home to Canada’s first Olympic gold medal. They’re bringing the excitement back in a Vancouver 2010 anniversary celebration Friday, February 10th.

Visitors can build a weekend package (hotel stay and activities) from $218. A full schedule is posted online including information about the Hey Ocean, Benny Benassi, Alesso, Ko, Kevin Scott, and Dave Aude performances.

To promote City and Slope, I’ve been offered 2 passes for Grouse Mountain to give away. The winner can use these anytime this season and even during City and Slope’s “24 Hours of Grouse”. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post naming a City and Slope event (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
RT to enter to win @GrouseMountain passes from @CityandSlope & @Miss604

I will draw one winner at random from all entries next Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 11:00am. Follow City and Slope on Twitter and Facebook for more information and event listings.

Update The winner is @alicejhwong!

Current contests on


  1. Tracy says:

    illuminate yaletown

  2. Museum Vancouver & Mount Seymour!

  3. Daniel says:

    Looking forward to this “and hitting the slopes at 3:00am, if you like.”

  4. Jen says:

    24 Hours of Winter @ Grouse

  5. Angela R says:

    80’s day @ Mount Seymour!

  6. Christine says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  7. Robyn says:

    I am most excited for 24 Hours of Winter at Grouse Mountain. DJ’s? Snowboarding? Sounds like fun!

  8. Greg says:

    24 hours of winter at Grouse, I want to be there!

  9. Nic says:

    I’d love to win these passes to go to 24 “Hours of Winter” on Grouse Mountain

  10. Michelle says:

    24 hours of winter @Grouse mtn!! Did it last year, can’t wait to do it again!

  11. Marline says:

    Illuminate Yaletown ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Laura says:

    Science World Light Show!

  13. Dilara says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  14. Amy says:

    Science World Light Show!

  15. Moon says:

    Museum of Vancouver is awesome.

  16. T Nial says:

    Call Kiefer Sutherland cuz we got “24 hours of Grouse Mountain action”

  17. Angie P says:

    24 Hours at Grouse… Think I’m going to have to take part this year!

  18. Stephanie S says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  19. RachelleC says:

    Benny Benassi at the convention center on the 11th!!!

  20. Meline says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  21. Phil says:

    24 HOURS OF WINTER FEB 11-12

  22. J K says:

    How about….North Vancouver & 24 Hours of Winter….

  23. RubyB says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  24. Randy says:

    24 Hours of Winter at Grouse Mountain

  25. Sonya says:

    Light Show at Science World

  26. Amanda says:

    Museum of Vancouver & Grouse Mountain! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Sanaz says:

    24 Hours of winter at Grouse

  28. Michael Kwan says:

    Nighttime ziplining at Grouse sounds like fun!

  29. Rebecca says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  30. Dale Eberle Somerville says:

    The second greatest city in north america is going to party again, music, people, winter and mountain tops-Canadian fun;-))

  31. Hayley says:

    24 Hours of winter at Grouse.

  32. Justine says:

    24 Hours of Winter! That sounds fantastic!

  33. Laura says:

    24 hours of winter!

  34. Parker says:

    illuminate yaletown! fun times!

  35. Gail says:

    80s day on Mt.Seymour

  36. Eunice says:

    24 Hours of Winter @ Grouse

  37. Denise says:

    Science world light show and cypress.

  38. Katie says:

    24 hours of winter

  39. Vanessa says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  40. Yvonne says:

    24 hours of winter at grouse mountain

  41. Roanne says:

    80’s day at Mt Seymour!

  42. Julie says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  43. Elizabeth says:

    night time ziplining at Grouse!

  44. Francis says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  45. Grace Mok says:

    Illuminate Yaletown and Mount Seymour 80’s day

  46. Kevin Walton says:

    โ€œ80s Dayโ€ @ Seymour! Blinding neon.

  47. Alice Zhou says:

    so looking forward to Illuminate Yaletown and the light show at Science World

  48. Joanne says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  49. Jessica Wong says:

    Science World Light Show and Mount Cypress! ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. Tracy says:

    Illuminate Yaletown ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. Mildred says:

    24 hours of winter at Grouse!!!

  52. Stephanie says:

    24 hours at Grouse.

  53. matthew m says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  54. Eileen says:

    Illuminate Yaletown. Its gotten better every year.

  55. Daryl says:

    80โ€ฒs day @ Mount Seymour!

  56. Meg says:

    Science World Light Show

  57. Michelle W. says:

    24 hours @ Grouse Mountain! I’ve always wanted to try that out!

  58. Cheerdiva says:

    illuminate yaletown

  59. Emma says:

    80s day at Mount Seymour!

  60. Matt G says:

    can’t wait for 24 hours of winter at Grouse.

  61. Michele M says:

    24 housrs @Grouse Mt. Sounds awesome!

  62. Chelle says:

    The 24 Hours of Winter at Grouse sounds like a fun idea!

  63. Puck says:

    24 hours of winter at Grouse?!?! Dream. Come. True. Oh my I want to ski there so badly.

  64. rachel says:

    ooh would love to snowboard for 24 hours.

  65. Camila says:

    Science World Light Show & Grouse Mountain

  66. Mary says:

    Science World Light Show and Grouse Mountain!

  67. Robyn says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  68. Sigrid says:

    Illuminate Yaletown sounds very cool!

  69. JC says:

    City and Slope event – what a night it would be.

  70. tania says:

    Science World Light Show!

  71. Shelley says:

    Museum Of Vancouver

  72. maria says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  73. Wyanet says:

    Illuminate Yaletown and Cypress Mountain!

  74. Teresa K says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  75. CG says:

    Can’t think of anything better than 24 hours of Grouse!

  76. Katie B says:

    I would love to take my boyfriend snowshoeing for v-day!

  77. Fiona says:

    Illuminate yaletown

  78. David says:

    Looking forward to this!

  79. Gigi says:

    Hey Ocean!

  80. Bernadette says:

    Illuminute Yaletown and 24 Hours of Grouse!

  81. Vaughan says:

    Benny Benassi

  82. Jenn says:

    Hey Ocean!

  83. Grace Cheung says:


  84. Kristina says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  85. CF says:

    Illuminate Yaletown and Cypress! ๐Ÿ˜€

  86. Alice says:

    80’s Day on Mount Seymour!

  87. ho says:

    oooh fun illuminate yaletown

  88. Jessica says:

    80โ€ฒs day @ Mount Seymour!

  89. Tiffany says:

    Illuminate Yaletown sounds cool

  90. Jan says:

    Neon Vancouver/Ugly Vancouver

  91. Marianne says:

    Night time ziplining @ Grouse!!

  92. Gary T says:

    Benny Benassi is performing

  93. Cyndi says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  94. Katie B says:

    illuminate yaletown and 24 hours of winter at grouse

  95. lee says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  96. Deya W says:

    24 Hours of winter at Grouse

  97. Tina Fanzone says:

    “24 hours of winter” at Grouse Mountain would be awesome !

  98. Kristyn says:

    On such a tight budget right now a free chance to ski would be fab!

  99. Felicia says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  100. Lor says:

    Yay for snow!

  101. Moshe says:

    Love Grouse Mountain especially the gondola.

  102. Nicole says:

    City and Slopes? Neon Vancouver / Ugly Vancouver exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver and Mount Seymour’s “80s Day” sound like the perfect combination to me! sign me up!

  103. Raju says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  104. Becky says:

    24 hours of winter at grouse would be amazing! I wonder what the view of Vancouver from up there is like at 3am ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. Alex says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  106. Ro says:

    Light show at Science World!

  107. valerie says:

    Hey Ocean! is playing. (awesome)

  108. Von says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  109. Vania says:

    24 hours of winter @ Grouse!!!

  110. Cameron says:

    Illuminate Yaletown – cool projections on the buildings.

  111. Scott says:

    24 Hours of winter at Grouse

  112. Hong says:

    Illuminate Yaletown! It would be awesome

  113. Ivy says:

    Science World Light Show!And I am so looking forward to it

  114. Cecilia says:

    24 hours of winter at Grouse Mountain. Cool!

  115. Alex says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  116. Kody says:

    Sounds fun!

  117. Michael says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  118. Sioned says:

    Illuminate Yaletown.

  119. Allison says:

    illuminate yaletown

    Would love to win this ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. Colin says:

    24 hours rocks!

  121. Tera Kristen says:

    I will definitely be checking out Illuminate Yaletown and I would love the chance to ski all night!

  122. mario henriquez says:

    mount seymour 80’s day sounds like it would be pretty fun. snowboarding grouse for 24 hours would be pretty epic as well.

  123. Shayne says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  124. Mel says:

    24 Hours of Winter @ Grouse!

  125. Gracey says:

    Hey Ocean at Venue on the 10th!

  126. Lloyd says:

    24 hours of winter at Grouse

  127. Vince says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  128. Deidre says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  129. Ben says:

    Benny Benassi perfetto!!!

  130. charlene says:

    Science World Light Show

  131. Donna says:

    Cool prize as – have not been up the mountain in years.

  132. Ken says:

    Illuminate Yaletown Cypress Mountain

  133. Mary says:

    Grouse Mountain!!

  134. Adrienne M says:

    24 hrs of winter at grouse!

  135. Sandra S says:

    24 hours of winter at Grouse

  136. Brent says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  137. Brandon says:

    80’s day at Mount Seymour

  138. allyson says:

    Illuminate Yaletown!

  139. Gladys Tsang says:

    Science World Light Show!

  140. Becs says:

    Illuminate Yaletown and 24 hours of skiiing @ Grouse!!

  141. kahhlee says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  142. Beth says:

    24 Hours of winter sounds fun!

  143. Naimi says:

    80โ€ฒs day at Mount Seymour & Grouse Mountain!

  144. Pip says:

    I will be taking my kids to see the Science World lights

  145. Aidan says:

    Science World Light Show & 24hr of grouse mountain!

  146. Marcela says:

    24 hr. skiing at Grouse (+ music) sound super fun!

  147. kekekekevan says:

    Karv sounds amazing! In Yaletown with ice sculptures, fire, ice, water…by Mini Yaletown (within Illuminate Yaletown)

    Friday February 10th โ€“ 6:00pm โ€“ 10:00pm
    Saturday February 11th โ€“ 6:00pm โ€“ 10:00pm

  148. James Wang (@t4iw4n33z) says:

    illuminate yaletown and grouse mountain

  149. TIm Ansley says:

    24 Hours of Winter @ Grouse

  150. Natalie Lau says:

    Illuminate Yaletown

  151. Janina says:

    24 hours of winter at Grouse mountain

  152. jake says:

    80s day on sunday feb 12 at seymour!

  153. jocelyne says:

    illuminate yaletown!

  154. jeremy says:

    Mt.Seymour built this city with booters and pow! 80’s day

  155. Leslie says:

    Illuminate yaletown

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