Santacon Santarchy Vancouver 2011

Monday, December 12th, 2011 — 9:30am PST
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They’re all jolly, sporting white beards, dressed in red and white, and have one incredible sweet tooth. You better watch out Vancouver, Santacon is coming to town.

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Photo credit: (Left) dennis (Right) Lin Hsin Yao on Flickr

Santacon/Santarchy began in San Francisco 17 years ago when several dozen “Santas” went out on the town. Since that time, events have sprouted up each winter across North America. To participate, you need a Santa suit and plenty of cheer (which often comes in liquid form). Think of it as a festive pub crawl with everyone dressed as though they just arrived from the North Pole.

Photo credit: Lin Hsin Yao on Flickr

Vancouver’s event is happening December 17, 2011 at 12:00pm. Some Santas are starting out in Richmond (at Legend’s Pub) and taking the Canada Line to the meetup point at Original Joe’s at Broadway and Cambie. From the description on the Facebook event, the next destination is unknown but it seems as though ‘Santa’ will direct the group to additional locations.

There are a few rules and responsibilities for Santas in Santacon that include respecting any children that you might pass, don’t be a ‘bad Santa’, be nice to the staff at the establishments visited along the way, bring small bills to pay cash and move on, wear comfortable shoes, buy a Translink DayPass, and there is to be “no Santa left behind”. Wear your best Santa Claus outfit and feel free to liven it up with colours, patterns, and accessories. The event is free to join.

Please note this is an adult-oriented event (19+) and is not kid-friendly (nor is some of the language on the Facebook event page). Enjoy Santacon (by day) and Santarchy (by night) responsibly and plan a safe ride home.

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