Best Buy Canada Giveaway, Win a TomTom

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Best Buy Canada released their Holiday Gift Guide a few weeks ago and with digital cameras, iPods, and the latest televisions on almost everyone’s list, it’s one hot resource. To help promote their gift ideas this season, they have offered up a TomTom system to one of my readers.

TomTomTomTom GO 245
Fully loaded with premium maps of Canada, the USA, and Mexico, this TomTom mobile navigator includes over 7 million points of interest available thought its 4.3 inch touch-screen. It also doubles as a Bluetooth hands-free system for safely answering and placing calls with voice recognition and 130 different verbal commands. The suggested retail price for this TomTom unit is $249.99.

I am a huge fan of roadtrips and have sailed down highways from Saskatoon to Mount Shasta. To enter to win this unit, I’d love to know… Where would you go on your own ‘ultimate roadtrip’?

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    I will draw one winner from all entries on Thursday, December 16th, 2010.

    Update The winner is Scott!

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    1. TonyWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:50am PST

      I would love one of these! I am driving around the Lower Mainland all day……

    2. Tracey FlattesWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:52am PST

      I would love to do the drive down the coast from Vancouver all the way to LA – beautiful scenery and places to visit.

    3. IanWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:53am PST

      Ultimate road trip to Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 although the gps wouldnt get me that far..but at least 3/4 of the way haha! 🙂

    4. Cameron W.Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:55am PST

      I love the drive to Palm Springs. I haven’t made it in a few years, but I used to love to go with my parents.

    5. DonnaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:57am PST

      I’d love to do a trip across Canada. But I think I should start small, and explore Vancouver Island first, and then into the Okanagan and Interior. Our province has so much to offer!

    6. bekkiWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:57am PST

      I would love to circumnavigate the US and then travel back to Vancouver along the TransCanada.

    7. Lawrence LuaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:05am PST

      My ultimate roadtrip would crisscross Canada and the U.S. along the border, visit the Maritimes, down the East Coast, stop in Florida, and continue down too Mexico and S. America. I’d probably want to fly back afterward, though.

    8. lauraWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:05am PST

      a roadtrip to newfoundland, along the trans-canada highway!

    9. BrendaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:06am PST

      I would love to do a cross Canada road trip.

    10. CliffWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:08am PST

      A roadtrip up to Alaska would be great.

    11. CarlosWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:11am PST

      My ultimate roadtrip would take me to beautiful BANFF! 🙂

    12. AdamWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:18am PST

      From here to Florida. You really have to work your way through the interesting parts of the US. West Coast and East Coast!

    13. BJWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:18am PST

      Too many places to list…! For Canadian destinations, I still haven’t made it to Newfoundland so I think a cross-Canada trip all the way there would be in order!

    14. Megan HWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:19am PST

      My ultimate roadtrip would be to go across Canada!!!

    15. GraceWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:20am PST

      A great road trip for me..would be a trip to alaska! brrrrrrrrr

    16. TriciaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:22am PST

      Down the coast, through Seattle, Portland, San Fran, LA… 😀

    17. RachelWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:22am PST

      A great road trip for me would be to go along the Trans-Canada highway!

    18. AlvWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:24am PST

      Nova Scotia. Clear across the Trans-Can. 😀

    19. ScottWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:36am PST

      I would drive back to Vancouver Island via Hwy 1!

    20. NicoleWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:36am PST

      I would do the crazy roadtrip and do cross canada!!!!

    21. Toby SullivanWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:40am PST

      Ohh, road trips. How I love thee.
      I went on my “Ultimate Roadtrip” this year, actually. We drove from Vancouver (where else?) to Texas for the State Fair (deep-fried Frito pie anyone?) and back through Las Vegas. Probably can’t beat that but you know I’m going to try.

      If all goes as planned, this coming summer I should be heading down the West Coast to California. Portland, San Fransisco, LA, maybe even San Diego and Tijuana if we have time. That’s gonna be great.

      If you are ever looking for a somewhat closer road trip destination, I recommend the epic camping beach of San Joseph Bay on Vancouver Island.

    22. Julie NichollsWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:40am PST

      The California coast would be my destination.

    23. Annie Q.Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:44am PST

      I would go to Sunpeaks for some skiing!! Then to California for some sunshine.

    24. RobWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:46am PST

      A few years ago I did a road trip from Montreal to Los Angeles, stayed there for several months, then drove up the coast to Vancouver and after a little trip to Victoria, drove to Newfoundland visiting every Province and almost every major Canadian city (missed out on Saskatoon.) During that mega roadtrip across North America, my car was broken into and my TomTom was stolen…

      Now, my ideal road trip would be to complete my Canadian journey and visit the three Territories. I’d love to go visit the communities up there, see the North and experience all of Canada.

    25. RenfrewWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:57am PST

      Due south to the Baja!

    26. PooyaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 11:59am PST

      Mine would be California !

    27. PooyaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:00pm PST

      Mine would be Alaska !

    28. StevenWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:00pm PST

      To new york obviously!!!

    29. AndreWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:04pm PST

      Up north to where the sun rises and sets once a year!

    30. Tim DriscollWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:05pm PST

      Already did the “Ultimate” trip when I was 20 (sooo many years ago!). Down the PC Hwy all the way to Tijuana and back on a Honda 175(!) motorbike, camping under the stars most of the time. Met so many great people and took massive amounts of pictures (on actual film).
      My next “Dream” trip will be with my wife, slowly thru the Okanagan, for the wine tastings, and north to Alaska, on the Dempster Hwy. Lookin forward to it.

    31. EileenWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:12pm PST

      All the way from the West coast to the East!

    32. Stewart RogersWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:16pm PST

      San Diego!

    33. SharonWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:26pm PST

      I’d LOVE one of those! My ultimate road trip would be to drive down the coast of Washington and Oregon, through to the southern parts of California. I haven’t been there in years, and would love to do the drive again.

    34. DianeWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:37pm PST

      My ultimate road trip would be across Canada – North to South, East to West (and not necessarily south only in the winter!). I have spent many years traveling the world and would love to learn more about my own country.

    35. mattWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:44pm PST

      I would travel across Canada. I’ve seen so much of the rest of the world and yet so little of Canada.

    36. SaraWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:44pm PST

      Montana! I hear that the thrift stores are rad!

    37. alakittenWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:53pm PST

      Nothing beats a drive down the Oregon Coast, and down into California 🙂

    38. CeciWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:58pm PST

      I’d love to drive down to LA!!

    39. DonnaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 12:59pm PST

      Just the other day my cousin asked where we’d take a road trip to if we had to up and go this la nina winter. I love the drive down the Oregon and northern California coast but have never been further south than San Jose. So I said I’d love to continue on down to the Baja Peninsula!

      I need some down time and am actually considering this trip but know I’d waste alot of time due to my navigational skills (or lack of). I’d be going solo so the Tom Tom would be my side kick lol

    40. Michael KwanWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:01pm PST

      I think an ultimate road trip would be to follow the Olympic Torch relay, but in reverse (since I’d be starting in Vancouver). 🙂

    41. MichelleWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:09pm PST

      I’d love to go across Canada. Never been to the east coast!!

    42. PatrickWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:10pm PST

      I’m new to Vancouver. This thing would help a lot!

    43. CurtisWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:19pm PST

      I would love to go on a road trip across North America. Through the US one way, through Canada the other. Would be quite the trip!

    44. AmyWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:21pm PST

      I would love to do a photo story across Canada, I’ve only been as far as Alberta so I have a lot to see!

    45. KathyWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:36pm PST

      I would go to Montreal because my cousin is currently living there and studying at McGill University. It would be great to spend some time with him and see the fabulous sights of the old city. Then, finally, I’ll be able to use my five years of high school French!

    46. GrantWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:36pm PST

      My ultimate roadtrip would include Crater Lake, Ore, the Grand Canyon, Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa and then back across the prairies towards home with a stop in Rouleau, Sask.

    47. David DarlingWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:42pm PST

      I would travel cross country! I love this country.

    48. MarthaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:49pm PST

      i’d love to see the east coast as well, reaching all the way to newfoundland, i heard it’s REALLLLLY nice there

    49. Neil FisherWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 1:49pm PST

      I would follow the Pan-American Highway from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina… and then back home 🙂

    50. AnneWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 2:13pm PST

      I would like to go down highway 101 to Monterey, California.

    51. matthew mWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 2:20pm PST

      Ultimate trip would be down the coast to Highway 1 in California and then back up again. All on small back highways.

    52. GladysWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 2:29pm PST

      I would love to head out to the Alberta badlands with my kids, and take them to the Tyrell Museum, too. They’re just old enough to enjoy that drive as a road trip, and the destination is perfect for them.

    53. TriptWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 3:11pm PST

      i would do a cross america road trip, inspired by “on the road”!

    54. KelliWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 3:15pm PST

      I’ve always wanted to drive down the Oregon coast to Napa Valley. No idea how to get there but a TomTom would help!!!

    55. ChristineWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 4:00pm PST

      I would love to take a trip from Vancouver to Montreal!

    56. maryWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 4:36pm PST

      i’m new to roadtrips so anywhere out of Vancouver is cool with me

    57. AmandaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 4:37pm PST

      Ultimate road trip would be completely around the continent. I have family scattered from Cali, to Ontario, to New Hampshire, and all over. Would love to see it all! 🙂

    58. LisaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 4:39pm PST

      Would love to go across Canada and see the Maritimes and everything in between!

    59. PeterWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 4:39pm PST

      Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego (Argentina). The closest you can get to Antarctica by car, driving from Vancouver.

    60. SusanWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 4:41pm PST

      My husband and I would love to take a road trip across Canada next year. We have been together for 3 years and have never taken a trip together. Having a TomTom will definately help our trip!

    61. RennWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 4:42pm PST

      Would love to go on one across Canada someday!

    62. AgathaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 4:43pm PST

      I’d love drive up to rocky mountain, banff, jasper, prince george.

    63. MelaneyWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 5:07pm PST

      I would put it in the Gather and Give van to get home essentials to people in need! Used for all our delivery areas!! Much easier than a map book!

    64. SamWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 5:20pm PST

      Across Alberta down to Colorado.

    65. MikeWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 5:21pm PST

      Well this would be super useful on the next trip, no more running out of maps.

    66. ChrisWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 5:31pm PST

      I would love to go up to Alaska. With a couple of friends, it would be a great trip.

    67. FraserWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 5:41pm PST

      I would wend my merry way from the west coast of Canada to the east!

    68. JeanieWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 5:48pm PST

      From coast to coast!!!!!

    69. TracyWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 5:50pm PST

      Simple – the whole transcanada 🙂

    70. deedsWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 6:03pm PST

      i would definitely drive down the oregon coast– it’s been a longtime dream.

    71. DennisWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 6:05pm PST

      Would love to drive back to Chicago from Vancouver again. Last time I did it was back in August 2006.

    72. TYWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 6:20pm PST

      i would love to do a summer roadtrip, from here to montreal 😀

    73. RussellWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 6:43pm PST

      Would love to take a road trip across Canada. Follow the Trans-Canada from one coast to the other.

    74. TracyWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 6:43pm PST

      Would love to visit friends in LA! And then we can head down the coast and back up.

    75. StellaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 6:57pm PST

      my ultimate roadtrip would be to drive across Canada

    76. tessaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 7:22pm PST

      I would go to new york so my 16 month old son could meet his great grandma for the first time

    77. ScottWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 7:23pm PST

      My ultimate roadtrip would be a grand tour of North America. Follow the West Coast south to California, explore the American Southwest, visit my brother in Florida, follow the East Coast north, then take the #1 from St John’s to Victoria.

    78. DeeAnnWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 7:26pm PST

      California Wine Country! Drive down the coast from Langley, all the way there. I’m not even really sure where it is, so that’s why I need a GPS!

    79. ChristineWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 7:49pm PST

      All the way down the west coast – from Vancouver, through the US, all the way to the Southern tip of the Baja!

    80. ElaineWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 7:51pm PST

      My ultimate road trip would be down the west coast to California. And ask anyone – I need a GPS – I got lost getting to work when they closed down the only street that I knew how to get there!

    81. KatherineWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 8:46pm PST

      My ultimate road trip is to Europe. I need the GPS to go through all the countries in Europe!

    82. RubyWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 9:03pm PST

      my ultimate road trip would be down the west coast all the way to LA

    83. linWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 9:13pm PST

      I’d love to road trip across Canada!

    84. mariaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 9:21pm PST

      Drive to LA and Vegas.

    85. TinaWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 9:21pm PST

      I would do a road trip across Canada

    86. EnnieWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 9:34pm PST

      I would go to Seattle on my ‘ultimate roadtrip’.

    87. JodiWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:08pm PST

      Definitely across Canada and through the Maritime provinces.

    88. KonWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:34pm PST

      I love this!

    89. AlexisWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:53pm PST

      My ultimate round trip would be to East Coast to visit friends in Halifax! See the whole of Canada and watch the Canucks play in each of the cities!

    90. LucieWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:54pm PST

      My ultimate road trip would down to California. More specifically Indio, to partake in the awesomeness that is the Coachella music festival. A car full of friends, sunshine, and good music: bliss!

    91. DilaraWednesday, December 8th, 2010 — 10:59pm PST

      My ultimate roadtrip would be a Canada-wide coast to coast roadtrip. I’ve always wanted to do that.

    92. HayleyThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 12:02am PST

      It may not seem “ultimate” but I’d go to High Pairie Alberta to visit my boyfriends family.

    93. BonsThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 12:40am PST

      I’ve never gone on a trip to any other Canadian cities outside of BC. If I am lucky enough to win this TomTom, I would take my family on a roadtrip to venture different cities in Canada, from the west to the east!

    94. Jodi in ILThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 5:35am PST

      I’d visit as many National Parks in the US as I could in 30 days.

    95. VanessaThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 8:26am PST

      I would visit all the states!

    96. MuckymooThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 9:17am PST

      My ultimate road trip would be down to to the Baja Mexico. My husband would ride his Kawasaki W650 motorcycle and I would follow in the comfy van. When it rains we would put the bike in the trailer and drive together! Such a great daydream!

    97. JimThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 10:26am PST

      A trip across Canada would be a great experience.

    98. TylerThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:04am PST

      My ultimate (road) trip would be across Canada and the TomTom would be awesome! I would probably drive east through Canada and then come back west via the US.

    99. TanisThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:06am PST

      I would love to travel across Canada, visiting family in AB, SK, MB, and ON as we drove along!!!


    100. GingermommyThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:08am PST

      I would go back to BC because I miss it so much

    101. Zvi VThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:10am PST

      This would be great as my current GPS sucks

    102. TylerThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:15am PST

      A road trip through the swiss alps

    103. vilmarkThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:15am PST

      Ultimate road trip would be to Key West. Highway 1 is an amazing drive.

    104. Mike KThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:19am PST

      Ultimate trip to Las Vegas!

    105. fokxxyThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:28am PST

      I would travel to disney. I have always wanted to take my son and he is a great navigator but this would help!

    106. fokxxyThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:29am PST


    107. lauraThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:35am PST

      I would go to Vegas baby!!

    108. lauraThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:37am PST

      tweeted 🙂!/ljclo

    109. tinaThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:49am PST

      i would go to las vegas on my ultimate roadtrip

    110. KimThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:50am PST

      I would love to travel across Canada. I have been to the east coast but have never headed west.

    111. KimThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:54am PST


    112. Tooth FairyThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 12:14pm PST

      A magical ultimate roadtrip includes the route to Disneyland!

    113. RobThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 12:15pm PST

      I am dying to make the drive down along the Oregon coast, and visit Portland as well.

    114. Lisa NThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 12:30pm PST

      I would go to the East Coast and have lobster:)

    115. SeanThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 1:22pm PST

      Southeast Asia or Brazil

    116. JohnThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 2:00pm PST

      roadtrip across Canada ! Esp the major cities like montreal and toronto

    117. MaryanneThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 2:05pm PST

      Ultimate roadtrip: Rent a car in Morocco, drive across northern Africa to Egypt, then make my south all the way to South Africa.

    118. AlThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 2:33pm PST

      I would explore the Pacific Coast starting in Vancouver and ending up in Mexico.

    119. EricaThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 3:23pm PST

      I would like to go to the maritime provinces since i haven’t been there yet. =)

    120. PaulThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 5:16pm PST

      I would go to L.A. and visit the sandy beaches there before exploring all of downtown and its unique skyline.

    121. KatieThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 5:36pm PST

      I think I would also drive down the Oregon Coast.

    122. Teresa KThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 6:19pm PST

      I would drive to LA.

    123. DicksonThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 8:51pm PST

      I would go to New York

    124. FarhanThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 9:21pm PST

      Ultimate roadtrip? I’d want to go across the country!

    125. MichaelThursday, December 9th, 2010 — 10:19pm PST

      I’d like to road trip it across Canada from Vancouver to the Maritimes.

    126. Steph :)Thursday, December 9th, 2010 — 11:11pm PST

      I would love to do a roadtrip across Canada and back home through the States.

    127. AddieFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 12:43am PST

      I would do a roadtrip from Vancouver to Florida.

    128. jeff pierceFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 8:02am PST

      Wouldn’t mind heading down to mexico where it’s warm.

    129. RevFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 8:03am PST

      A drive up and down the Island would be lovely

    130. David DicksonFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 8:17am PST

      I would love to head south as well, maybe not as far as Jeff but at least California.

    131. RhettFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 12:35pm PST

      My ultimate trip would start in Vancouver then head east to the Okanagan, then out to the Kootenays and then up to see the Revelstoke, Yoho, Glacier, Banff and Jasper National Parks. Following that I would then drive out to Waterton Lakes NP and into the US to visit Glacier NP. From there it would be out to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Nps and then head east out to the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Badlands. After that I would head south and west to Colorado to Rocky Mountain NP, and down to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP and then out to Silverton and Durango on my way to Mesa Verde NP. From here it would south to Canyon de Chelly in Arizona and then head east again to the Chaco Culture NHP and on to Bandelier NM and Taos and Santa Fe. Turning west again I would head out to the Petrified Forest NP and then head south down to Chiricahua NM and onto Bisbee, Tombston and Tucson AZ. Continue north to Sedona and then on to the Grand Canyon, north and south rim. Then it is on to do the portions of the “Grand Circle”, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, Arches National Park, Capitol Reef and Great Basin National Park. Then it would be off to California, passing through Lake Tahoe on the way to the San Francisco Bay Area. Following this I would then take Highway 1 all the way down the coast past San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and San Diego. Once in Southern California it would be time to head out to Anza-Borrego State park and to Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Preserve and on to Death Valley. From here we head west to visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and then it is up to Yosemite and Mono Lake. From here we head north up to Lassen National park and to Mt. Shasta before heading west out to Eureka and the coast. A short drive south to the “Lost Coast” before heading up the coast to Oregon and the fabulous drive up the coast and over to Portland. Drive from Portland out to the Olympic Peninsula catch the ferry out to Vancouver Island drive up the Island and catch a ferry to Prince Rupert and follow Highway 16 to Prince George and then enjoy the scenery as I drive back home to Vancouver. Phew…

    132. LoriFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 12:41pm PST

      My ultimate drive would be allllllll the way across Canada.

    133. Michelle WilliamsonFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 1:43pm PST

      DEFINITELY all the way across Canada! I did Toronto-Vancouver by train last fall and it was amazing! I know the road-trip will be in my future, but I just don’t know when!

    134. HelenFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 2:26pm PST

      My boyfriend and I would love to drive down the westcoast to San Diego.

    135. LoriFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 2:38pm PST

      We’d go down the Oregon coast and all the way to Disneyland!!

    136. Amy W.Friday, December 10th, 2010 — 4:30pm PST

      Across Canada!

    137. lindawwwwFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 7:15pm PST

      I want to go to Drumheller, Alberta to visit the Tyrell Museum.

    138. RaiaFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 7:34pm PST

      My ultimate road trip would be driving to Jasper to pick up my best friend, and driving down to mexico in a VW bus.

    139. JoFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 7:34pm PST

      Ultimate roadtrip? Across Canada – coast to coast!

    140. Murray AFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 7:59pm PST

      My Ultimate Drive would be from NYC down the East Coast to Northern Florida and across Texas, New Mexico and up to California. Drop the car in SF and take Amtrak home.

    141. JanetFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 8:27pm PST

      I would go all the way to LA!

    142. AkemiFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 8:58pm PST

      Would love one!

    143. Lisa LundstromFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 9:41pm PST

      oregon coast

    144. MariaFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 10:54pm PST

      I’ve always wanted to drive to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California!

    145. GarrettFriday, December 10th, 2010 — 11:29pm PST

      My ultimate roadtrip would be driving east across Canada starting here in Vancouver, seeing all of the big cities and attractions and some of the smaller ones along the way. On the way back home I would drive through the states and see much of the East Coast make my way to Texas and than head over to California working my way up from San Diego all the way to San Fran and then head home slowly from there. What a trip that would be!

    146. Carissa KasperSaturday, December 11th, 2010 — 11:40am PST

      I would go on a roadtrip across the States!

    147. Lyndal MeyetteSaturday, December 11th, 2010 — 2:44pm PST

      My ultimate road trip would be to drive Vancouver island north to south

    148. SvenSaturday, December 11th, 2010 — 9:52pm PST

      My mom needs one for Christmas soo bad.

    149. TammySaturday, December 11th, 2010 — 10:40pm PST

      My ultimate road trip would be to travel from the Canada’s west coast to the east coast with my family. It would be such as awesome experience!

    150. Tooth FairySunday, December 12th, 2010 — 10:06am PST
      MY Dec 10th tweet!

    151. Jody JSunday, December 12th, 2010 — 12:33pm PST

      Oooh, I’d love to go along the Oregon coast and into California. 🙂

    152. brianne sheppardSunday, December 12th, 2010 — 4:17pm PST

      Down to San Diego would be amazing… down the interstate and back home up along the coast.. pure bliss!

    153. MonicaSunday, December 12th, 2010 — 9:11pm PST

      I would love to do a cross-Canada trip.. Start on the east coast in Newfoundland or something and drive all the way back to Vancouver!

    154. JeremySunday, December 12th, 2010 — 11:30pm PST

      I would love to discover all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands!

    155. JenSunday, December 12th, 2010 — 11:31pm PST

      I would love to go from Vancouver all across Canada. I have not been to the East coast at all, despite living in Canada all my life! And I would have to have a seafood feast once I reach Newfoundland!

    156. TaigiMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 10:13am PST

      Road trip down to California – across to the east coast back up to Canada and then drive back to Beautiful BC. With a couple close friends of course.

    157. SeanMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 10:20am PST

      Cross Canada would be amazing!

    158. Amy EMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 10:35am PST

      My ultimate road trip would be up to Banff, and the icefields, then all the way over to Dinosaur provincial park.

    159. GinaMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 10:36am PST

      Can I second Rhett’s response? 🙂 I’d also really like to drive through parts of the US South, the Carolina’s, parts of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico.

    160. LindseyMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 10:57am PST

      Drive down to vegas, then across to Florida to Disney World, back north and east then west through Canada!

    161. LuciMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 11:10am PST

      I would love to drive all the way to Disneyland in a big van with the family!

    162. RonMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 11:21am PST

      Across Canada, down to Florida, across the Southern US and up the West Coast.

    163. IvyMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 12:13pm PST

      I have a few in mind. One would be a drive south along the coast to Wine Country but we’ve also discussed a bit of a “Dream” drive up to Whitehorse.

    164. Heidi PMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 1:27pm PST

      Ultimate road trip would be from Manitoba to the east coast..never been there and would be an adventure to see the other side of the country…

    165. MichelleMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 1:53pm PST

      My sister and I have always wanted to drive across country, many stops on the way and all the way to PEI.

    166. PhyllisMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 2:30pm PST

      I would go down to LA and pop over to Vegas and San Diego.

    167. KellyMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 3:48pm PST

      Pennsylvania So I can see the Philadelphia Flyers Play.

    168. HollyMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 4:25pm PST

      Texas. I’ve always wanted to drive around Texas.

    169. DanMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 4:35pm PST

      Would love to travel from one end of Canada to the other. Whoo hoo!

    170. Alan CMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 4:59pm PST

      I want to go on a road trip to OUTER SPACE!

    171. JeffreyMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 5:09pm PST

      I’d go all over the interior, Alberta, Oregon, Washington and California.

    172. DeborahMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 5:41pm PST

      Drive from Vancouver to Halifax!

    173. Leslie LuuMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 5:49pm PST

      My ultimate roadtrip: DISNEYLAND! =)

    174. annaMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 7:08pm PST

      Down to the mall of America!! 🙂

    175. kevinMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 7:20pm PST

      If i were to go on my own roadtrip it would be thru northern ontario where all the beautiful lakes are.

    176. Winnie WMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 7:51pm PST

      I would love to take a road trip across Canada!

    177. MaryanneMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 8:01pm PST

      I would drive across Canada because I’ve never done it and we have to discover our country!

    178. ChristieMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 8:12pm PST

      road trip roulette. Spin the globe and drive to wherever my finger lands

    179. CrystalMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 10:05pm PST

      I would LOVE to take my girls on a drive through Alberta and take , they have never seen the mountains, and they are old enough to appreciate them, and navigate the trip on the GPS!!! START your ENGINE!!

    180. DebMonday, December 13th, 2010 — 11:33pm PST

      I love road trips and I’m long over due for the big one across Canada!

    181. KennyTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 1:58am PST

      I would love to drive all the way across Canada to Montreal! With the help of this GPS I’m sure I won’t get lost… haha

    182. kyliecTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 2:03am PST

      I’d love to go across Canada. My hubby used to be a backpacker and did that few times when he was young. Heard so many awesome stories and really want to try it too. 😀

    183. QueTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 8:36am PST

      I’d do the ultimate North American road trip. Drive from Western Canada right across to the East Coast & then down the East Coast of the US, across New Mexico & Florida to return to Canada driving up the West Coast of the US!

    184. KyleTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 8:50am PST

      I would travel down the West Coast into California and live out my days as a vagabond

    185. GretchTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 9:26am PST

      Across Canada! Or down the Cali coast and the a detour via the Grand Canyon.

    186. TasekoTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 9:45am PST

      My dream road trip (at least to start in BC/Alberta) would include Vancouver Island up to Tofino and Bamfield Park, Jasper & Banff and wrap it all up with the Okanagan for a wine tour!

    187. HumphreyTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 10:17am PST

      I will go to Austin, Texas. Long drive, I know, but I’ll get to pass by so many towns that I want to visit!

    188. AmyTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 10:39am PST

      I would love to drive across Canada.

    189. VeronicaTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 11:16am PST

      I’ve always wanted to go North, either the Alaska highway to the Yukon, or through Terrace/Smithers. I’ve heard the scenery is awesome.

      The last road trip I took was after high school with a few friends. We took the main roads to Banff, but then slowly wound our way back home through the Kootenays and it was well worth it!

    190. auTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 11:54am PST

      anywhere in Canada, US & Mexico

    191. ChrisTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 1:02pm PST

      Dancing to the beat of the tom tom, I would drive all the way across Canada.

    192. Sandra STuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 1:51pm PST

      My ultimate road trip would be, to drive all the way down to South America from Canada.!/Sandra516/status/14798515796447232

    193. RobTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 2:12pm PST

      Would love to take it down the west coast to Los Angeles and Las Vegas in late spring!

    194. FrankTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 2:28pm PST

      Paris to Beijing

    195. BettyTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 5:10pm PST

      I’ve always wanted to do a road trip in Europe! I’d fly to France and then just see where the TomTom takes me/us 😉

    196. RikkiTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 8:40pm PST

      Having just recently moved to Canada, I would use the TomTom GO 245 to navigate from British Columbia through the Yukon and into Alaska to experience the beauty and serenity of the Alaskan Highway. I’d love to find hot springs, lakes and forests along the way!

    197. Marilyn @ A Lot of LovesTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 10:21pm PST

      I’d take the kids back down to Disneyland.

    198. LeaTuesday, December 14th, 2010 — 10:38pm PST

      I would totally love to drive to California to visit a friend who is going to have a baby soon!

    199. VivianWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 12:29am PST

      I’ve always wanted to roadtrip across Canada like in the Tim Horton’s commercial with good friends! 😀

    200. Charles Au-YeungWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 3:47am PST

      I’d drive to The other end of the America with this Tom Tom. That would be South Argentina kids. THat would totally kill my car but would make full use of the Tom tom.

    201. VictoriaWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 6:50am PST

      All over BC the greatest place to live, explore and travel!

    202. Patricia LessardWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 9:02am PST

      I would use it to find the roads to the ski hills. My daughter wants to learn to ski and I’m not confidant to find the routes.

    203. MartaWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 1:20pm PST

      I would love to travel around Canada! 🙂

    204. WayneWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 3:52pm PST

      I’d love to go to the NWT to view the aurora borealis.

    205. claireWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 5:05pm PST

      I would go down the oregon coast and then all the way to mexico!

    206. AllyWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 5:34pm PST

      help me navigate vancouver!

    207. JanetWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 7:54pm PST

      My ultimate roadtrip right now would be to Sloquet Hotsprings!

    208. PINGWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 8:37pm PST

      I’d go to Liard Hotsprings!

    209. AmandaWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 10:14pm PST

      ultimate road trip would be all across North America !! =D

    210. MikyWednesday, December 15th, 2010 — 11:23pm PST

      my ultimate roadtrip would be to winnipeg to visit my beloved brother!!

    211. StuartThursday, December 16th, 2010 — 12:20am PST

      I would love to drive across Europe using my new Tom Tom…

    212. deanFriday, December 17th, 2010 — 10:56am PST

      i would drive to sarnia and london to see the snow strom in my 4×4.After that i would go to see the vancouver mountains.

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