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Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2010

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 — 1:00pm PDT
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The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, led by the Vancouver Aquarium, takes place this September on beaches and waterfronts across Canada.

Sign up to volunteer to cover a stretch of beach in the Vancouver area or lead your own cleanup campaign if a location you see an open location yet to be covered. You can host a public or private cleanup for your group of friends or co-workers.

Shoreline Cleanups
Cleanups in our region

To bring awareness to this effort, there is a Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup display at English Bay today until 7:00pm. It’s a sculpture made entirely from waste materials that show up on our beaches. Over 160,000kg of waste was recovered during the cleanup in Canada last year.

Stop by, take a look, get pretty grossed out, and donate some time to help with the cleanup this fall. Bear in mind you don’t just have to choose from Vancouver beaches, options include everywhere from West Vancouver to White Rock, along the river or lakefronts in Chilliwack.

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