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Canucks Sports Action Giveaway, Believe

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 — 10:30am PDT
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Tonight the Canucks will be playing their hearts out with clean-shaven faces and down a few men. They hung on in Game 5 to force the Chicago Blackhawks into Game 6 which is just as much a “do or die” match as Sunday’s. To keep Canucks fans in the mood (and on the bandwagon), I have another contest to run thanks to Sports Action.

2010-05-09 Official Vancouver Canucks Tweetup
Photo credit: Kardboard604 on Flickr

They have offered up the following prizes:

  • 5 x Sports Action Canucks T-Shirts
  • 5 x Sports Action Canucks Hats
  • 2 x $25 Gift Cards to the Canucks Team Store
  • I’ll be packaging them up into 5 prize packs (each with and t-shirt) and will give away the gift cards in 2 random winning prize packs.

    Here’s how to enter to win one of the 5 prize packs:

  • Leave a comment on this post predicting the outcome of tonight’s game
  • Post the following on Twitter:
    Enter to win a #Canucks prize pack from @Miss604 & @SportsAction
  • You can follow Sports Action on Twitter or Facebook for updates. I will draw two winners tomorrow morning at 9:00am (following tonight’s game) and the other three winners Friday morning at 9:00am (following Game 7, right?). Go Canucks Go!

    Update Quick change in plans. I’ll draw for 3 of the prize packs at noon today, May 12th. I’ll hang on to the last two until Friday, May 14th at 9:00am.
    Update The May 12th drawing winners are Matt G (comment entry, gift card winner), jazzdolphin (Twitter entry), and Ed (comment entry).
    Update The final prize winners are Ingrid (comment entry, gift card winner), and Obatchaman (Twitter entry).

    Fine print: Must be at least 19 years old to enter this contest per Sports Action/BCLC. Know your limit, play within it.

    Current contests on


    1. Lynn Montes says:

      BIG BIG BIG Canucks fan!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Thanks for all the great contests!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Jordan says:

      Canucks will take it 3-1

    3. Jeremy V says:

      4-3 Canucks in OT

      Go Canucks Go!!!!

    4. chaminda says:

      BIG Canucks fan!!!

      Looks like Chicago will dominate this time.

    5. Van says:

      Canucks win: 4-1 ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. Gladys says:

      I want the Canucks to win, and I’m sure they will this time!

    7. Mozy says:

      Canucks win, that’s all you need to know. It doesnt matter how they do it.

    8. Kat says:

      The Canucks are winners always to a true fan!

    9. Valerie says:


    10. matt G says:

      Canucks win 4-2 with an empty netter.

    11. Sharylin says:

      The Canucks are going to take this to game 7 and then win the series!

    12. laura says:

      i believe! canucks win 4-3 in overtime!

    13. hillary says:

      5 – 3 Canucks

    14. Tom says:

      Canucks (obviously).

      Hopefully they dominate from the beginning again.

      Final – 4-2

      As a converted hockey fan from the UK I deserve a shirt so I can support my newly adopted team with pride.

      Also, I have a lame playoff beard.

    15. Daniel says:

      Canucks win by 3-0!

    16. Al says:

      3-2 Canucks OT

    17. R B says:

      VAN 4
      CHI 0

    18. Ingrid says:

      Canucks will win a hard fought game, the Hawks aren’t going to make it easy, my score guess 5-4.

    19. Ine says:

      Canucks of course, I would say 3-2.

    20. Stephen says:


    21. Barb says:

      Canucks will win. I Believe!!!!

    22. My prediction: 5-3 Canucks (5th goal = empty netter)

    23. Jen says:

      I predict 3-1 for the Canucks!

    24. annelaure says:

      canucks win 3-2

    25. Jeremy says:

      Canucks will win tonight: 3 to 2 ๐Ÿ™‚

    26. 5-2 Canucks victory with Henrik Sedin hat trick!

    27. Michelle says:

      GO CANUCKS GO!!! I’m in Brazil, but my heart is in Vancouver!

    28. Patrick M. says:

      I say 5-3 Canucks win with a Burrows empty net goal…

    29. deni says:

      I’m predicting the Canucks win 5 to 3.

    30. Tracy says:

      3-2 for the Canucks!

    31. Gil says:

      Go Canucks Go !!!

    32. Ryan Dempsey says:

      We’re going to follow the Habs lead and win it 4-3 forcing game 7!

    33. Peter says:

      Canucks win 3-2

    34. Mandy says:

      WOOOOOOOOOOOOH HUGE NUCKS FAN! Hv NEVER been 2 a Game B4….but I predict that itd be a VERY CLOSE one! 5-4 NUCKS!

      Yeeeeeeeeea!!! BRING IT HOME BOYS!!!

    35. Tricia says:

      4-3 Canucks!

    36. Gillian says:

      5-2 canucks!

    37. Amber Smith says:

      Canucks 2-1

    38. Moe says:

      I think this game will be a nail-biter… I think the nucks willl win 4-3 today ๐Ÿ™‚

    39. Stephanie says:

      Canucks 4-2!

    40. Maggie says:

      4-3 Canucks!

    41. Sean says:

      4 – 3 Canucks

    42. David Thomas says:

      4-2 Canucks win! Fingers crossed!

    43. Mehnaz says:

      5-4 Canucks OT

    44. Vivian says:

      3-2 Canucks

    45. Alex says:

      4-1 Canucks win!

    46. Leah says:

      No bandwagon fans here! We’re gonna stick to the game plan and take this one 4-3. Bring on game 7!

    47. samaah says:

      i say…..5-3 for the canucks ๐Ÿ™‚


    48. Ava says:

      4-3 Canucks!!!

    49. Michael Rebak says:

      3-2 Canucks in Double OT.

    50. Carrie says:

      Canucks will blow out the Blackhawks: 6-1 ๐Ÿ™‚

      *please oh please oh please oh please*

    51. Ron K. says:

      3-2 Canucks…..on OT. Winning goal will be from Daniel!

    52. Stephanie says:

      Canucks win 3-1 .. GO CANUCKS GO!

    53. Amy says:

      5-3 canucks ๐Ÿ™‚

    54. Fiona says:

      Canucks win 4-2!

    55. Vivian C. says:

      Canucks will kick Blackhawk’s butt with a 3-2 win tonight!! WOOOO!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    56. Vpro says:

      Must win = Canucks victory 3-1.

      I’ve worn my Canucks jersey every game day. Please give me something new to wear!

    57. Stephanie says:

      5-3 Canucks!


    58. Yutaka says:

      6-1 CANUCKS

    59. Ada Ho says:

      CANUCKS 3-2!!

    60. nance428 says:

      3-2 nucks!

    61. hardev says:

      5-3 Canucks
      w00t w00t

    62. kevvur says:

      Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways Rebecca!

    63. Kim says:

      Luo is getting a shut out tonight. 2-0 ‘nucks.

    64. Renn says:

      Canucks will win but it might be close. 5-3, I’ll say.

    65. Jeanie says:

      Canucks 4-3

    66. Michelle says:

      Hmmm… I rarely do predictions.. but I know the Canucks will win tonight.. but it will be a close game.. the Blackhawks have been good competitors.

      Go Canucks Go

    67. Tiffany R W says:

      Canucks will be losing at first but in the 3rd period it they will come out on top and then score another goal after chicago takes out their goalie.

    68. Katie says:

      Hmm … 4-2 Canucks

    69. Ashley says:

      Watching the game right now and so far I think it is going to be close, but we will win it 4-3!

    70. mmx says:

      I believe the score will be 4-3 for The Canucks!

    71. Ed says:

      Seeing that the game ended. 5-1? They played hard and just made a few bad mistakes. Guess we’ll have to wait til next year.

    72. amfriesen says:

      i’m after the game so…yeah; does a blog and tweet could for extra? i guess my husband can finally shave now. beards can be itchy.

    73. nike shox R3 says:

      They played hard and just made a few bad mistakes

    74. Erica says:

      Its after the game.. but hey its worth a shot.

    75. RayRay says:

      So sad. Same team same round same day. Maybe third time the charm. Its golf time.

    76. Rishi says:

      Canucks win 3-1

    77. Nicole says:

      Canucks will always be my team! Plus I’ll never forget Luuuu helping bring home the GOLD MEDAL ๐Ÿ˜€

    78. Andrew says:

      Such a shame, I really thought they would make it to the Finals this year.

    79. Sarah says:

      There’s always next year.

    80. jeanette says:

      Next on the menu: world cup!

    81. john says:

      Go Canucks!!

    82. Jesse says:

      Unfortunate outcome after a solid season. Tough to battle with that many injuries against a well-rounded team like Chicago.
      There’s always next year!

    83. Janet says:

      We made it further than I thought. There’s always next year! Go Canucks Go!

    84. Michelle says:

      sad to see the run end…Golf?

    85. Jenny Wong says:

      love ethe guys and even though they didnt win wewill one day. we both rocked chicago and vancouver.

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