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Vancouver 2010 Coca-Cola Pavilion

Thursday, February 25th, 2010 — 11:02am PDT
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When the Coca-Cola “Happiness Inspector” asks if you’re ready to “Open Happiness” you’d better be ready.

Coca-Cola Pavilion

Set up inside LiveCity Yaletown the Coca-Cola pavilion will leave you smiling and giddy, and that’s not even from all the free pop they’ll toss your way.

Coca-Cola Pavilion

While the line ups for LiveCity or the Coca-Cola pavilion (once you get inside LiveCity) may deter some, the attraction is full of corporate history, Olympic torch relay memorabilia, warm fuzzy movies, and delightful visual effects.

Coca-Cola Pavilion

Free Coke products are dispensed hand over fist while families pose for photos with the Henson-animated polar bear, who has been a symbol of the brand for almost a century.

Coca-Cola Pavilion Coca-Cola Pavilion

Young and old can don a pair of bear paws and paddle to victory in a Wii-like video gaming experience while others can line up to get a photo taken with the Olympic torch.

Coca-Cola Pavilion Coca-Cola Pavilion

Aside from its light shows, animations, and fizzed up atmosphere, the pavilion also focuses on being eco-friendly. They introduce the Plantbottle, which contains 30% plant material and will be their main beverage container for Dasani & VitaminWater in North America in 2010.

Coca-Cola Pavilion

Staff also sport hoodies, jackets and pants that are made from recycled bottles and the pavilion is running in a carbon neutral capacity.

Coca-Cola Pavilion

If you can make it to LiveCity and into the Coca-Cola pavilion before February 28th, it’s definitely one that the kids will love. Lights, drinks, video games, and bubbly personalities will ensure you leave feeling happy that you stopped by.

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  1. Angela Crocker says:

    You are absolutely right that the Coca-Cola pavillion is kid-friendly. My three-year old loved it from the historic display at the entrance to the games and activities inside. We visited 12 days ago and he’s still talking about “happy high fives” from the “pop people”.

  2. GMT says:

    Hmmm, a bit of shameless promotion for the coke brand! Among other items … just how green is it to say that they’re using (some) recycled plastic in the bottles for their water, considering that the appropriate green solution is to do away with bottled water altogether?

  3. Miss604 says:

    @GMT I assume by already being recyclable, the bottles are also now biodegradable.

    As for the promotion, I have published a post for every pavilion I have attended. Please feel free to read about them all here

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