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Third Tuesday April 2009 with Tris Hussey

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 — 12:19pm PDT
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Tris by jmv on Flickr

Here I thought March was a busy month — April has just passed by so quickly that it’s already time once again for Third Tuesday. Tonight’s event will take place at Republic on Granville @ 7:00pm with feature speaker, Tris Hussey.

Topic: “Do you get the message? At any given moment we can use a myriad different ways to get a message out, but which ones work best and when? Also, have our expectations of communications kept up with our technologies?”

I forgot that it’s the first game for the Radio Rockstars slo-pitch team that I have joined this season with John so I will be unable to attend. However, Raul will be liveblogging and I am also sending along two tickets to the Vancouver Giants playoff game this Saturday. If you’re in attendance tonight you can leave your business card and I’m sure one of the lovely organizers, Tanya or Monica, will be able to do the draw for me.

I also hear there will be a pre-meetup get together at Doolins on Granville @ 5:00pm to catch the Canucks game. Have fun everyone and I look forward to reading all of the tweets and comments from tonight’s events.

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