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The big conference is over so will return to its regular format tomorrow and I’ll also be launching a fun new contest that my readers can enter.

It’s my father’s birthday so we’re heading out to Surrey (as we sometimes do on Sundays per my story in the The Province this morning). To say that my dad has influenced my life would be an understatement. In fact I’m pretty sure I love blogging so much because of him — but this isn’t about blogging.

I was always the goalie

My mom is a creative writer (who should really start publishing some of her mystery stories one day) but ever since I was little my dad was the story-teller. Before bedtime we’d ask for a story from when he was a boy, growing up in another province or in Vancouver during the later years. Whenever we’d go on a drive he would have a story about the route, the road, the park, or the city we were in. He is the smartest person that I know and was my own personal Google for many years — my sister and I would usually call him up to fact-check anything, anytime.

I don’t see my dad that often, even though we’re only 40 minutes apart, and I’ll probably be seeing less of him later this year. I think it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate where we’ve come from and the people who not only shaped who we are and what we’ve become, but the people that inspire us, even in small ways, each and every day.

Expo 86 - A... big tree.

My dad took us to play pond hockey at Fry’s Corner when the flooded fields froze and to Expo 86 every weekend. He never missed attending any of my rugby games in high school (a sport I played because he was a rugby champ before I was born). He was the one who woke up at 5:30am to make me a quick breakfast before I left for school to attend one of my many clubs or meetings, and he’s the reason I love camping (even though mom always scolded him for leading us into “bear country”). He’s the reason I’m not afraid to go on a 3 hour hike and get my boot stuck in mud.

He’s the reason I have this photo of my brother and me on Texada Island from July 1982 (even though until I found this I had no I idea I had ever been to Texada Island before). My dad is also the reason why I say the word “trousers”… if even in jest.

Camping in 1982

It’s because of him that I started playing with computers when I was 10 years old (and why I have a 14.4 modem in my closet right now). When I packed up and moved to Boston for my job with only weeks notice, he was supportive. He was also very gracious when I brought home a boy from Iowa that I met through internet and was kind enough to walk me down the aisle and give me away to him.

He’s the reason why I wanted to start my own company, and he’s the reason why I write about local history. He’s the reason why Sundays are for family time. He’s the reason I love the rain.

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  1. RaulSunday, February 22nd, 2009 — 10:54am PST

    Happy birthday, Dad604! I don’t have the pleasure to know you, but I have gotten to know your daughter quite well and I think you and Mom604 did a marvelous job. She is 100% pure awesome! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Colin SmithSunday, February 22nd, 2009 — 10:57am PST

    Lovely story and images. Thanks for sharing, Miss604. Also reminded me to call Dad519 today too. ; – )

  3. Mom-in-lawSunday, February 22nd, 2009 — 12:04pm PST

    Wish him a very Happy Birthday for us. Would love to be there for his special day. Maybe we can video link this afternoon. I’m sure the day will be filled with lots of good food.

  4. JennySunday, February 22nd, 2009 — 7:55pm PST

    That’s why I love the rain too! Nothing beats flashlight tag on a rainy west coast evening. And why we take the kids on random adventures as often as we can. (But I blame Mom for my fear of ‘bear country’).

  5. Mom604Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 — 10:29pm PST

    I have yet to hear any of you kids say “Thanks for not letting a bear eat us, Mom!” (It’s not easy being on bear patrol while camping with three adventurous children – especially since I never did like the outdoors much anyway, and I only liked to hike if there was a mall or coffee shop at the end of the trail)

  6. KyleMonday, February 23rd, 2009 — 1:12am PST

    I never knew about this blog until I read Sunday’s Province so I thought I would check it out. Its great that you got to spend your dad’s birthday with him and that you have such fond memories growing up. Its really cool you got to hear so many great stories over the years; I can definitely see how with your dad’s stories and your mom’s writing talent how it connects to you starting your blog a few years ago.

    So I definitely hope your dad had a totally awesome birthday and you had an enjoyable time sharing it with him. I was born in Surrey and I still live here and I can only recall once in my life being able to skate on frozen flooded farm fields. Thinking back on it I believe it was on 64th ave. between 152 and 168th ST, and I think it was early 1998 if I remember.

    I’m not sure if its been skatable any other years, but that was the only time I ever remember skating in Surrey outdoors on any flooded farm fields. I love Redwood Park as well, it really is one of my favourites, especially all the Redwood Trees ! I don’t think a lot of people in Metro Vancouver, or Surrey in general even know the park exists though.

    I met someone from the US before too, and even flew to Indiana to spend time with them. I enjoyed the experience and it was cool to go to a place I’d otherwise probably never go to. I got lots of pictures and good memories from that, though I didn’t end up getting married, so I’ll have to try again !

    Anyways very cool blog, its impressive you can write so much every single day. I write something every three days and sometimes that seems like a lot ! Well I better stop writing before I leave a novel on your page. Hope you have a great start to the week.


  7. Mom-in-lawMonday, February 23rd, 2009 — 7:32am PST

    Ditto’s to that Mom604, my idea of camping out is staying at the Holiday Inn.

  8. SeemoreMonday, February 23rd, 2009 — 10:47am PST

    Yes, I thank Mom604 every time we take the kids camping! She passed her fear onto Sis604 and as a result our available BC camp ground’s list has shortened dramatically.

    Great post about your Dad, you really do have an amazing family.

  9. JessicaFriday, February 27th, 2009 — 10:04am PST

    Aww, this is really a sweet post / tribute to your dad. Happy Birthday Mr604! Thanks for being a historian!

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