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Friday, January 16th, 2009 — 10:30am PST
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The other day my good friend Keira wrote a post called, This is What’s Awesome. At a time when holidays are far off in the distance and the city is covered with a dull layer of fog, it’s sometimes nice to just have a little fun (if even by way of a blog post) and remember some things that make you smile.

Having dinner with your friends is awesome.

Photo credit: Keira on Flickr

Creating unique swag items for WordCamp Whistler is awesome.

My Personalized WordCamp Whistler Toque

My sister’s babies are awesome.

Snow Angels

This song makes me happy and they played it on The Peak the other night, which is just awesome.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

John Bollwitt treating me like gold year-round (not just on my birthday) is awesome.

Photo credit: Keira on Flickr

My sister-in-law’s art is pretty awesome.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Bollwitt on Flickr

Duane moving to Chilliwack is awesome because he’s going full time with his own company.

Photo credit: Duane on Flickr

Vancouver History is awesome because it helps me learn about this place we call home.

Souvenir Views of Vancouver

And just because it fits into the theme, Vancouver is Awesome… is awesome.

Feel free to write your own post and pass on the awesomeness.

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  1. Keira-Anne says:

    Don’t forget: you’re awesome too, k?

  2. Dino says:

    Chapman’s Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt is awesome!!

  3. Mom-in-law says:

    Having your Canadian children visit is awesome!

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  5. lisleman says:

    Blogs are awesome because we learn personal views on so much.
    Also Chicago is awesome (at least most of year).

    Do you know it was colder in Chicago yesterday afternoon than the North Pole! Of course you Canadians could try harder to keep your frigid air to yourselves.

    The site is awesome

  6. Mauree says:

    Such Great Heights is definitely up there with my top 5 favorite songs of all time!! Makes me happy everytime I hear it.

    So did this post. Great to remember and cherish the good things. That pic by Duane is also tres magnifique. Thanks for the pick me up!

  7. fotoeins says:

    I’m going to repeat what Keira-Anne said. You’re both pretty great.

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