Blogathon Vancouver 2008: "T" is for The Street Blog

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My cause of choice for Blogathon Vancouver 2008 is the Union Gospel Mission. I’ve had a relationship with them for a while now, stemming from personal interest and donations and growing into a bigger role along with being invited to their website launch party.

The UGM has really embraced social media and on top of being so accommodating to the Blogathon, they have also been doing their own blogging for several months on The Street blog, here’s an excerpt.

And today I do see a familiar face – he’s an alumnus of Union Gospel Mission’s Alcohol and Drug Recovery Program. He’s at the bus stop early in the morning, with the rest of the commuters, hard hat on, lunch bag in hand, on his way to a day of hard, honest work. He’s continuing on with his journey of recovery, re-entering society, starting a normal life again.

I wave as my bus passes him, but it doesn’t catch his eye. No matter; I’m overjoyed to see him. He’s a reminder of why I myself go to work every day. Why I work behind the scenes so that my fellow staff – outreach workers, counselors – can make a difference in people’s lives. I can endure the heartbreak on my commute because I know there is hope. He’s living proof. He is fully alive. [The Street]

Duane and I have both being blogging for the UGM and since his effort is now complete, I continue on.

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