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Surrey Canada Day 2008

Monday, May 26th, 2008 — 4:00am PDT
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The City of Surrey sure isn’t going to live down its 2008 title of Cultural Capital of Canada anytime soon. With so many events and festivals planned here’s another big one for everyone to enjoy.

“This celebration has grown to become the largest Canada Day event in Western Canada with attendance in 2007 reaching 90,000 garnering near legendary status as one of the largest outdoor shows ever staged in BC.”

When: Tuesday July 1st from 10:00am until the fireworks at 11:00pm

Where: Cloverdale Millennium Amphitheatre, 176 Street and 64th Avenue (Google Map)

If you miss the downtown Canada Day fireworks that disappeared a few years ago you won’t be disappointed with this display which will have music simulcast on Rock 101.

Now I have to make a note about the nostalgic lineup of bands, which made me giggle with excitement when they were announced:

“Multi-platinum rock legends, Loverboy and Vancouver’s ground-breaking 80’s heroes The Payola$ for a classic rock double bill,” along with Five Alarm Funk, Wil, Elise Estrada, Rymes with Orange (remember Toy Train?), Tracey Chamberlain and many more.

Not only will there be concerts and fireworks, the midway will be in full swing with rides like the Gravitron. Also, you can be assured there will be bouncy castle action for the kiddies along with other family-oriented activities throughout the day (like performances by Bobs and Lolo, and an outdoor skating rink… in July!).

Stay tuned to the site for updates and as with all of these festivals I’m reporting on for Surrey, there is no admission fee.

Update July 1, 2008: I’ll be checking in throughout the day with updates and photos from the celebration in Cloverdale.

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    1. GZ Expat says:

      Loverboy?!?!?!! OMG! Please…stop the torture.

    2. Raul says:

      I’d like to swing by this event. By the way, why isn’t there a Miss604 Day in Surrey? Inquiring minds want to know ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Coolness. My first massive love (at 19 years old!) and the first boy I ever lived with is the saxophone player in Five Alarm Funk. They are a wicked band, I’ve seen them a bunch of times. Fun boys, I’ve hyped them many times on my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. Rosie says:

      I had no idea Rymes with Orange was still around?!
      I went to school with one of the guys in Five Alarm Funk! But I’ve never actually seen them perform.

    5. teflonjedi says:

      The Payolas? Wow, that’s a blast from the past…

    6. Chris says:

      That is a great line up! they all put on a great live show. can’t wait!

    7. […] Quick reminder that Canada Day Celebrations are taking place in Cloverdale, featuring concerts and bouncy castles galore. There also will be an event downtown on July 1st a […]

    8. Giggles says:

      Wow looking forward to Wil I had no idea he was playing! His cd is in my car now! He is under exposed for sure! Thanks for keeping us a abreast of this event!

      Peace Giggles

    9. […] a media sponsor of the Canada Day celebrations in Surrey this year means that I have over 12 hours of activities, attractions, concerts, food and all out […]

    10. […] We spent the early afternoon walking around the site of Surrey’s Canada Day celebrations. […]

    11. Erika Rathje says:

      The fireworks were very enjoyable last year but we should have walked there from our house as it took 45 minutes to make the 8-minute drive home! Ouch. Missing out this year. Enjoy!

    12. […] have to start off my last post about Surrey’s Canada Day celebration by saying it was one of the smoothest-run events we’ve ever attended. There were so many […]

    13. Alex says:

      We caught 54-40 at Canada Place as well as Will, Rymes, Payolas, and Lover Boy at Surrey on Canada Day. My friends and I all agreed that the two big stand-out great acts of the day were Will and Rymes With Orange!!!
      I was especially blown away by Rymes With Orange! Mega Tight! I really hope these boys keep touring!
      One more surprise… We were snidely making jokes before Loverboy took the stage about how we’ll suffer a couple of their songs before exiting… We stayed for their full set. They were awesome!!!

    14. […] was a media partner for Surrey’s Canada Day celebration (the largest of its kind in Western Canada) so John and I hung out in Cloverdale, enjoyed the […]

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