Metro Vancouver's Ocean Beaches

Saturday, May 17th, 2008 — 9:54am PDT
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Strolling through my WordPress categories the other day I came across “Beach Times” and reminisced about the summer of 2006 when John and I spent every weekend afternoon in the sand watching the waves roll in and enjoying each other’s company.

First Beach Day of the Year

Last summer the weather wasn’t too cooperative and John had a gig that kept him working Saturday afternoons. However, with that behind us I’m officially re-opening the Beach Times category as we kick off what will be a truly Bollwitt Beach Summer (in Vancouver, around BC, and North America).

If you plan to stay in town to check out any of Vancouver’s eight ocean beaches, which will hopefully remain safe thanks to our new Baywatch-like squad – the VPD Beach Patrol. As you breathe in that fresh salty ocean air, also enjoy the smell of their ATV exhaust.

English Bay
Second Beach
Spanish Bank (East, Extension, West)
Third Beach

Those not planning on coming downtown should check out the ocean beaches over at Ambleside, White Rock and Belcarra in Port Moody. There’s also Crescent Beach in South Surrey (or the Naturist Beach nearby), Iona Beach, and Cates Park in Deep Cove – just to name a few.

Final note, please remember that sunscreen is your friend – happy beaching!

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  1. Gene Blishen says:

    As a kid in high school we lived at 3rd beach during the summer. But now Spanish Banks is the choice. Lots of space, always a breeze and an amazing view.

  2. Stephen Rees says:

    Is the omission of Wreck Beach significant?

    While we are on about beaches, there is a small one at Garry Point in Steveston but it is not recommended for swimming or even paddling. Despite the posted signs I regularly see people doing both there. As with Iona Beach its proximity to a sewer outfall means the fecal coliform counts are too high for safety – a disgrace that we should hound Metro for mercilessly.

    One of my personal favourites is Centennial Beach at Boundary Bay Regional Park in Tsawwassen even though the concession changed hands and is now not nearly as good as it was and should be

  3. Miss604 says:

    @Stephen – oh no! that’s actually where we were headed before a change of plans ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. phaedra says:

    I’m all about Wreck Beach I’ve been a regular there since ’99…and since I just recently graduated = more free time + wonderful weather, me thinks I’ll be hitting up Wreck much more than I did last year!

  5. Oh how I miss Vancouver’s beaches! I moved from Vancouver to Long Beach, CA and though I am two blocks from the beach here, the smell just isn’t the same as the freshness in B.C. If the colour “green” had an associated smell, it would be found in the 604 area code.

  6. […] make myself a latte and then schelpped over to the PC to spend some time reading my fave blogs.ร‚ย  Miss 604 and Raul had some interesting posts on local places of interest and Torn recounted how me met his […]

  7. Rob says:

    While we’re on the topic of Wreck, my favourite in the whole city is Tower beach, the stretch of rocky shoreline b/w Wreck and Spanish Bank. Technically, with no sand I suppose it’s not really a beach, but it’s rarely busy, and has that BC wilderness feel to it.

  8. Miss604 says:

    We’re big fans of Wreck, in my opinion the most beautiful stretch of ocean front in the city. Check out my archives for my various posts about Wreck over the years.

    Related note: I am very open to suggestions on new topics, or additions to any list however nothing was omitted on purpose.

  9. Raul says:

    I am usually very good with directions, but with Wreck Beach, I *never* explore. I just stick to the main beach. Great couple of posts, Rebecca! Although you’re definitely going to force me to buy another bottle of sunscreen ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehehe – with these write-ups, there’s just simply no incentive to stay indoors!

  10. I always wanted to go there. I live on the Jersey Shore in Ocean City and it is very nice here and a great place to live as well as vacation but I would one day love to travel to Vancouver.

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