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WPtouch Theme Preview, WordPress on the iPhone

Monday, April 28th, 2008 — 12:18am PDT
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The good folks at Brave New Code, specifically Dale Mugford and Duane Storey (or “D Squared” as I have just this minute decided to call them) have been working on a theme for mobile viewing of your WordPress blog.

Here’s how it works:

  • Coming this Wednesday WPtouch will be released to the world
  • Head to BraveNewCode to download and install like you would any other WP plugin
  • In your dashboard, edit the plugin by going to Options > WPtouch
  • Select which pages you’d like to be added to your menu
  • Chose an icon for each page or upload your own
  • Grab an iPhone or iPod Touch and check out how hot your blog looks to mobile users
  • I’ve had a chance to poke around the beta version this evening, here’s a look at my site on the iPhone with WPtouch installed:

    photo.jpgWPtouch theme preview

    I have to say it’s pretty slick. Duane also got me to add a page called “Photos” which was then immediately populated with thumbnails of my recent Flickr photos. Keep an eye out for WPtouch this week and also check out Brave New Code cause these innovative guys are mighty good at what they do.

    Update: Brave New Code just launched! WPtouch is now available for your mobile WordPressing pleasure!

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    1. Michael Kwan says:

      Looks pretty neat. Would this be setup on a subdomain like or would automatically look like that from an iPhone?

    2. Duane Storey says:

      It automatically looks like that. Check out or — they are both live right now. If you don’t have an iphone, download the “iphoney” application for Mac.

    3. Tod says:


    4. Marc Boucher says:

      I’d like to know when this out as well. I’m launching a new site this week and this would be a great plugin to have ready for the launch.

    5. Michael Kwan says:

      Duane: And how would a WinXP user go about doing this?

    6. Duane Storey says:

      I’m not sure there are any iPhone simulators for Windows unfortunately.

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    10. The iPhone Three G launch was amazingly succesful, wasn’t it? Apparently, the launch of the new iPhone in over 20 countries was enough to cause the Apple servers to crash and eventually sell out in most areas. They even ended up being listed on ebay with bids over $1,000!

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    12. Cobra says:

      Nice plugin, would definitely be interested when its available…

    13. jay smith says:

      Thanks for the great tips.

    14. pontjo says:

      Thanks for this – great idea.

    15. bayaraa86 says:

      Thanks for the great tips.

    16. Cherry says:

      Nice plugin! I think WPtap and WPtouch are all very great. They have the same function to make PC websites optimized for mobile devices. WPtap has four themes. I prefer to WPtap.

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