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Massive Tech Show Recap

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 — 7:51pm PDT
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I decided to attend the panel just ahead of my own in order to get some inspiration, and to get over some nervousness and jitters.

Moderated by Chris Breikss of 6S Marketing (the folks who were playing Guitar Hero on the tradeshow floor) Online Marketing 101 featured David Scott of Entellium, Fred Vallaeys of Google (AdWords), and Joanne Acri of Yahoo! Canada.

Despite it mostly sounding like a commercial for each panelist’s product, I was impressed by the practical knowledge (and geek cred) of Joanne from Yahoo!, “Know your consumer, make the website a tool.” I was distracted however, by the rotating slide show to the right of the presenters that was simply advertisements for the show and displays of the sponsor’s logos. I didn’t really need to see that Michael Tippett was giving a keynote at 9:30am, because no matter how interesting that would have been (and how much I would have liked to attend) it was now 3:00pm and this slide show was diverting my attention from the task at hand.

Thanks to Gus for snapping this during our panel

Now on to our panel, during which I was a crazy hand-talker who had the nervous shakes, I think it went really well. We all took turns saying who we worked for and what we do for that company – we weren’t living breathing commercials but we were all beacons for social media and its uses within business. Linda, Rob and Warren brought up some really great points while Monica was a diligent and entertaining moderator.

Thank you gift for being a speaker Once it was all over I had the pleasure of running into some familiar faces, blog readers, and some entrepreneurs with some great ideas and platforms. I was also handed a Thank You card from the conference, along with a gift. When I got to dinner this evening I opened up the card, which was hand-written (very nice touch) and discovered the lovely gift. It’s a glass computer mouse with the conference logo and my name, but I can’t help but think how strange it is to receive a paper weight from a tech conference. Perhaps it’s just as strange as a tech conference that had no available wifi.

Overall, I think the Massive Tech Show served its purpose for enterprise decision makers – “it is what it is” – and although it’s not any type of event I’m used to attending, it was a pleasure to be included on a panel with such knowledgeable folks. It was also nice to accumulate more to add to my swag pile.

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  1. I’m sorry, but a paper weight at a tech conference? A “massive” tech conference, at that?

    Even the Union Gospel Mission is giving out USB thumb drives with their logo on them these days…

  2. Simon Koldyk says: was an exhibitor there, probably got them for free/in exchange for exhibitor space.

  3. Raul says:

    I *love* paper weights. They’re absolutely and entirely useless and tend to clutter your desk, but if you have a spacious desk with lots of loose papers, and/or need to exercise your hand by lifting the paper weight repeatedly, then there is some use for it 😉

    (ok – I admit it – I stretched the joke here – I agree, completely and entirely useless).

  4. mom604 says:

    I like the paperweight. It is in the shape of a computer mouse. It’s clever! And the idea is that you needn’t use it as a paperweight…it’s just a lovely thank you token for a job well done.

  5. Miss604 says:

    It’s on my desk at work, it *is* lovely… and since we’re a paper-less office, its purpose is propping up the photo of my niece and nephews.

  6. Liked your presentation, Rebecca. Couldn’t tell you were nervous! I agree – that previous session was a row of panelists propped up doing ads. And where was the wifi??

  7. Looks Like We Made It!…

    Hey, the panel I moderated yesterday at the Massive Technology Show (”New Media: Collaboration in Business) went very well!
    I had a wonderful, smart, experienced and insightful panel who answered any questions thrown at them articulately and gra…

  8. Great post and couldn’t agree more regarding the slide show. Too bad about the commercialization but was hard to avoid 🙁

  9. I had a great time – and you’re a terrific panelist. I’d be happy to earn a crystal mouse paperweight on a panel with you any time.


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