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Miss604 Stickers are Here!

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 — 9:47pm PDT
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While everyone is still waiting on their Moo cards, my good friend has mass-produced some stickers that I’ll be handing out to all who want them over the next few days. They are just like the image I have on my Macbook but now in a nice compact wallet-size!


Special item of note – as these stickers were donated by my friend (for this first time) I’ve attached his business card so that if you’re in the market for some fancy stickers, shirts, embroidered caps for your baseball team and things of that nature, you can give him a buzz.

If you’d fancy a Miss604 sticker just ask me at NV on Friday on Saturday, I’ll be around and as a volunteer and speaker I quite possibly easy to find. Oh and if you do get a sticker, and you do decide to stick it somewhere, feel free to take a photo and add it to the Miss604 Flickr Group.

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  1. Keira-Anne says:

    Can I still post the photo even if I put the sticker on an unmentionable area?

  2. Luc says:

    A sticker of Miss604 without a photo of the Miss is like a steak without the spices, edible but somehow bland.
    I think that you should run a contest, of the most interesting photo.

  3. Sean says:

    Can we get a sticker if we live out of the 604 area?

  4. Tyler Ingram says:

    Lol so people are going to submit their photos of where sister is?

    Nice sticker though.

  5. Miss604 says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of how I put one of my snowboard or Macbook ๐Ÿ˜› Graffiti is never encouraged and as for nudity, well, Keira can take care of that on her own.

  6. Jenny says:

    Perhaps you should add a little disclaimer about sticking responsibly. You wouldn’t want your ‘name’ stuck somewhere that could cause problems

  7. Miss604 says:

    Yeah that’s the reason a lot of places are handing out “tattoos” instead of stickers. Yes, please stick responsibly.

  8. kk+ says:

    save me several pls. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i’ve also got some dope RCS ones for you.

  9. Raul says:

    LOL @ ‘stick responsibly’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. PatZ says:

    Are you going to make these available anywhere other than Northern Voice?

  11. Miss604 says:

    Uh huh. If you want ’em you got ’em. I could mail them out or bring them to another meetup of some sort.

  12. Raul says:

    Can’t believe I didn’t ask you for a sticker tonight! The pictures turned out somewhat ok (I need to figure out my camera) but the one of the two of us I think is pretty good.

  13. PatZ says:

    sweet. i’ve been wary of the mail lately, but I’m downtown pretty much every day.

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