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Tonight I attended the Green Living Show with the lovely Keira-Anne. We got free samples, test drove assisted power bicycles and rubbed some lovely soy and coconut oil all over ourselves. I’ll be writing more specific booth/product reviews but for anyone who is planning on attending the event, here is a quick preview with freebies, swag, samples and showstoppers.


Where: BC Place (more info)
When: Friday, Feb 29 – 12 pm – 9 pm, Saturday, March 1 – 10 am – 9 pm, Sunday, March 2 – 10 am – 6 pm

No Sweat

When you first walk in at the field level of BC Place (make sure to pick up your free cloth bag), on your right for the first few aisles will be clothing and cosmetics, along with some food products like the organic (and 72% cocoa) dark chocolate samples provided by Whistler Chocolates. You’ll also come across some hemp and bamboo clothiers, and although their shirts and skirts look amazingly comfortable and are unbelievably soft to the touch, I’m not sure I can bring myself to pay $170 for a tank top (as noted at one booth).

That Chocolate is YUM

Skin Hydration Test

You can get your skin hydration tested. Apparently my “arm” test was WAY above normal (which is good) and my “face” test was normal for hydration.

Back to the food, there’s a fair trade coffee company and samples of blueberry juice which is across from Natureland Organic Beer who graciously provided two rounds of samples to these here girls (more to follow in another post). Right behind the beer sampling is a children’s theater featuring Bobs and Lolo.

Around the corner Fetzer from Mendocino County, CA was also doing free wine tastings. Talking to their rep about their sustainable winery they sounded pretty impressive, from solar panels to bio-diesel powered equipment.

Hemp Bliss

Be sure to also check out Manitoba Harvest Hemp Food and Oils, including hemp seed butter (like peanut butter) and hemp milk, although after the organic beer our stomachs didn’t take too kindly to this. There is also yogurt sampling, in which I did not partake since I’m not the hugest yogurt fan, and then free thin crust pizza at the Ocean Wise/Vancouver Aquarium booth.

In cosmetic land, Lush was handing out their “Sexy Peel Soap”, and Rocky Mountain Soap Company had a mini bar of Nature’s Treat Foot Butter for all. Toward the back of the showroom (opposite the entrance) you can test drive electric scooters and assisted power bicycles around a little track. Further along that wall you’ll run into “home improvement land” with flooring, insulation and cleaning products.

I want that showerhead

Home Depot's Flower Made of Bottles

Elephant Poop Paper

There’s some great stationary courtesy of Mr. Ellie Pooh (yes, paper made from elephant dung), cutlery made from potatoes, and what look like plastic containers made entirely out of corn. Side note about the cutlery, it’s endorsed by Mel Silverback whom you might remember if you watched NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”.

Potato Spoons

There is a food court area of sorts, although it didn’t quite soothe our craving for a hot dog, and next to that you’ll find “Scent with Love“. These are soy candles that can be used as a moisturizer when you dip your finger into the melted wax – or soy oil in this case (again, more to come in another post).

In the middle of the showroom there is a small “forest” refuge area, and at the North end of BC Place (near the theatre/stage) you’ll find more political/cause oriented booths where you’ll probably be asked to sign petitions and volunteer for campaigns.

Green Party Buttons

All in all it was an enjoyable evening and everyone was eager to tell you about their product, hand out a sample, and answer any questions you might have. I’ll have individual posts up soon about Natureland Organic Beer, Scent with Love and probably something else I find a brochure for in my swag bag.

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  1. RobbFriday, March 28th, 2008 — 3:59pm PDT

    Nice blog about the show! Were you at Ed Bageley Jr’s talk about the electric car? It was outstanding for him to disclose his (apparent conflict of interest) marketing co-op with the Currie electric bike company showing their e-cycles at the test drive area.

    Did you “fly” the electric tadpole trike with the Bionx motor? I got their mechanic to adjust the motor, as too many people were having crashes with it.

    Ed Bageley suggested that the audience look at my electric pickup truck (the Revived Battery Pickup) which was in the parking lot.

    Imo, many electric scooters from China are not durable enough — check out my electric scooter reviews and opinions online, although newer models have made those reviews obsolete now.

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  3. Scot HughleyTuesday, February 16th, 2010 — 11:16am PST

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