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Bowl for Big Brothers Classic – Blog and Bowl with Us

Friday, February 8th, 2008 — 11:59am PDT
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Here at Miss604 we are always looking for neat community events and especially charity fundraisers that we can get involved with and promote. From Blogathon, Food Banks, Childhood cancer research, Hospital Foundations and Raising the Roof for the homeless.

After an evening of bowling and good times at Commodore Lanes, Corinna sent me the idea over Twitter, suggesting we get a blogger team together for the Bowl for Big Brothers Classic (much like the Skate for a Cure). I have contacted the organizers and have now setup a Team Blogger.

Proceeds from The Bowl for Big Brothers Classic support Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver’s quality mentoring programs by funding volunteer screening, training and monitoring of friendships as well as fun activities for Bigs and Littles…

…Mentoring benefits the community by endorsing volunteerism, tolerance and social responsibility. Our vision is to put a mentor in the life of every child who needs one. [About]

Sponsor the team or a bowler:
Go to the event home page > Donate > Sponsor a Bowler or Company.

Team members can start collecting donations online, or in person. If you register for Team Blogger I’ll have a pledge book for you that you can pick up.

If you would like to join us March 16th @ Xcalibur Bowling in Surrey for the event, sign up and make sure to select the team to which you’d like to be added. In this case our “Company Name” is “Team Blogger” or you can search by team captain, “Rebecca Bollwitt”.

Join the team:
Go to the event home page > Select Register > Sign up > Join Company (or just click this link)

Team Blogger so far:

  • Rebecca of Miss604Sponsor Me
  • Corinna of GusGreeperSponsor Corinna
  • Keira-Anne of Keira-AnneSponsor Keira
  • Duane of DuaneStoreySponsor Duane
  • John of AudihertzSponsor John
  • John of JohnBiehlerSponsor John Biehler
  • Tod of TodMaffinSponsor Tod
  • Raul of Hummingbird604Memoirs of Me
  • This year’s theme is also “Beach Party” and they encourage costumes (bikinis are questionable but lei, grass skirts and flip flops are encouraged).

    It’s pretty simple but there’s a lot to take in. Sign up, collect, bowl or donate and receive our eternal gratitude and the obvious warm-fuzzies. If anyone has any questions, please drop me a line in the contact form or in the comments, thanks!.

    Current contests on


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    2. Amy says:

      Now I wish I had a blog.

    3. Bradley says:

      Tracy is gonna be there that night with her starbucks team

    4. John says:

      Amy, you can get a blog really easily.

    5. […] joining Corinna, Duane, Keira-Anne, John and our team captain, Rebecca. Check out Rebecca’s post if you’re interested in joining the […]

    6. Keira-Anne says:

      I vote that we set up a blog for Amy and post as if we were pretending to be her.

    7. Raul says:

      Ok, Rebecca,

      Talked to my friends and they said I should do it, so sign me up ๐Ÿ™‚

    8. Miss604 says:

      Good to hear Raul. Just go to the website and click “Register” and make sure to join a company (in this case our team). It gives you a login/password so it’s probably best you do it yourself. And yeah, we’re going to have lots of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    9. Tod Maffin says:



    10. Raul says:

      Well, it’s officially done. I am now on the Bloggers Team for the Bowling for Big Brothers event. I have to blog about this, but not right now as I’m on my way out ๐Ÿ™‚

      Looking forward to great times

    11. gusgreeper says:

      this team is looking gooooooooood ๐Ÿ™‚

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