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Monday, December 3rd, 2007 — 7:30am PDT
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BLOG or Facebook POST about Miss604.com and you could WIN: TWO tickets to see the Vancouver Giants in action and TWO full-day passes (including rental) for Mount Seymour this season.

Welcome to the super exciting news I have been alluding to for the last few days. This is the first ever Miss604.com CONTEST and I’m pleased to present it in conjunction with the blogiversary and a few other developments that will be unfolding on the website in the coming weeks.

face off


You will have two ways to enter this contest. If you complete one or both of these tasks your name will be put into a draw to win the prize pack, courtesy of the Vancouver Giants and Mount Seymour.

So just how do you get your hands on the prize pack? Taking a page from the NetChick marketing manual, I simply ask that you complete one or both of the following:

  • 1) Write a blog post including the following (in any way shape or form): Miss604, blogiversary, Vancouver Food Bank (or food bank), Mount Seymour and Vancouver Giants (or Giants).

    Include links for each of the words as well and of course a link back to Miss604.com. Once your post is published, come back here and leave me a comment so I can add your name to the draw. It’s that simple.

    Your blog post can contain bullet points or even an elaborate story, as long as it includes the keywords and links mentioned above.

  • 2) Almost the same as option 1) but add this post’s link as a “Posted Item” or “Note” on your Facebook (for those non-bloggers). Once you have generated the link and included the keywords in the description, leave me a comment here so I can enter your name in the draw.
  • So about those fab prizes… I’m really glad that these sponsors came through, not only are these fantastic activities, they’re actually some of my favourite things to do in this city – hockey & boarding? You can’t go wrong.

    giants.jpgThe Vancouver Giants: Vancouver’s own WHL hockey team and defending Memorial Cup Champions. There’s no better bang for your buck when it comes to local hockey action. With a current record of 19-7-1-3, the Giants improve their standing atop the B.C. Division.

    The prize tickets will be for December 15, 2007 vs the Chilliwack Bruins, which is also “teddy bear toss” night. Bring a stuffed toy to the game and when the Giants score their first goal – throw it on the ice. The toys will be collected and donated to local charities in time for the holidays. For this special event, a stuffed toy will also be included in the prize pack.

    seymour.jpgMount Seymour: Mount Seymour is ideal day trip destination. The downhill area contains 200 acres of terrain including 11 trails lit for night skiing. Skiers and snowboarders will find challenge and many hidden secrets within the areas naturally contoured slopes, gullies, tree runs, and 3 terrain parks. Mount Seymour also maintains extensive terrain for snowshoeing and snow tubing and is a one-stop winter activity centre.

    Originally I was going to make a third option that would have requested a donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. Since there’s no way for me to verify donations, I’ll simply ask that in your blog posts/entries, you include a link to the Food Bank’s donation page, in hopes that your readers would like to share a little this holiday season.

    The Greater Vancouver Food Bank: The GVFBS helps feed more than 9,000 people each week in 16 depots located in Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver and the North Shore. Additionally, the GVFBS aids over 100 agencies within these areas, providing help to another 16,000 individuals weekly.

    You may enter the contest a maximum of two times, once for the blog post and/or once for the Facebook post. Remember you must to report back and leave a comment on this post since that will enter your name in the draw. The contest runs from December 3, 2007 until December 10, 2007 with the winner’s name being drawn in the evening on Monday December 10, 2007.

    Links to include in your post are listed below, good luck!


    Current contests on Miss604.com

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    1. fotoeins says:

      Guten Morgen, from a space ahead of 9-hours in time zones …

      Cool contest, Beck … good luck to one and all …

    2. DaveO says:

      i’ll be entering for sure! nice stuff Becks!

    3. […] are those for? Go visit Miss604.com and find out. It’s a good site and has even better […]

    4. Sean says:

      guess I’m the first entry.

    5. Raul says:

      Ok, so now I have to re-write mine ๐Ÿ˜‰ … the one I already wrote!

    6. Miss604 says:

      @Raul – I was considering counting that as an entry anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. […] provided folks with a list of links and phrases to include in a post, and has some great prizes up for grabs. I’ve decided that I will make my entry a couple of […]

    8. Raul says:

      AWWWWW ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you!

    9. […] Miss604 is having a Blogiversary Contest: BLOG/POST about Miss604.com and you could WIN: TWO tickets to see the Vancouver Giants in action […]

    10. Tyler Ingram says:

      When I post a blog post, I have it automatically come up in my Facebook news items. Would that count as 2 entries as well?

    11. […] celeb, and on Monday she celebrated her 4th year blogging. To celebrate she’s holding a contest where you can win a cool prize that includes two tickets to a Vancouver Giants game, and two […]

    12. Happy Blogiversary… That’s a tongue twister. I don’t know if you do these sort of things but I have given your blog The Spreader of Love Award. http://iamlove.blogspot.com/2007/12/spreader-of-love-award.html for being so wonderfully you!

    13. […] will start this Fun Friday post off with some gratuitous efforts to win Miss604's bloggisversary contest. I only started reading Miss604's blog a couple of months ago, but its really a great one and […]

    14. Funnily enough I blogged about Seymour and the Foodbank last Friday, but I’ve done it again, just for you. It will go over to Facebook too.

    15. Beth says:

      Omg, I love contests! And the prizes in this one rock!

      I blogged it here: http://thesiswriting.blogspot.com/2007/12/i-3-winning-stuff.html

      And imported that blog posting into my Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=19751337240&ref=mf

    16. […] so I work well under time pressure…Tomorrow’s the last day to enter Miss604’s Blogiversary Contest, so here’s my under-the-wire […]

    17. taraden says:

      The links are on my Facebook page! Neat idea. Good luck to everyone who has participated!

    18. Darren says:

      You know, I want to enter, but we’re not going to be home in time for the Giants, methinks. Plus, I don’t ski. Time permitting, I’ll enter and give the prizes to somebody deserving.

    19. Miss604 says:

      I’ve made the draw – video announcing the winner will be up soon!

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    23. […] you know that last minute entry for Miss604’s blogiversary contest? Well, I just got home from the gym to discover that I won!!! How cool is that? I seriously never […]

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