Vancouver Giants Report: I Don't Know Jack

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I’ve been attending more Vancouver Giants games lately. More as in I used to go maybe once a season and now I’ve already been to two and will be going again on Monday.

I love my Vancouver Canucks, I am a born and raised Canucks fan (in case the blogs, photos and podcasts aren’t self-evident) but I also love the game of hockey.

Our Memorial Cup Champions play one heck of a game and going to the Pacific Coliseum to see them in action is always a treat. The beer is cheaper, the tickets are cheaper and the cheerleaders – well, they have lovely pompoms. The Giants also have Jack, their mascot.

When I was little we had a book of old fairytales and one was “Jack the Giant Killer“, which I always think of when I see him. I suppose in this case it’s short for “lumberjack”… but it still feels a little weird when I think about it.

Jack must have gone to school with Fin (the beloved mascot for the Canucks who used to have his own blog) cause he’s almost as ‘out there’ when it comes to running around the arena and getting in touch with the crowd. He doesn’t have a “steam trigger” and it’s a little weird that the mascot is not an animal of some kind, but I think he’s growing on me. The toque, those soft blue eyes… we’ll see.


I’m going to start a regular Vancouver Giants report and I promise it will actually discuss the players and hockey, not just off-ice personalities. I’d like to get more familiar with the team as I suspect I’ll be spending more time at games this season.

My Vancouver Giants wish list is as follows: get out to more games, be able to put players’ names to faces cause I feel pretty bad that I can’t do that right now, meet up with multi-tasking media guru and voice of the Giants Joey Kenward, convince Joey Kenward to let me do a live blog for him. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. GZ ExpatSunday, October 7th, 2007 — 1:47am PDT

    Johnny Canuck in disguise. Isn’t Jack a nickname for Jonathan??

  2. MaktaaqSunday, October 7th, 2007 — 9:24am PDT

    I liked Jack. I’ve only been to one Giants game, but Matt and I both thought he was cute as far as mascots go.

  3. she is meWednesday, October 15th, 2008 — 6:23pm PDT

    jonathan came to my school omg he gave me a high five on my left hand OMG!!!

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