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Stanley Park Eco Society and Dinosaurs

Friday, September 28th, 2007 — 8:32am PDT
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I recently discovered the Stanley Park Ecology Society when I was uncovering the fiction that lies in the mainstream media’s portrayal of the restoration progress of the park. They seem to be doing good things, according to their website, leading research and really caring about the wellbeing of the plants and animals.

Thanks to them I just learned the following:

  • There are 6 species of bat that live in Stanley Park
  • A couple of ospreys have just moved in
  • Skunks sound like digitized cats in a brawl
  • … and coyotes mate for life
  • According to a media advisory issued September 26th, the Eco Society will be having their AGM in October and are inviting the public to attend.

    On October 17th at 6:30pm, the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) will host a review of the year’s stunning events from weather to research to renewal. SPES’ Annual General Meeting will recognize the hard work and dedication of staff, volunteers and community partners, while also celebrating nature’s resilience and specifically, Stanley Park’s capacity to heal in the wake of the wind.

    There will be a special guest speaker, Eric Meagher of the Vancouver Park Board. The reception is at 6:30pm, AGM at 7:00pm and the presentation is from 8:00pm to 9:15pm. This is all taking place at the West End Community Centre (I assume that’s as long as the strike finds resolution), admission is FREE and it’s open to the public.

    This is definitely something I would be interested in attending. Despite the fact that going through the Parks Board guy’s slides for over an hour doesn’t quite tickle my fancy, I still feel as though I should inform myself further as I write about the park often enough.

    Two quick updates to this post:

  • There have been two fires in Stanley Park recently and authorities suspect it could be arson, so keep an eye out for suspicious fire-related activities
  • They want to put dinosaurs in Stanley Park, turning it into a money-making sideshow for the “cash-strapped” Parks Board. At one point didn’t we have “dinosaurs in Gastown” at Storeyeum?

    Vancouver Park Board commissioner Al De Genova says the would-be exhibit, featuring 25-30 giant animatronic dinosaurs, could bring in more than $4 million in gross revenues over a six-month period [24 Hours]

    If anything I may possibly be able to accept this in the childrens’ area, for a limited time, where they produce all the hoopla at Christmas. Although there will definitely be an uproar if they dare try to convert our beloved natural wonder of a park into Dusty’s Dinotown.

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    1. PatZ says:

      so they want to turn it into the calgary zoo?

    2. Miss604 says:

      Yeah it looks like it ๐Ÿ˜› Oh they’re also asking for FUNDING. The sea wall isn’t complete and is crumbling into the ocean but they need FUNDING for animated dinosaurs.

    3. Ariane says:

      seriously, dinosaurs? EWWW. would they really do that?! i’m kinda in shock.

    4. fotoeins says:

      Yes well, no one pays entrance fees to use to walk along the seawall or to enjoy the benefits of forest restoration.

      Funding plus admission fees to produce a profit margin out of a park filled with rain-forest.

      A park.


    5. Ariane says:

      ummm…yes we do, they’re called municipal taxes!

    6. DaveO says:

      Is there a specific term like arson for vandalizing fake dinosaurs erected in an ill-guided, nonsensical plan? Seriously, this is the lamest idea i’ve ever heard, ever. The park does not need dinosaurs, the park needs trees, seawall and beaches and water fountains – that’s all.

    7. gusgreeper says:

      stupid dinosaurs!!!

      six species of bats? i don’t like bats, i’ve seen them golfing but had no idea there were SIX different kinds. lots of raccoons live on the course too.

      had heard about the fire dude but NOT about the dinos, dinos be bad.

    8. […] money, experience and a plan with a reasonable chance of success so … your big crazy idea to build dinosaurs in Stanley Park is out cause that’s just insane and even suggesting should land you in the crowbar hotel […]

    9. Spencer Herbert says:

      Thanks for the article, and the comments. If you have more let the Park board know at

      Spencer Herbert
      Park Commissioner

    10. Dave says:

      Nice to see Spencer paying attention. I followed his advice and dropped the PB a note (pasted here for the record):

      “Stanley Park is the home to many tremendous memories for me (like many others) and like these others, i am certainly a bit protective of the park. I am also a pragmatic minded business person and progressive civil activist who understands that change happens BUT I must say the dinosaur idea is totally offside and unnecessary.

      I think the park board would be wise to consult the public on ideas such as this and concentrate on speedily reopening the seawall. I am gonna let you off the hook on the big new parking lot idea cause I am too late it seems (is there any public consultation on these things?) but i am a bit confused about how the public money which poured in after the storm is being used. Who is administering the funds? and under what mandate?

      Please accept these respectful comments from someone who loves the park and really thinks giant dinosaurs (and adding more pay-per-use activities in general) are seriously weak and cheapen the quality and sanctity of the park. If you would like other ideas or more comments on why the dinosaurs are a bad idea, please drop me a note.”

    11. […] at night. But look at the bright side, at least they’re not proposing to bring in a giant animatronic tyrannosaurus rex to help raise funds for these […]

    12. Kirsten says:

      Robotic dinosaurs in our beautiful park…what next? Like most of my friends I get into discussions about our city and what is taking place, but rarely do anything about it (other than vote). This time I will because it is such a crazy idea. I’m off to write my letter to the Parks Board.

    13. […] Apparently the concept of gigantic animatronic Dinosaurs in Stanley Park was a bad idea. The Vancouver Park Board has shelved a proposal to bring in up to 30 of the […]

    14. […] of Stanley Park, and fought that nasty proposal that would have seen mechanized, animatronic dinosaurs in the park. He’s known to read my blog and leave comments so perhaps I could even get an interview, eh? […]

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