Michelle Kim’s Writing Course at SFU

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Several months ago I had a big special announcement on the site that Michelle would be joining the cast of Miss604.com. Since then she’s finished writing her novel, has been in editing stages, traveling across the country and world and will finally be back in town this fall to teach a course at SFU. ...So I guess I can forgive her for the lack of contributions so far.

Michelle is leading a course on the basics of journalism – how to put together a story and have it published in a newspaper. Sure it may be sort of odd for a blogger to promote mass media in this form but Michelle is good people, and I’ll always promote good people, especially those who know their sh*t. This is the girl who was in Seoul just visiting family last year and by working her journalistic mojo, ended up having an article published in the Korea Herald.

Her course is only 4 sessions long and begins October 15th. She’s looking for a good turn out so if you have an interest in breaking into the biz and getting published, I highly suggest you speak with Michelle.

Introductory Level – Basics in Journalism: How to Break In – This course will cover the fundamentals of the field. Topics include developing ideas, pitching them to the right audience, interviewing, structuring a story, writing and editing, and finding a job. You will write basic news stories, profiles, arts reviews and obituaries. Assignments will be discussed in class and may be submitted to local outlets for publication. The final class will simulate a real-life working day in a newsroom, from assignment to deadline.

Michelle Kim is a journalist and writer. She has worked for numerous media outlets around the world including the BBC in London and the Korea Herald in Seoul. In Canada, she has contributed to the CBC and the Globe and Mail. Her first book for middle readers, La-La Joy, is forthcoming. [SFU – Downtown Campus]

If you do sign up for the class, let her know you came from my site… then maybe she’ll write me another guest post when her novel comes out and it’ll be all like famous and stuff.

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  1. BradleyMonday, September 24th, 2007 — 9:19pm PDT

    I only blogged once for u as well but i have no real excuse for not contributing more other than laziness…….

  2. Michelle KimTuesday, September 25th, 2007 — 6:00pm PDT

    hey it’s actually 5 classes 🙂 The last class is all day and simulates a real newsroom…

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