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Vancouver Blog Profile: Phillip Jeffrey

Saturday, July 28th, 2007 — 5:30pm PDT
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Although Phillip was at Northern Voice, I didn’t meet him until the Gastown photowalk just a short while ago. It was a most excellent photowalk and we also met up to watch Transformers when it came out. Phillip actually lead a session at NV:

For moosecamp today I will be running a discussion group/chat session about facebook, a social networking site primarily used by students (e.g. What is going on there? What is it about?).

Relevance: What can I learn from bloggers that is of relevance to my research? What can I learn from this community to help me better understand digital spaces such as facebook? [Fade to Play]

This was back in February, right before the mainsteam Facebook explosion, it would definitely been a good session to sit in on. Phillip’s got quite the educational background and is very involved with digital culture and media which he discusses on his blog, Fade to Play.

Thanks for the support and linkage via Twitter!

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