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Good day, and welcome to my first appearance on this Blogathon. I’ve been busy for a good portion of today with the newly christened day job, so my appearance here needs to be in true fashion. That means, a post about music, not to mention a nice YouTube video to go along with it.

Sadly, and teasingly, this is a post about a band that doesn’t exist anymore, Troubled Hubble. They were a four piece band from the Chicago area that I tend to miss nearly every single time that I hear a song by them. In fact, their guitar player, Josh, was a fellow DJ at KRUI. Being a big fan of his weekly, Tuesday morning show, “The Tuesday Morning Donut Spectacular”, his band was instantly an interest.

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In fact, listeners to the RadioZoom podcast might be interested to know that the monthly, “Six Song Donut Spectacular” is a complete ripoff of the name to Josh’s morning show. Being that I’m not afraid to admit that, I think that’s ok. Right?

Anyway, there is not enough that can be said about the shows that TH used to put on. It was a song of theirs that came up earlier tonight that prompted this post because I told Rebecca that I wished that just once, she could have seen a show of theirs. It might sound stupid, but I’ve never been so inclined to jump around and dance then at their shows. Some times intoxicated, many times not. They were just able to do that, and I’m not the only one to say this.

troubled hubble
Photo credit: theraceforthedoublehelix on Flickr

I’ll never forget my crowning achievement during my college radio days was when we put on a local music showcase that was open to the public called “Neighborhood Watch”. I was the coordinator of the whole event, pulling together anyone and everyone I could to help out. These guys were one of four bands to agree to perform for free, and I was astounded by the amount of people dancing in front of the stage when they started playing. It was just the vibe that got them, and they became instant fans.

About two years ago, they called it. The reasons are something not overly strenuous in terms of friendship with each other or bad feelings. It was just time. Even getting signed to Lookout! Records (the maiden record label of such bands like Green Day), it was just time for them all to part ways. Can’t say that I’ve been able to do that yet, but at least their library is still out there for the taking.

With that, enjoy “14,000 Things To Be Happy About”.

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