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Hospital Music in 3 Days

Saturday, July 28th, 2007 — 8:30am PDT
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On Tuesday July 31st the highly anticipated Hospital Music by Matthew Good hits record store shelves. Of course my niece would turn to me right now and say “what’s the record” but I digress. Starting a press tour prior to the actual concert tour, Matt’s been pretty busy lately.

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Every review and blog post I’ve read by those in attendance at his recent XM show with Dale Jr say his private performance was just amazing. Also, The Daily News in Halifax just gave the forthcoming album ‘5 out of 5’. Matt’s just been interviewed by the CBC and several other publications as well, with more to come. Radio shows and appearances are aplenty and he’ll be doing his best to update fans through his website about any public events. Pick up your copy of Hospital Music on Tuesday, July 31 and you can also preview a live stream of the album on his website until that time.

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