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Why Do I

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 — 9:26am PDT
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At the computer I feel like I’m writing a theme composition in grade 3 about what I did over the weekend, but this is about blogging, why I’m here and why you’re here and the free stuff I want to win.

Darren Barefoot put the call out yesterday:

In February, I’m giving a talk called “Why We Blog” at Northern Voice here in Vancouver. In preparation, I’m launching this ad hoc survey to gather more opinions and voices from the blogosphere. [db]

I have filled out the survey as best I can, answering questions about anything from site stats to how emotional my writing might be. There are many reasons why I do this and there’s various reasons why people come back everyday to read what I’ve posted. If you feel like sharing your thoughts on the matter, take the survey (if you’re a blogger yourself) or feel free to comment here, regardless if you’re a blogger, lurker, active commenter, admirer or disliker of all things blog. Why do you read?

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  1. Darren says:

    Thanks for the linkage and completing the survey!

  2. […] I could start ranting, but seriously what’s the point? We all know why each of us blog, we all have our reasons. Be it personal, informative, geeky, literary, or just for the sake of tapping your fingers on a keyboard and publishing the result for the world to see. […]

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