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Stanley Park is Open… Right

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 — 5:41pm PDT
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Stanley Park is

Update: Video Podcast where we meander through the Park… where we can.

The big news for Vancouver today is that our beloved Stanley Park has re-opened [cbc] since being ravaged by a storm with hurricane-force winds a couple of weeks ago [audihertz].

John and I got out of the house on this sunny afternoon to check out just how much of the park has re-opened. As we discovered, the main road, Stanley Park Drive, is open and some of the touristy places are now accessible. But for anyone else the place is still dangerous. Parts of the seawall are missing, there are rushing streams everywhere you look, mostly due to the recent heavy rainfall, and wounded trees are laying all over the place.

I’ve added a couple pictures to my Flickr tag: storm and we decided to take a video with my camera phone when we ventured onto some of the forbidden paths this afternoon. It will be up later on RadioZoom, another addition to our recent holiday vlogging series [RadioZoom – Video Podcasts].

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  1. […] ravaged park the following day while video podcasting, to updating readers of progress [December][January][March][April][September]. The developments have been slow-moving and somewhat […]

  2. Michael says:

    It scares me how long it has taken them to even call it ‘open.’ Where do our tax dollars go? Obviously not to fixing the seawall or making the park safe for all. The Provincial government decided it was more important to give themselves a raise last year.

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