Scenes From An American Highway Rest Stop

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I wish. I hadn’t heard this Phil Ayoub song since I played it on the Six Song Donut Spectacular way back in October [RZ#115]. Ever since John played it again the other morning it’s been stuck in my head and I think I’ll probably lobby to have it included in our next podcast.

After being couped up indoors all day yesterday, we took a leisurely stroll down to English Bay. We’d already ventured into the park last week and since more damage has taken place (and more snow has fallen) we decided against wandering past the “Do Not Enter” signs this week.

We walked around the West End, staring up at cute little apartment buildings, talking about their unique features and what would attract us to them if we ever decided to move.

Everyone and their dog was out today to enjoy the sunshine and sub-zero temperatures. I mean that. Lots of pups running around in the snow and even bounding into the Pacific to retrieve a ball. I seriously didn’t know that snack dogs could swim like that, let alone have the guts to hop into the ocean with chilled waves crashing all around them.

John captured some scenes with the trusty camera phone, and he’s posted the results [audihertz]. Who says you need to travel to hot tropical destinations to have a good vacation? My stay-cation is working out just fine.

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  1. RoshanFriday, January 12th, 2007 — 6:06am PST

    I agree with u on that last point. I live in hot, humid & sunny Kerala but I wish I could live in Canada. People in colder places wish they could live in tropical spots and vice versa. Some snow will do real fine right now, as I sweat in my room on a Friday evening.

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