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Why Do I

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I feel like I’m writing a theme composition in grade 3 about what I did over the weekend, but this is about blogging, why I’m here and why you’re here and the free stuff I want to win. Darren Barefoot put the call out yesterday: In February, I’m giving a talk called “Why We Blog” […]

Hello Rockview Take On Me

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John just sent this article my way… “Reel Big Fish have announced a tour, but have only revealed that their tourmates rhyme with “Shmess than Shmake.” Some astute readers have noted that this probably – but not definitely – refers to Less Than Jake. Other contenders include, Stress Span Snake, or perhaps Mess Man Make. […]

An Epic Of the Most Brilliant Feats

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I’ve watched more sports on TV in the last year that I have ever before. It helps when you are the co-host of a hockey podcast, but I’ve been watching Canucks games my entire life. The difference this year is that I’m watching more football than I ever thought possible, that’s what I get for […]

Dirty Banana Leaf

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Dine Out Vancouver is in full swing again this year and throughout the Lower Mainland people are exploring restaurant menus and getting great deals. Vancouver’s most anticipated food and wine event is back! Offering an extended 17 delicious days and 156 leading Vancouver restaurants, Dine Out Vancouver 2007 is bigger and better than ever! From […]

It Works for Meebo

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I’m not sure when it exactly it happened but our company cut off permissions for MSN and all other chat clients a couple weeks ago. Since then, we’ve all been logging into IM via web based messengers. AIM Express, Web Messenger and the most annoying of all, e-Buddy. I tried getting Gaim or Trillian but […]