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What do you want for Christmas?

A couple of years ago our family decided it was too expensive and not really worth it to buy for every single person so we took to drawing names. Of course we all still get something for the kiddies – and in our family that number grows every year.

I was looking through the junk mail yesterday and found a London Drugs catalog, which I decided to peruse. “Oooh! A crock pot, then we could make chili!” followed by “Oh man, a dustbuster, we could SO use one of those.”

Aren’t women not supposed to want household items as gifts? I told my mom yesterday that a Safeway gift card would be awesome. Wow. This coming from me, the girl who used to sneak into her parent’s bedroom to scope out the goods she would be receiving – man I got in so much trouble when I spotted that Cabbage Patch Kids board game just days before Christmas.

The focus this year is on family and well you can’t have family times without the food. Mandarin oranges (that I’m allergic to but eat anyway), nuts, snacks, chocolates, turkey, stuffing oh man. Browsing through a regular read, I came across some recipes that John and I should really try out. We don’t do nearly as much ‘experimental’ cooking, which reminds me that we haven’t done Chillaquillas for a while.

Back to the appliances, I think my priorities have just changed. You’d think I would want to go completely nuts and shop for shoes and purses and froofy stuff but there are so many more things that take precedence. From our futon-couch to John’s dining room table-studio-office.

Regardless of gifts and food, I’m just glad that I’ll be spending another Christmas with my husband, our 3 foot tall fake plastic tree, and our Ralphie action figure. If we had a wish list, the #1 thing this year (same as last) would be his immigration approval and #2… being able to fly to Iowa and visit his family.

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  1. LoLo D.Wednesday, December 6th, 2006 — 10:08pm PST

    If you’re going to eat mandarin oranges, you can’t bug me about eating avocadoes! But, geesh…. now I want to fly to Iowa 🙁

  2. JennyThursday, December 7th, 2006 — 4:09pm PST

    You know you are getting old when your wish-list includes frying pans and bed sheets. Whatever happened to cabbage patch dolls and barbies ?

  3. RobThursday, December 7th, 2006 — 8:15pm PST

    Me and my family are drawing gifts for the first time this year. Household items are on the list — but I stuck to games in that category.

    I love to cook but admittedly have a ton of gadgets already. Not that I’m complaining. LOL!

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