The Crazy Canucks – Episode 6

Thursday, November 9th, 2006 — 10:21am PST
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We’re all hopped up with the launch of the shiney new this week, and our listing in the Fan Forum > Links section []. With a late recording time (due to my work schedule), technical issues and not enough beer to go around, we get this one off the ground thanks to the patience of my co-hosts (Alanah, JJ and Dave) and the handy work of our producer, John.

The Crazy CanucksThis episode [episode 6] had a lot of bumps to work through before it was published, and this might be a good comparison to what the Canucks are going through right now. Unlike the Canucks, everyone was here for this one. That couldn’t stop a few problems from creeping up, but, much like the Canucks, we worked our way towards a stellar finish.

Record as of this podcast: 8-7-1 (2nd in the Northwest Division)

There were a variety things to cover, including the two losses against Minnesota and Colorado, a hard fought win in Dallas, injuries and changes to the defence, and we can’t seem to keep away from the goalie debate. There’s a lot here, so listen in to check out the latest brouhaha that The Crazy Canucks has to offer.

Run time 36:34
The Crazy Canucks Podcast, Episode 6

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