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This summer we enjoyed so many outdoor activities in Vancouver, that didn’t cost a thing except maybe bus fare if we wanted to venture a little further from home [miss604]. As the rain rolled in for fall and winter in the city, our beach time came to an end, walks are less frequent and we spend most of our free time watching hockey indoors.

Today, we discovered something (for under 10 dollars) that’s a GREAT way to spend a rainy day inside and get a workout. Ice skating [metblogs]

We’ve been meaning to go for a while and since I had the day off work and it was a Twonie skate at the West End Community Centre, we jumped at the chance. Lacing up the skates and getting out on the ice felt SO good. It took us a lap to get our skating legs into gear and we were off. 45 minutes later I was out of breath and just listening to the sounds around me. Ashlee Simpson on the loudspeaker, crunching snow and ice beneath the skates of school kids, tourists and old couples alike. Echos of young girls giggling when their friend would trip, the crunching of snow under the skates of the hockey star in the middle of the rink practicing his turns and stops. Man it felt good to get out there.

I was surprised that John did so well, although I shouldn’t be really. He comes from a climate where outdoor rinks would flourish in the winter time much more than they would here. He’s also got a lil hockey background. I felt empowered, being one of maybe two girls on the ice wearing “boy” skates although I think I lost my ability to hockey-stop. Regardless, we had such a wicked time.

On the way out of the rink, there was a display case mounted on the wall, just outside of the doors on Haro Street [view Flickr pics]. They were photos of Coal Harbour and the old Denman Arena. For those who don’t know – that’s the last place that the Canucks won the Stanley Cup in 1915 [read my metblogs post].

We’re set on going skating again, probably tomorrow. And I’m thinking of starting a new series of blog posts (since we’re kinda cheapskates) about things to do in Vancouver that are uber fun AND under 10 bucks. So let this be the first, and we’ll see how our season goes.

*View the YouTube video John took at the rink & my Flickr photo set.

The Vancouver Park Board Rinks: Britannia, Kerrisdale, Killarney, Kitsilano, Riley Park, Sunset, Trout Lake and West End Community Centres [VPB].

PDF schedule for all rinks in Vancouver.

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  1. KeithThursday, November 23rd, 2006 — 10:48pm PST

    Of course, you’re correct that Vancouver did win the Stanley Cup for the 1914-15 season, but it wasn’t the Canucks… It was the now defunct Pacific Coast Hockey Association’s Vancouver Millionaires who played out of the venerable old Denman arena, defeating the National Hockey Association’s Ottawa Senators. It was a convincing 3 games to 0 sweep… but you knew that. 😛

    The Millionaires would challenge for the cup three more times in the next decade falling to the Toronto Arenas (1917-18), the Ottawa Senators (1920-21) and the Toronto St. Patricks (1921-22).

    “Cyclone” Taylor (whose namesake lives on in a series of sports equipment stores) played for the Millionaires and is in the Hockey Hall of Fame for his accomplishments.

    ((Details from wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Stanley_Cup_champions))

  2. SandyFriday, November 24th, 2006 — 3:32am PST

    Ice skating, how fun! I haven’t been in forever. And I for one would love to read about cheap funtimes in Vancouver. Cheap is good!

  3. daveoFriday, November 24th, 2006 — 12:34pm PST

    i hope the outdoor rink under the art gallery is in action this year. i used to enjoy an outdoor christmas time skate years ago but, when i went last festive period, nothing but cement! what’s up with that? who runs it? who do i have to call to get it going eh?

    btw, i’ll send you my free/cheap summer time activity list from this past summer i you like.

  4. Miss604Friday, November 24th, 2006 — 12:54pm PST

    Found a couple Vancouver Courier articles online about the rink not re-opening… but they’re from 2004 it seems [1][2] :p

  5. JennySaturday, November 25th, 2006 — 8:00pm PST

    The Seattle Metropolitans also won the cup around that time.

  6. wynSaturday, November 25th, 2006 — 9:32pm PST

    Twoonie Skates ARE a great deal. Makes the regular skates (~$4.50 or so) SOOOO expensive for just the 90 minutes. But still under $10. 😉

    It would be nice to see what you uncover for cheap things to do when so much of Vancouver’s favourite activities (like skiing and snowboarding!) can be so costly.

    For starters, say on Metblogs, it would be great to get a heads up on Fox Searchlight movies that are coming up with free screenings (often at Tinseltown, but other theatres as well). They tend to be more indie movies and most recently they screen (for FREE) Little Miss Sunshine, Thank You for Smoking, and Fast Food Nation.

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