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Blogathon Vancouver 2008: Meet the Participants – Tagga

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Chris Richardson – Although Tagga has yet to launch to the public, one of Vancouver’s newest startups has signed on to the Blogathon being one of two companies that have taken on this challenge for such a good cause. They’ve been posting so far about some of Tagga’s features which look like some pretty cool […]

Blogathon Vancouver 2008: Meet the Participants – Barbara

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Barbara Doduk – Being one of the two blogs I read during Blogathon 2006, I’ve been a fan of Barbara’s site ever since. She’s got her own style, her own thoughts and opinions and isn’t afraid to go against the frey – which is quite often refreshing. She’s had the great of idea of having […]

Blogathon Vancouver 2008: Live From the Calgary Airport

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Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed with blogging as it’s not only my hobby and passion, it’s also my career. Aside from that, it revolves around my daily life which can be sporadically busy, chaotic, and emotional. I’m sitting here at the Calgary Airport and yes, I have cheated with Blogathon a little bit, I have […]

Blogathon Vancouver 2008: Meet the Participants – Isabella

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Isabella Mori – An inspirational blogger who dedicates her time to helping others, Isabella is the former coordinator of the Vancouver Blogger Meetup group and still holds an important role in the local blogging realm as well as the Twittersphere. i’m a psychotherapist in vancouver, canada. i’ve been working in the field of mental health, […]

Blogathon Vancouver 2008: Meet the Participants – Ayeza

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Ayeza Garcia – The beauty of the Blogathon is that it can also introduce you to many other blogs that you may not have had the chance of spotting before. I’ve been able to explore Ayeza’s blog and aside from having a sleek layout it’s filled with great information from such a unique perspective. Balikbayan […]