Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2018

Friday, October 5th, 2018 — 12:26pm PDT
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I’m not sure I can express how massive – and fun, and dynamic – the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl truly is. Over 3 days this festival transforms the entire coastal region into an interactive art show where 380 artists open up 165 galleries and studios to showcase their creations.


You can browse, shop, do hands-on demos, even craft some make-and-take creations of your own. If you’re looking for fibreworks, glass sculptures, ceramics, paintings, distilleries, blacksmithing, you name it – you can plot a course on the free self-guided tour see it all during the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl.

Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2018

Where: Lower Sunshine Coast, from Langdale to Earls Cove.
When: October 19-21, 2018
Admission: FREE! Artists may have activities in which you can participate for a fee. Otherwise simply bring your cash and cards to shop some of their amazing and unique pieces.

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Crawlers I’ve Met

Here are just a few of the participants that I have met over the years, from Langdale to Earls Cove:

Beth Hawthorne

Beth Hawthorne Ceramics & This is It Design
Location: 1551 Lockyer Rd , Roberts Creek
See new work by ceramicist Beth Hawthorn and sculptor Robert Studer. Satisfy your curiosity in this compelling design studio and gallery.

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Vancouver Opera Presents The Merry Widow: Win Tickets

Friday, October 5th, 2018 — 11:23am PDT
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Vancouver Opera presents The Merry Widow (Die Lustige Witwe), a wonderfully lavish Art Nouveau-inspired production that opens their 2018-2019 season.

Vancouver Opera presents The Merry Widow (Die Lustige Witwe)
Production photo by John Grigaitis

Indulge in the Viennese torte known as Franz Lehár’s comedic operetta The Merry Widow, set in the heart of vibrant fin de siècle Paris. Wealthy widow Hanna Glawari schemes to win the heart of dashingly handsome Count Danilo. A scandalous caper ensues while suitors conspire to obtain the widow’s fortune.

Vancouver Opera Presents The Merry Widow

  • Where: Queen Elizabeth Theatre (630 Hamilton St, Vancouver)
  • When: October 20, 25, 27 at 7:30pm & October 28 at 2:00pm
  • Tickets: $50 to $175, available at the Vancouver Opera Ticket Centre, by telephone (604) 683-0222, or online. See complete ticket information below. Season subscriptions are still on sale and single tickets are available for the whole season now.

This delightful production is directed by Canadian Kelly Robinson (last at Vancouver Opera as director of the hit production of Evita). The story unfolds on a stage packed with elegant ladies, eligible bachelors, and Maxim’s famous can-can dancers. Italian-Canadian soprano Lucia Cesaroni will be making her role debut as the wealthy widow, Hanna Glawari, who schemes to win the heart of dashingly handsome Count Danilo, interpreted here by tenor John Cudia and seen recently at VO as Cassio in Verdi’s Otello. Susan Memmott-Allred’s costumes and Michael Yeargan’s sets evoke the Belle Epoque period with winning style.

Win Tickets

I have a pair of tickets to give away for the Sunday, October 28th matinee at 2:00pm. Here’s how you can enter to win:

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Follow Vancouver Opera on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more information.

I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 12:00pm on Thursday, October 11, 2018. While The Merry Widow is sung in German, the dialogue will be in English. English SURTITLES™ will be projected above the stage.

Update The winner is Catherine Hercus!

Fright Nights at Playland: Win Passes

Thursday, October 4th, 2018 — 4:16pm PDT
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Fright Nights at Playland return on select nights October 5-31, 2018, featuring 20 blood-chilling rides, gripping live shows, 8 haunted houses and much more.

Fright Nights at Playland

Fright Nights at Playland

Bloodshed, the newest haunted house introduced in 2017, is set to welcome only the bravest of souls. The dilapidated Bloodshed cabin is home to a family of ruthless mutant murders. For those seeking a paranormal experience, the Haunted Mansion promises thrills and chills not for the faint-of-heart, while the 3D experience of Car-n-Evil will leave guests with all the requisite symptoms of panic, terror and dread.

Not enough for you? Visit the Keepers Doll Factory, which features a creepy line-up of cloaked giants covered in scars, porcelain doll faces and missing appendages. Watch out, because they roam the halls in search of human sacrifices from which they can harvest limbs.

In addition to the houses, these Playland rides are guaranteed to provide a terrifying experience: The Beast, the Wooden Roller Coaster, the Hellevator and AtmosFEAR, as well as a selection of other hair-raising rides.

In search of a classic freak show to shake your belief in common sense? Guinness World Record holders and returning favourites, the stapled, sliced, slapped and smashed Monsters of Schlock will return from October 11th to 31st to perform some of the most incredible and outrageous physical stunts ever seen.

Guests at Fright Nights have the option to purchase a Rapid Pass, which offers the same access as a regular gate pass PLUS access to an expedited line for park entry, each haunted house and The Beast, Wooden Roller Coaster, Music Express, AtmosFEAR, and Hellevator. Guests will also be able to save $3 by purchasing tickets at participating 7-Eleven locations or online.

Ticket Info

Online: Save $3 off regular admission, $6 off Rapid Passes
7-Eleven: Save $3 off regular admission
Groups: Save $5 off regular admission, $10 off Rapid Passes

Due to the overwhelming demand and to ensure a quality guest experience, Fright Nights is putting a cap on the number of tickets sold per day. Tickets must be purchased for a specific date. Event nights have limited availability and may sell out. Admission includes unlimited access to all 8 haunted houses, shows and 20 rides. There is an additional charge for the Revelation.

Win Tickets to Fright Nights at Playland

I have a 4 pack of regular admission tickets to give away to Fright Nights (value $188). Here’s how you can enter to win:

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I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 12:00pm on Monday, October 8, 2018. The winner will get to choose their date, based on availability.

Follow Playland on Twitter and Facebook for more information about Fright Nights.

Warning! Not recommended for ages 12 and under, seniors 65+, people with sensitivity to strobe lighting or fog machines, people with high blood pressure, heart conditions, pregnant women or scaredy-cats. Absolutely no guest costumes or guest costume face make up allowed.

Update The winner is: Lori!

A Nightmare in Stanley Park: Halloween After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium

Thursday, October 4th, 2018 — 3:47pm PDT
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Explore the dark side of the ocean this Halloween After Hours event on Wednesday, October 31st at the Vancouver Aquarium. Once the trick-or-treating is over and the kids are tucked in bed, dress in your Halloween-best and head to the Aquarium for a spooky soiree.

Halloween After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium

Halloween at Vancouver Aquarium's After Hours

Where: Vancouver Aquarium (845 Avison Way)
When: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Tickets: Tickets are only available online for $27 for members and $35 for non-members. Admission includes After Hours access to Vancouver Aquarium, including the Wet Lab, all galleries, the 4-D theatre and Vortex – Douglas Coupland’s radical new art installation.

With goblin sharks, skeleton shrimp, bloodworms, vampire squid, and even ghost gear, the ocean can be a scary place sometimes.

Under cover of night, get lost in the Aquarium’s galleries as you discover the intriguing nocturnal habits of more than 50,000 aquatic creatures. Come toe to webbed foot with an African penguin – arguably the best dressed in the animal kingdom – during the Penguin Walk. Then strut your stuff to the After Hours costume contest where masters of disguise compete for best costume, best group costume, and best aquatic-themed costume. (Keep your outfit ocean-friendly — please omit beads, glitter, and sequins.) The Adult Puppet Show, featuring a cast of naughty characters, is sure to make you cackle.

Grab a drink and a snack and don’t miss these other krill-er programs and activities:

  • Find out what goes chomp in the dark during the Secret Lives of Sharks program
  • Slither on by the Meet a Snake program and learn about these fassscinating creatures
  • Catch a screening of the exhilarating Shark: A 4-D Experience
  • Roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with marine invertebrates like blood stars, spiny sea urchins, and more in our Wet Lab…if you dare.

Follow the Vancouver Aquarium on Facebook and Twitter #AfterHoursVA for more information.

A guest post by Alexis Miles

Alexis Miles

Alexis Miles is a college student with a passion for writing, hiking, and live music.

7 Ways to Embrace the Rain in Coquitlam

Thursday, October 4th, 2018 — 10:50am PDT
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If you live on the West Coast you know rain is in the forecast. While embracing the wet and adventuring into the great outdoors is what we do best, sometimes even west coast kids need to head inside to burn off steam. Need some inspiration to plan your next rainy day activities? Head to Coquitlam. Easily accessible via skytrain, close to nature and full of bustling shopping centres, state of the art parks and inspired trails, you won’t run out of things to do there, rain or shine.

7 Ways to Embrace the Rain in Coquitlam

Coquitlam Salmon

1. Experience Salmon Come Home
It’s almost salmon spawning season! Did you know the name Coquitlam comes from the Coast Salish word “kʷikʷəƛ̓əm,” which means “red fish up the river.” Visit Hoy Creek to experience one of Mother Nature’s greatest spectacles, as salmon make their final journey upstream to their birthing grounds. Watch for chum from early to mid-October to early November and coho from late October to late December.

You can tour the Hoy Creek hatchery at the annual Salmon Come Home event on Sunday, October 21, 2018. This FREE family event runs from 11:00am to 3:00pm and includes interactive children’s activities, snacks, and educational exhibits.

2. Take a hike – in the rain!
You’re on the West Coast, and there are plenty of urban forests and beautiful trails to explore rain or shine, from Mundy Park to Coquitlam River Trail. Throw up your hood, and reconnect with your wild side. Other top trails include:

Woodland Walk Trail to Sawblade Falls
Minnekhada Regional Park to High Knoll
The Coquitlam Crunch

Looking to join a group? Check out some upcoming guided hikes here. Just remember to always let someone know before you go, and always bring your Top 10 Safety Essentials with you.

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Published in partnership with the City of Coquitlam

Hunting for Mushrooms on the Sunshine Coast

Thursday, October 4th, 2018 — 10:15am PDT
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FestivalSeekers has your guide to Sunshine Coast festivals this fall »

Little did I know that hunting and foraging for mushrooms is much like beach combing for sea glass. Eyes down, scouring the landscape that’s spotted with colourful distractions — whether they be pebbles and shells, or nuts and leaves. One man who knows a whole lot about both popular Pacific Northwest activities is J Duane Sept, who has authored dozens of books on both subjects.

I met up with Duane, who is also an organizer of the Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival, at the Botanical Gardens in Sechelt on a bright and sunny September day. While we didn’t have too much luck finding mushrooms, I learned a whole lot about the process and that mushroom photowalks can be very fun!

Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival

CAUTION: It is not recommended that you touch, pick, or eat ANY mushroom or fungi you find in the forest unless you are with a trained professional who can make proper identifications with absolute certainty. Learn from the pros at the Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival October 12-13, 2018.

FestivalSeekers has your guide to Sunshine Coast festivals this fall »

1. The best place to spot mushrooms and fungi is near old growth in the forest, also preferably at the base of – or on – conifers. At the Botanical Garden there were also mushrooms right in the middle of the path, sprouting up from the bark mulch that had been spread.

Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival

2. Moisture is a mushroom’s friend. If it’s been a wet season, expect to see more mushrooms. Early October is the best for mushroom spotting, right around the time of the Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival. The Sunshine Coast is also an amazing place to spot some of the 30,000 northwest mushroom species, making it a preferred home base for many Mycologists and Biologists like Duane.

Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival

3. Some mushrooms thrive May to June. Others, like the tasty Lobster Mushrooms and Golden Chanterelles, pop up July through October. Others like the Shaggy Mane, pop up May to June and again September to November.

4. There are three types of mushrooms: Symbiotic, where a mushroom grows on a tree or plant and each benefit from each other; Parasitic, where a mushroom feeds or lives off of another organism; and Saprophytic, fungal species found in large groups that feed on rotting wood and soil.

Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival

5. While some mushrooms may look similar from the top, you can make identifications by looking at their spore prints. When the flip them over, or separate the cap from the stem and stamp the cap on a piece of paper. Some people even create artwork with spore prints. You might find even some during the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl.

Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival

6. Not all mushrooms look the same! Some are Gilled, others Fleshy Spored, Spine, Coral, or Jellies. Duane’s book lists them all.

Find Fall Festival Fun

On the Sunshine Coast in autumn you can find Witch’s Butter and apple butter. Wooly Ink Caps and woven tapestries! Here are some of the upcoming events and festivals you can enjoy this season:

Halfmoon Bay Apple Festival October 20-22, 2018
Sechelt Arts Festival October 5-21, 2018
Sunshine Coast Art Crawl October 19-21, 2018

FestivalSeekers has your guide to Sunshine Coast festivals this fall »

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