mole or verde ?

Comments 1 by Rebecca Bollwitt
We had a great margarita-filled night on Friday. Gus & Russ came over to our place to sample our homemade selection – I used John’s recipe and poured everyone a glass – we made a toast, i’m not sure why or about what, and our night officially began.
Once my sister and friends arrived we made our way to the best lil mexican restaurant in the west end, Poncho’s. We got there about 830 – the time of our reservations – and the place was PACKED. We had to wait about 15 minutes but they still catered well to our party of 9.

The food was excellent (we swear the salsa had a lil more kick this time) and the margaritas were plentiful.

Poncho’s is definately worth checking out, not only based on the menu but the atmosphere/character of the place is incomperable around here. Live music, laughter, pleasant wait staff and of course the Poncho’s Special.

When you order this drink Poncho himself bring out a little cart equipped with a coffee pot, candle, and about 4 different kinds of liqueur. It’s quite the display and smells extremely yummy – like sugar and liquor. He does a few tricks, lights it on fire, fills it up with coffee, covers the drink in whipped cream and tops it off with anothing liqueur poured from a flaming ladel. I owe John one the next time we go.

cinco de mayo fun times

Comments 7 by Rebecca Bollwitt
we’re heading out to our fave hole-in-the wall mexican restaurant tonight to celebrate and have some excellent food. we’re meeting up with my sister and some friends who will probably want to totally go all out on the town afterwards. i think the plans are still in the works.
i don’t think we’ve gone ‘out on the town’ since my birthday. well, he and i have been out and about – to concerts and such, but not with my sister et al for a while – it should be totally fun, especially if laura gets off work in time and isn’t too busy doing work for our toronto office.

as you may or may not know (depending on how long you’ve been reading my blog) john makes a mean margarita – i still can’t wait to get back to Monticello, sit around his mom’s kitchen – eating pico de gallo and talk about life with the family.

as for tonight, we’ll see if we have any stories to tell later on…. :p

giddy up – round 2

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vancouver canucks op-ed has their picks posted and we listed our pics on the last podcast er couch cast. of course that was before round one was over so i’ll post my picks now for round 2.

san jose/edmonton = edmonton, ottawa/buffalo = ottawa, carolina/new jersey = carolina (although john’s strongly opposed to carolina having a team due to their geographical location, hey – we can’t be cute and agree ALL the time), colorado/anaheim = anaheim.

i have my toothbrush in my mouth as i’m typing this so i won’t get into ‘in how many games’ detail. we’re still waiting for some more hockey podcasts coming out of Hockey Northwest but I believe Dave’s having some technical issues.

I’ll tell ya, tonight there was no hockey on and well, i missed it – how will i survive the summer?

EDIT: okay scrap that cuteness comment – john JUST posted a blog post about hockey and hockeynw… from across the room on his computer… GAW!! no wonder laura can’t stand to be around the two of us for extended periods of time.

ridin' the cbc pony & meeting mr. suzuki

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt
when did the cbc get ‘cool’? seems like cbc personnel and podcasts are the hottest things since lululemon pants in vancouver lately. not saying that it’s necessarily a bad thing – in fact john and i are jumpin on board this sunday since i’ve got us two ‘tickets’ to CBC Studio One Book Club‘s ‘Dr. David Suzuki with David Suzuki: The Autobiography‘.

David Suzuki is an acclaimed geneticist and environmentalist, the host of CBC’s The Nature of Things, the founder and chair of the David Suzuki Foundation, and the author of more than forty books.

For those of you not familiar with David Suzuki (and if you’re Canadian then shame on you!) check out the David Suzuki Foundation or for a general overview you could just Wiki him. It’ll be pretty cool to interact with this nominated ‘Greatest Canadian‘. His story is interesting, growing up as a japanese-canadian after the war, doing everything from teaching at UBC, to hosting his own television show. Tune into the CBC at the following broadcast times to hear what we’ll be experiencing in person on Sunday.

The Book Club will be broadcast on North by Northwest, between 8 and 9 a.m., in two parts, on CBC Radio 690 AM in Vancouver:

Part One on Saturday May 27
Part Two on Sunday May 28

EDIT: Re: Wyn’s comment – it looks like (per Tod Maffin’s site) that the CBC has just launched a bushel of podcasts. I’m not sure this particular program will be podcasted – but check out to find out more.

showcase goodness

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt
showcase is home to many neat reality shows, movies and after 9pm… things you shouldn’t watch unless you’re over the age of 14 … in some cases 18… and in other cases 50. they’ve had this ad campaign out for over a year now… “thanks showcase”. i remember seeing the commercials months ago ie. an elderly couple in their underwear, in bed, looking at the camera “Showcase is our safe word”. Basically people you wouldn’t expect to be a lil daring or have a kinky side thanking showcase for breaking down barriers for them – through late night tv programming. now i thought i had blogged about those tv ads when they first came out but i could be wrong. (click to view one of the commercials)

this morning i noticed a bus stop ad on robson – a woman in gardening attire tending to her “plants” *wink wink* thanking showcase for showing her how to “grow her own”. now i know someone on metblogs or beyondrobson is going to have a post up about this pretty soon because it seems to be a trend to take pics of advertising space in vancouver and blog about it. i thought i would jump on that bandwagon – but i didnt take a pic of it. so i’m not as cool :p