Makin bacn

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Hip new acronym or buzz word? Kinda. It all started at Podcamp Pittsburgh and it’s been taking over my Twitter airwaves every since.

But just what is bacn aside from sounding like a delicious meat from a magical animal?

It started at the registration desk at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 on Saturday afternoon. We (Andy Quayle, Jesse Hambley, Tommy Vallier, Jason Head, Val Head and Ann Turiano) were having an amusing discussion about back bacon (aka Canadian bacon) and how some people we know twitter so much we have to turn off notifications for them.

Tommy Vallier mentioned that back bacon is also called peameal bacon. You’ll notice that sounds like”email bacon”. Suddenly, we had both a concept and a name for it. Email bacn – notifications you want, just not right now. It’s not spam – you signed up for it and you actually DO want that information – but yet it still feels like it’s wasting your time. [ThisisPortable]

The group registered a domain on the spot,, and posted the following video.

Will it catch on? More than likely. There was a need for those emails to be named, and that name is now… bacn.

New Canucks Logo to be Revealed next Week

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I have an ongoing post about the new Canucks uniforms (as previously mentioned… a lot) but I’m also hoping to cover the unveiling of the official new logo and jersey next Wednesday, August 29nd. Rumours and speculation aside, this will be it folks. Here’s the list of events surrounding the reveal:

  • 11:30 am – Tailgate party on the South Plaza at GM Place
  • 12:00 pm – Doors open, enter through Gate 7
  • 12:30 pm – Unveiling of the Canucks sweater
  • 13:00 – Canucks team store opens. Photos with FIN on the South Plaza
  • The day will be hosted by John Shorthouse, Chris Zimmerman, Dave Nonis and select players.

    The tickets are FREE and are available online through Ticketmaster. More details at

    Update: Tickets are now sold out – thanks Bucky!

    Also, check out John’s post about the whole ordeal.

    The Amazing Hunt, Surrey Edition

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    Over the last few years Bill Lin and his crew have organized Vancouver’s own version of the Amazing Race, and have done a fantastic job. My sister and I were lucky enough to participate earlier this spring and I have to say it’s a really great adventure.

    Since September 2004, The Amazing Hunt introduces this new racing style which provides an opportunity for you to discover a city’s hidden treasure… its culture, landmarks, and history. Our goal is to create a positive and healthy lifestyle in your community while promoting local tourism, business, and charity. [The Amazing Hunt]

    The races run every few months in various cities around the lower mainland. Their endurance levels vary as well and there are always new challenges. Although the recent race on August 11th had a fantastic turn out, Bill and his crew are looking for volunteers to help out with the upcoming event in Surrey on September 8th. Visit him over at the Amazing Hunt Blog for more information about racing and volunteering for these great teambuilding events.

    Upcoming races:

    September 8th 2007 Saturday – Surrey (Space Limited)
    October 20th 2007 Saturday – Downtown Victoria

    Jenny and I are doing the Surrey race, which won’t be a foot race this time, so if you’re up to the challenge sign on up and we’ll see you there!

    Miss604 Poll: Where do you get your coffee?

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    I have yet to write an entry on Vancouver Coffee about a certain place in Gastown that just makes my morning with their large coffees and breakfast sammiches, but until then I thought I would toss up another poll.

    24 Hours of Flickr

    While I wait for John to get ready and escort me down to 7-11 I’d like to actually find out the best, quickest, tastiest place to grab a cup in Vancouver. Yes, I said 7-11, that’s because it’s cheap and the one on the corner by us seriously tastes great. With so many options out there, including $15 cups from Artigiano I just wanted to know.

    Poll Closed.

    To view and vote on past polls, visit the poll page.

    Holly McNarland Every Single Time

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    It’s been a year since the Komrade Sessions EP was released on iTunes and Chin Up Buttercup, the 4th full-length album from Canadian singer-songwriter Holly McNarland, is in stores now [Website][MySpace].

    We just caught her last night on Urban Rush where she performed the first single from Chin Up Buttercup, “Every Single Time”.

    I’ve seen Holly in concert a few times and have to say she’s one of the funnest artists to watch, plugged in or acoustic. In some strange turn of events the last time I saw her was at Central City in Surrey with Randy and Lahey of the Trailer Park Boys. For those growing up in Vancouver in the 90s listening to CFOX and hearing Matt Good for the first time, you probably remember Holly’s singles “Numb” and “Elmo”.

    Holly McNarland @ Central City 2005

    If you enjoy her new single visit the Much More Music countdown page and give it some love by voting and the new album, Chin Up Buttercup is in stores now. It’s also available for purchase on Amazon, interestingly enough its suggested pairing is Hospital Music, buy both for $26.95 CDN.