pucking great springtime

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hockey is everywhere! eee! TSN, CBC, OLN it’s hockey hockey hockey. and not just drab, blah regular season stuff – this is it folks – the PLAYOFFS! Watching Colorado pull off an OT win over the Stars and the Habs beat the Canes in double OT was fantastic last night. This is great hockey.
And if you’re still missing the Canucks, over at Metroblogging, Jeffrey Simpson’s made note of some things still going on at the Canucks website. And Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed is having a lot of fun with their “playoff joke” targets (currently up, San Jose, Colorado and Calgary).

Last night on Jeopardy! (we are total Jeopardy geeks) one category was NHL and it was completely avoided until the end. I love how this confident woman tackles the category and when the Habs logo comes up she rings in and answers “Chicago Blackhawks!”. Mercy me :p

playoff hockey goodness

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After our Sun Run, after getting food in our bellies, after opening up the sliding door to the balcony and letting the sunshine pour into our apartment …we settled down and watched some hockey.

First up – Ottawa vs Tampa Bay. Ottawa came out swining! Looking really great but then TB gained momentum and eventully took over the game despite efforts by Alfredsson – winning by a goal. All over the playoffs yesterday the visiting teams won. (Which kinda sucks in Edmonton’s case… meh)

The next game on HNIC was Stinkin Calgary vs Anaheim. Now we’re really not huge Calgary fans (because they’re stupid right? :p) and although John has a disturbing issue with Anaheim’s ties to Disney… it was still nice to see them win in Cowtown.

It’s great to sit back and watch hockey happen – although yes, it would be greater to see the Canucks out there. Check out more playoff action coming up this week.

Also, in WHL action, the Giants have won their first two games vs Everett at the Pacific Colliseum and now take the next 2 to Everett. Good luck boys!

EDIT: watching Habs/Canes tonight… it sounds like Houghson is saying “Paris Hilton” every time Perezhogin has the puck – doesn’t it? eh? okay… it’s just me….

not too shabby – run details and music fun times

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So of course i couldnt just sit there and ‘walk’ the sun run. i ran about 5km with john then he picked up the pace – since i knew he could totally rock it and get a great time – leaving his poor sick wife in his dust :p he ended up coming in under and hour and i was just over. i wasnt my best time but seeing as how i’ve got this sickness going on i think it’s excusable. it was all in all a GREAT morning. we met up inside BC Place at a pre-determined meetup spot and checked out times in the paper this morning. we even caught some coverage on Shaw last night and strained to spot ourselves coming through the finish. next year, we’ve decided to wear Iowa/Hawkeye colours – then we can’t be missed.

This weekend was full of Sun and we got great use out of the city. The concert Friday night was awesome. I’ll have some Mates of State pics up later. They’re so freakin talented and the music is really great – can’t believe there’s only two of them up on stage – AND they’re totally DIY, setting up everything and taking it down. The only bad part about the night was that the show ran long so the club let in the regular friday night ‘club crowd’ at 10pm (even though the show wasn’t over til 1030) so you had horrible bopper/drunk/immature granville street club goer kids coming in and watching the end of the concert we were all really enjoying. i was elbowed and i swear a dude was clapping (in mocking fashion) so close to my head … i was about to drop kick him.

We discovered a few more shows of interest are coming up as well. The Secret Machines will be playing Richards on Richards AND the International Noise Conspiracy will be playing the Plaza club – I think it would be pretty funny if the club pulled the same stunt during the INOC show… mmm bopper clubber kids + socialist rock … hilarity ensues.

changes and charities

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It’s only been in the past week or two that i’ve heard about the changes to my morning commute. granville street from robson to cordova will be shut off to vehicle traffic for about 2 years – starting monday. you can check out the new stops etc at www.canadaline.ca. as i stepped off the bus this morning there was a chick handing out cute lil cards with pop-up route maps to inform commuters.
on the elevator this morning there was a blurb about Glam Day.

Glam Day© is Ovarian Cancer Canada’s new awareness initiative. It’s happening on May 12th, the Friday before Mother’s Day….Think of Glam Day© as the diametric opposite of wearing jeans to work and you’ll get the picture!

Coming up next week we have Jeans Day April 27th – benefitting the BC Children’s Hospital. Sunday is the Sun Run, this year it will be benefiting The Vancouver Sun’s Raise-a-Reader campaign and B.C.’s amateur athletes. There’s a whole bunch of fun activities going on in the city which help support some really great causes. As previously mentioned we’re also thinking of participating in the Run for Light – for BC Blind Sports and as noted on a podcast we did yesterday (which I don’t think is posted yet) the Weekend to End Breast Cancer is coming in August.
EDIT: the latest ‘miss604 on RadioZoom’ podcast episode is now posted.