Canada Russia Super Series

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It was 35 years ago that our nation rallied behind a group of hockey players in games taking place from Vancouver, to Moscow and in between. The series was East vs West, Communism vs Democracy, and more importantly… who was the world’s ‘Hockey Nation’.

The Summit Series was the first competition between full-strength Soviet and Canadian national ice hockey teams, an eight-game series held in September of 1972. Canada won the series four games to three, with one tie…

…The Series was played at a time when only amateurs were allowed to play in the Olympic Games. [wiki]

Today is the first match of the Canada-Russia Super Series, a part of the Summit Series’ legacy.

The 2007 Super Series is an eight-game Under-20 ice hockey challenge between Russia and Canada. It will be held from August 27 to September 9 in various venues in both countries. The event commemorates the 35th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series between the USSR and Canada. [wiki]

The series kicked off today in Ufa, will move to Omsk, then Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Red Deer before game 8 in Vancouver at GM Place on September 9th.

The Vancouver Giants’ own Milan Lucic is playing for Team Canada along with many other U-20 stars such as New Westminster’s Kyle Turris.

It’s pretty nice to wake up to hockey on TV, and the games are going to be about every 2 days over the next couple weeks. It should be a nice warm up to the NHL’s pre-season, for all those counting down the days. Good luck to Team Canada, and no matter how poorly our boys do… please try not to boo, they’re giving it their 150% and we appreciate that.

Shop The Line Photo Contest

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Did you know about this contest? I sure didn’t until I saw a billboard with a photo on it and in a small font on the bottom right it said, “Shop The Line Photo Contest“. Huh, interesting. I’ve walked past that billboard ad many times over the last couple of months and just realized its purpose. Even Googling about the contest I hardly found any results so here’s some information about how you can sign up, submit a digital photo, and win gift cards ranging from $100 to $500.

  • Shop the Line: send us your photos of you and your friends shopping at your favourite stores on the Canada Line route
  • Dine the Line: send us your photos of you and your friends dining at your favourite restaurant along the Canada Line route.
  • Party on the Line: send us your photos of you and your friends enjoying yourselves out on the town along the Canada Line route.
  • The public can both submit their images on the website, vote for photos (one photo per category per week), and browse galleries of past winners and entries.

    Snap, vote and win! Enter your photos and you could be a category prize winner with $500 in gift cards from our sponsors, or a grand prize winner of more than $1,500 in prizes. Register as a voter and you will be eligible for randomly drawn weekly prizes valued at $100 each. [ShopTheLine]

    The contest runs August 5th to September 30th and for all those licensing enthusiasts, contest rules and regulations can be found here.

    Successful Day in PoCo

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    I decided to accompany John to work today and be a radio groupie out in Port Coquitlam. It was actually pretty fun for a small-scale promotion and it was for a very good cause. Petland was sponsoring a dog wash, all by donation and proceeds would go to help a young girl with autism get a National Service Dog. Chloe is 9 years old and would benefit greatly from having an assistance dog, unfortunately it costs about $18,000 to obtain, train and raise a dog for two years before it can start helping her out.

    This is the first of many events to raise money for her and it seemed pretty successful. For more information about upcoming fund raisers for Chloe, contact Petland in Port Coquitlam.

    Earlier on in the day a man stopped by the tent with his dog. After chit chatting for a while we found out he was Gordon Kirkland – acclaimed Canadian author, columnist and entertainer. He shared some amazing stories about his work and colleagues and informed us about the 3-day novel contest in which he’ll be participating, August 31st.

    BookTelevision is bringing 12 writers from across Canada to participate in the world’s most grueling literary competition, the “3-Day Novel Contest,” live on national television….

    …12 writers will write 12 novels in just 72 hours as they battle crowds, cameras, fatigue, each other, and themselves in the competition to become Canada’s next literary superstar. [BookTV]

    kirkland.pngIt was a pleasure to meet Mr. Kirkland who does have an excellent sense of humour. His most recent book (launched this summer) is, “I May Be Big But I Didn’t Cause That Solar Eclipse” [].

    The 3-day novel writing contest will be live on television (BookTV). Best of luck to Kirkland in writing a novel in 72 hours… I know it just took me about 20 minutes to make up this blog post, so I can only imagine what a task this must be.

    Test the Nation: Watch Your Language

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    CBC Tour The CBC is all into testing us Canadians with their interactive programming. The first of the ‘Test the Nation‘ series was a giant nation-wide IQ test where you would watch the program on TV (live), follow along on the web, or grab a paper copy to record your answers. Then your score would be compared with everyone else’s coast-to-coast [Miss604]. A little graph would display in which percentile you ranked and who was the smartest in the country. The results were broken down in to several categories including male or female, left or right handed, meat eater or vegetarian/vegan and folder or scruncher.

    The second installment is called “Watch Your Language”, testing Canadians and their grammar [InsidetheCBC]. Immediately I thought of an episode of 30 Rock.

    Tracey:So how you doing over there Theo Huxtable?
    Twofer: I’m doing good.
    Tracey: Nuh uh. Superman does good. You’re doing well. You need to study your grammar son.
    Frank:Wow, that was embarrassing for you.

    Test the Nation’s talking and writing things goodly edition will air September 9 at 8:00pm (local time) and you can download the scorecard to get a head start.

    I got an

    Silent 9 O'clock Gun in Stanley Park

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    I knew there was something missing but I never realized it until now, well until my sister sent me a text message this morning. Aside from the garbage piling up, libraries being shut down and public pools not being filled with youngsters splashing around, there’s something else that’s happening because of the civic strike in Vancouver. Actually, it’s something that’s not happening concerning the 9 o’clock gun.

    9 olock gunIt’s been a fixture on the Seawall for over 100 years, it was made just one year after Napolean was defeated at Waterloo.


    Park Board general manager Susan Mundick said there’s a specially trained person who looks after the charges. “Because of the strike, that person is not working at this point and so the gun will not fire until the staff return to work and can package up the gun powder and put it into the gun.” [News1130]

    You’ll hear the cannon fire at 9:00 every evening, its booming sound echoing and ricocheting off high rises downtown and often heard from far and wide. If you’re in Coal Harbour looking over at Stanley Park when it happens you’ll also notice a plume of spoke, but not anymore. Obviously I can survive without the gun (although I like it so much that I wrote about it in April 06), but it’s just ‘one of those Vancouver things’ that you can count on every day, like the “O! Canada” horns at noon.