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Announcing a NEW podcast!!
The Crazy Canucks[krey-zee, kuh-nuhks]Local Canuck Bloggers to Host a Weekly Roundtable Podcast this 06/07 NHL SeasonVANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (October 2, 2006) – Coming this October is a podcast the likes of which Vancouver has never seen. It will be a collaboration of hockey bloggers and the brainchild of a podcaster who all have one thing in common: The Vancouver Canucks.

The Crazy Canucks will be a weekly podcast about the team, the players, the organization and the league. Our goal is to have a fan’s point of view, since we’re not cable TV and we’re not local sports radio. Agree or disagree, leave us a written or audio comment and tell us how you really feel.

Listen and subscribe to the podcast, which will be available weekly on

For more information contact: feedback [at]

Along with our friends over at Vancouver Canucks Op Ed [VCOE], the Canucks Hockey Blog [chb], and HockeyNW, John and I are pleased to announce the launch The Crazy Canucks podcast. Our innaugeral episode will take place this week and kick off alongside the 2007/2007 NHL season. I’m SO stoked! 🙂

my nickname is cubby

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I posted about football this weekend [604] and now here’s a bit of baseball info – Dusty Baker is no longer with the Cubs [tsn].
Okay that’s enough of that.

It seemed like a busy weekend but it wasn’t really, I still had time to nap yesterday. I haven’t ‘napped’ in ages. We participated in the Run for the Cure [mbv] earlier that morning and our team raised about $3,200 at last count. Good stuff.

I’m still trying to find ways to make some $$ off my blog without being a total ad-whore. I admit I haven’t looked very hard or done much research. Don’t these things just ‘happen’? :p

I wore open-toed shoes to work today and I suffered on the walk in with Laura (who still refuses to write on our Amazing Race 10 blog [ar10]). See, now if I had $$ coming in from the blog I might be able to afford me some nice closed-toe Fall type shoes *sob sob* hehe.

Speaking of Fall, I’m waiting for my sister to send me a post she’s writing about super cool fun things – that will happen some time this week as well as moving to WORDPRESS next weekend.

Oh boy – I’m finally entering the 2006 blogosphere. Aside from the fact that Blogger goes down more times than (insert witty rude comment here), I really don’t have problems with it. I suppose though if I do want to become more ‘serious’ about the blogging I should be more forward-looking in the design and functionality department. That’s where you come in, John 😀

main menu

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The other night we walked home from the Metroblogging Meetup [mbv], which was held in Kits this time around. We tasted yummy bagel creations at Seigel’s bagels then headed over to the Taco Shack for more conversation and fish tacos.
We returned home to the West End via the Burrard Bridge, where John wanted to “pose” for the Katkam. I’ve never walked over so many bridges as I have in the past month or so. Cambie, Granville, Burrard. Never across the Lions Gate, First Narrow or anything East of Boundary though. The thought of walking over the Alex Fraser gives me chills, it’s huuuuge! And don’t get me started on the Patullo…
Today we hung out with my sis and two of her 3 kiddies over at the HR MacMillan Space Centre aka The Planetarium (for anyone who’s lived here for … longer than 6 years). The last time I was there was to see Douglas Coupland when Eleanor Rigby came out. Before that? Probably elementary school. It’s also home of the Vancouver Museum and starting point for the upcoming Haunted Trolley Tours of Vancouver.

Pics from today are up on my Flickr (taken with my camera phone, Nokia6682)

Back at home we’re watching Iowa Hawkeyes play Ohio State in ABC Saturday Night College Football action. I have to say I’d rather take a nap than watch this right now but as John puts it: “Imagine when we live in Iowa and a Canucks game comes on TV, how exciting would that be?!” Fine. I get it. But hey – when are we moving to Iowa? 😐

i should listen

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Those who know me, know that I have a *slight* hearing problem. When I was 18 I went to the ear, nose’n throat doctor guy because my hearing in my right ear was really bad. He said I had a deviated septum (probably from being bashed around on the rugby pitch) and my ear drum was a lil wonky. I was then sent for further tests at St. Mary’s in New Westminster (the hospital that was demolished over a year ago). I never went back to the doctor after those tests so I really don’t know what’s up with my ear. So yeah, I’m 26 years old and you’ll have to speak to me on my ‘good side’.
Completely unrelated topic: I’ve been a Metroblogging machine today. Thanks to some excellent sources I put up a couple intersting posts about Vancouver – special thanks to WaxyPoetic for the Flickr photo on the Woodward’s post. As I was rather active with the MBV today, I decided to visit the main webpage and check out some of the goodies. Top authors (most posts), some internal stats & suggested stories, and then the Best of. Just so happens a lil post I did on the Patullo Bridge last month is ranked up there with the ‘best’. Cool!

We have no fantastically amazing plans for this weekend. The Run for the Cure is Sunday and tomorrow we plan on sleeping in, missing the Woodward’s implosion. This will be after we have some of John’s birthday wine tonight – hot damn.

Look for some BIG changes to in the coming week as well as some other goodies… here n’ there. Have a great weekend!

canuck huggin for a cause

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Nothing like waking up on a foggy Thursday morning and realizing that it’s Raise a Reader Day.

Since its national inception in 2002, the CanWest Raise-a-Reader campaign has raised more than $5 million for family literacy programs across Canada…

On Raise a Reader Days, people in lovely yellow shirts line the streets and for a donation of any size, you get a copy of today’s Vancouver Sun newspaper – but wait, there’s more.

Scattered across downtown, helping hand out papers and posing for pics you will find various members of the Vancouver Canucks.

Laura had already met me at my house and we were walking up Robson to get to work when John called: “Linden’s at Georgia and Granville!”. I got off the phone and told Laura we’d have to make a detour to which she replied something like “Ya, right, I can’t be late for work.” But of course when I told her WHY, she screamed, grabbed my arm and powered walked up the street talking a mile-a-minute, so excited.

We first came across Marc Chouinard, on Thurlow and Robson. He looked all lonely so we got a paper and I took a pic with him. Might I say, with his lil glasses and infectious laughter I was almost smitten and forgot our journey was not yet complete.

Still giddy, we turned off Robson at Granville and B-lined it to Georgia. Lo and behold, a little line up had started to form and there was Mr. Hockey Vancouver (of my generation anyway). We lined up, bought another paper (since we both wanted pics with him and that seemed to be the price) and met Trevor Linden. I took a couple pics of him signing Laura’s paper and posing, and she got one of him with me as well.

Of course the pics won’t be up until later tonight because immediately after the photo shoot Laura and I went our seperate ways to our respective offices. She called me on her way, once we split, to let me know the locations of more Canucks.

She’ll send the pics (from her cam) after work tonight, so I’ll post on my Flickr, reflect on the day, and grin.

EDIT: Pics are up on Flickr now (tag: raiseareader)

flickr and moo

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Thanks to the Vandigicam Flickr Group I was informed that through a service called “Moo” you can get your Flickr pics printed to cards .

Choose your favourite Flickr pics – Make 100 different cards for $19.99 – Add your personal details on the back – Share with friends!

Right now you can take advantage if you’re a Flickr Pro user:

Totally free for first 10,000 Flickr pro users, globally! 10 cards, all different – Includes Flickr logo – Only available to Flickr Pro users.

It was hard to pic just 10, and 10 that would fit the size limits of the mini cards, but it’s free and totally worth a shot so I ordered my 10 today.

UPDATE: A member of the group received theirs already and took pics of the packaging here!