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so the podcast world is abuzz cause Death Cab for Cutie has a podsafe song. john‘s been getting artist permission and discovering hidden podsafe gems forever man (okay at least since his podcast began in 2004).

Death Cab was played on DSC w/Adam Curry and since then everyone’s thinkin ‘OOH WOW actual music on a podcast that i recognize!’ to that john and i roll our eyes – there’s a LOT of great artists out there (some well known, some not-so-much) that are available, podsafe, and i’m glad that my husband’s got the keen ear to pick them out and share them with the rest of us.

from what i understand, as long as you have permission (or they’re listed as ‘podsafe’) – you can play the artist on your podcast ie. John’s played Matthew Good with permission. also, other well-known bands (in certain circles) have released tracks that are podsafe, ie. Less Than Jake‘s – Look What Happened (along with other Epitaph artists). so those are all available for your podcasting pleasure – you just have to know where to look.

regardless of who’s been playing what, it’s great that people are listening to podcasts in the first place. if a Death Cab song gets you hooked on the medium then fantastic! there’s something out there for everyone.

i was being dorky and googling around and stumbled across the May 22 episode of the My World Podcast (in which he plays/mentions the Death Cab song). He’s podcasting out of Vancouver and has a pretty good show & blog going – check out the site. He even plugs john’s podcast (and my humble lil blog here) in this particular episode.

We had the chance to meet a couple vancouver podcasters at the meet up in february and it’s great to see more people doing it. podcasts don’t even have to include music at all – they can be informative, hilarious and purely entertaining in their own right.

I really didn’t mean to rant extensively on the subject today but hey, it seems to be the trend in our family – one of us is extremely passionate about it :p that must have just rubbed off on me this morning.

get it while it's hot

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The latest episode of Radiozoom (featuring yours truly) is now available at www.radiozoom.net. It’s always fun to make a special guest star appearance on the podcast. Nothing like running around a windy ferry with a microphone strapped to my husband while trying to finish off my piping hot fries n gravy.

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when i had my lovely baby awesome fantastic car i admit i was a bit of a crazy driver – but it was a controlled crazy. you have to drive defensively, you have to be confident – nothing worse than someone with their blinker on pulling up to a turn … slowing down… pausing… then continuing to go straight, getting to the next turn… pausing… grrrr! just make the turn and if it’s a wrong one, fix it.
ahem – so i know what it’s like to drive in and out of the city. also – i know what it’s like to be a pedestrian in the city. you also have to walk defensively and with authority. if i’m walking across the road and i have the lil signal-walk-man telling me i’m allowed to and you’re in a car trying to turn down the street i’m crossing – you just have to wait until i’m done. it’s all about knowing who has the right of way.

yesterday i was crossing hornby at pender and a car was trying to turn right, another was trying to turn left (both onto hornby) and i had the walk signal and was crossing. the left turner slammed on his brakes — his oncoming traffic (on pender) got pissed cause he was now blocking the intersection. the right turner was pissed because he has the right of way (over the left turner). i was pissed because hey – i’m walkin here! all i did was look at him, look up at the walk signal, look at him, look at the walk signal – COME ON man.

i started this rant because about 10 mins ago a car stopped 6 inches from my legs while i was on seymour street. absolutely no traffic coming and he was crossing seymour going from alley to alley. if you look left, look right and it’s all clear dont you think you’d look straight ahead of you too? and perhaps see there’s a human being there – thinking to yourself: ‘i’m in a large powerful vehicle, let me accelerate and plow right into them’ is not the best way to go. (hehe this was a laura-esque rant, i hope i made her proud) :p

a woman's scorn for sega

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tonight carolina could take the east and meet up with the oilers in the stanley cup final. i’ve seen people in the stands in buffalo with signs ‘go home whalers’. that remind me of mallrats – when he’s playing nhl 95: ‘but Hartford, “the Whale,” they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime’.
it also reminds me of those hockey stickers you could collect and stick into booklets. my sister and i usually got the barbie booklets/stickers but my brother always had a hockey collection going every year and he would try to educate me about the teams. on the back of the booklet it had every team logo, he would sit there and point to a logo and get me to guess the city & team name. i couldn’t have been more that 7 years old. growing up though boston was always my favourite team… um because of the big “B” on their jerseys, and i went by Becky then.

so back to the series – at the last game in Raleigh we could have sworn we heard the crowd saying ‘let’s go buffalo’ – weird. i think we’re routing for the canes in this one though. buffalo’s got the wicked goalie but carolina’s young Ward is pretty impressive as well. i honestly TRULY don’t care too much who faces edmonton… i’m almost out of hockey mode. john’s in full baseball mode and i’m still not quite there… i can’t wait for the world cup though. yes. that will be my summertime source for sporting excitement. that and all the wet, rainy runs we’ve just completed, and have yet to do.


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Thanks to metrobloggin’ vancouver, i have become very excited about Souvenir of Canada: the movie (originally posted/announced by Vancouver Canucks Op-ed) it’s now playing in Vancouver. i had john read that book when he first got here (along with City of Glass). I have the entire coupland library and my Gen X and Eleanor Rigby were signed last Jan at the planetarium when he did a reading. I’m currently about 60 pages into jPod and am liking it so far, even though it smacks of Vancourisms. I haven’t decided if that’s extremely annoying/old yet or not. meh

This weekend we did our two runs and a jaunt over to the sunshine coast on saturday. john has tons of pics and we even recorded some audio on the ferry that i’m sure he’ll turn into a wicked podcast.

i’m so freakin’ tired, sore, sleep-lacking and borderline grumpy. although i cant get to bed early all week cause all the new fun summer shows start this week including Canada’s Next Top Model. awesome.

EDIT: happy memorial day to my friends and family in law south of the border!!

on a side note, i bought peanut butter yesterday and it was the processed unnatural stuff with molasses and salt and oil added, not just ‘peanuts’ grr!

EDIT: results are in from the PMC Sierra Run. My last name was typed in as Beelwitt and John’s as Bellwitt — he clocked 22:10 and I came in at 31:47. Go team … B_ _ _ _witt!

yum on bun

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ever since metblog’s post about the Red Onion and now talking about EAT!Vancouver, I’m so totally craving a burger. Big ol patty o’meat on a bun. Yeah, I’m so NOT a vegetarian – don’t think I ever could be. Anyhoo, the best burger I’ve ever had to this day was at Bartley’s in Cambridge, MA. Mr Bartely’s Burger Cottage has been a fixture in Harvard Square for over 40 years.

Great burgers and the best onion rings in the world make Bartley’s a perennial favorite with a cross section of Cambridge, from Harvard students to regular folks. The 40-plus-year-old family business isn’t a cottage, but a high-ceilinged, crowded room plastered with signs and posters (there’s also a small outdoor seating area). Burgers bear the names of local and national celebrities, notably political figures; the names change, but the ingredients stay the same.

I’ll definately be going back at some point in my life – but until then, I’ll have to try out the Red Onion in Kits. I haven’t been too overly impressed with Vera’s – so if you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears 🙂
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