101 dalmatia– err radiozooms

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The latest RadioZoom is available now.

John received some kind words in regards to episode 100 – which was a real milestone. Sorry Dave, I don’t think I’ll be getting ‘my own show’ anytime soon though :p

Get it while it’s hot. Hot like pancakes! Episode #101 is ready, just for you.

An all artist submission episode of the Six Song Donut Spectactular! People often email me with suggestions and submissions for songs to be played on the podcast, so this episode makes up for lost ground.

41:46 minutes

what the shenanigan

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Robson Street [rba] is usually full of hustle n’ bustle. Any day/night of the week, up and down. Tourists, students, locals, shoppers, etc. There are some places where you can expect to see a crowd, then I see… Shenanigans [clubszone].

Located in the Blue Horizon block [map], it looks like a regular college-y type bar from the outside. A nice patio sprawling East to West – parallel to the side walk. A picture of a leprechaun in the window, and ALWAYS a hefty line up outside.

This ain’t just a nice little queue of a dozen people lined up next to the building waiting to get in, this is more like a MOB of people – everywhere, all over the sidewalk, around the side of the building – not really a ‘line up’ at all. Try maneuvering your way down the sidewalk past Shenanigans on a Saturday night, it’s the closest thing to a mosh pit outside of a concert.

The music blaring, smokers and drinkers out on the patio shouting things at passers-by and at each other… now tell me – what goes on in there? Is it really THAT fun? Should we try it out sometime? I’m really curious.

it's all in the hips

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Having a raining mid-week day off was kinda sucky, but having access to a car for this one day, was pretty great.

We ventured out of the city for a change of scenery. Listened to podcasts and great music along the way via John’s iPod (catching Weird Al‘s new song via the DSC podcast, funny stuff).

After we stopped for TimHo coffee, filled up on gas for $1.03/L in Abby and enjoyed a drive through the valley, we were then on our way up to Cultus. Driving past fruit stands, dairy cows and pastures, the tiny heritage city of Yarrow reminding John of ‘Anytown, Iowa’ minus the mountains.

Rainy Mini Golf Day

Rainy Mini Golf Day

I haven’t mini golfed at Cultus in YEARS, I can’t believe the cartoony renovation to the place! After a brief discussion (to golf or not to golf) we got out in the rain and played 18 holes. The BRIGHT blue water kinda freaked me out though… I asked “Is that where blue slurpees come from?”

Despite the water, the freakishly lumpy course (seriously things rolled UP hill) and the rain, we really made the best of a gloomy soggy day.

(Flickr: Cultus)

he can be president of me anytime

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Trevor Linden announced Tuesday at the NHLPA’s summer meeting that he will not seek re-election for the position he has held since June 1998. [tsn]

When Laura started working here she went to Toronto for training. Awaiting her flight home she ran into a very tired-looking Linden, who had no doubt been in town for lock-out talks. A man approached him, saying what a fan he is, how much his son looks up to him etc. Laura got her bording pass signed when she talked to him as well. I’m completely jealous.

Everyone’s got a Linden story – he’s one of ‘those players’, a buddy, an ironman, a quiet force, community volunteer – he is Mr. Hockey Vancouver for my generation (sorry Steamer). Hopefully he’ll be here for another season come the fall…

you ever have a paper route?

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Oh the action! Golden balls, Big Papi, people jumping out of kayaks – yes it was the Home Run Derby last night in Pittsburgh (mlb) and we watched every minute of it. I have admitted in the past that I am not a baseball fan yet ever so slowly… it may… perhaps… be growing on me. Just to witness someone crank a ball 488 ft out of a stadium is amazing. All star games are usually pretty fun – like the NHL’s slap shot contest the Home Run Derby is just hit after hit – but seriously on a more grandiose level. And the things people go through just to catch a ball in and out of the park. Eek – that river was lookin’ pretty murky.

I’ll have my first taste of Canadian baseball action with John this summer (post) and even though it will be no where near the level of play I’ve come to watch over the past months (well I dunno, the Vancouver Canadians are single ‘A’ and we’ve been watching the CUBS soo……haha (sorry… sorry… this from the Canucks fan right?) I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

chin up buttercup – it's a music post

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Holly McNarland has to be the female artist I blog about the most… er okay maybe the only female artist I blog about.

Aside from being the girl in Matt Good‘s Alabama Motel Room video all those years ago, she’s put out albums such as Sour Pie, Stuff, Home is Where my Feet Are and a DVD (amazon).

I was checking out the forum (.org) and found a NEW official Holly site is in the works at www.hollymcnarland.net. It has a bio, forum and news updates. Check out some of her new tunes on her myspace page as well.

Holly McNarland is one of those rare female vocalists, whose voice isnt breathy or cute, but packs a wallop that can literally affect your body. While her whisper-to-a-scream voice may soothe on some songs, it can send shivers up your spine at the same time. The Vancouver-based sirens voice is so intense yet vulnerable that it stirs emotions in listeners they didnt know they had (HMN.net)

(View My Flickr Photos from one of her shows last year. Tag: hollymcnarland)